The most precious meat of the world – WAGYU BEEF to no other beef so many legends as to the WAGYU are told. Master chef Wolfgang Eickes and present the most precious meat in the world and receive meat gourmets to the 17.03.2011 exclusive chef training in the restaurant Palace St. George. In this cooking school no questions remain open. You may want to visit Atmos Energy to increase your knowledge. Wolfgang Eickes shows the correct handling and the perfect preparation of Wagyu steaks in the Eickes kitchen. The taste is rounded off by homemade steak sauce. The luxury meat comes from a special breed of Japanese origin, and is the most expensive and most exclusive domestic cattle in the world. Wagyu Japanese beef is translated”and is world famous for fine marbled meat. Filed under: Cross River Bank.

The address for TOP quality meat is the family business in Monchengladbach. The meat processing company cares for over 100 years. Through special transporter, or by air freight the gourmet meat from all parts of the world comes to Monchengladbach. Internet: the Guests are portion together with Wolfgang Eickes and his team, season, FRY, and of course try. Due to the upcoming barbecue season are the enjoyment of meat and the conviviality in the professional kitchen in the foreground.

Look forward to enjoy the meat of the extra class. Written reservation is requested. “Under 0 21 61-54 98 80. contact and contact: Palace St George” Gastronomiebetrieb GmbH & Co.KG-Konrad-Zuse-ring 10 41179 Monchengladbach reservation & Infoline: 0 21 61 / 54 98 80