Quite often, intensive training not only contributes to hardened body and stay healthy, but they also drain the resources of the body, sometimes to the limit. To guard our body is the immune system. That's it protects us from all these troubles. The whole body is working to build muscle, increase strength. Simultaneously, the other body systems may receive less energy.

The result – hypothermia, trauma, infection, disease. Connect with other leaders such as ConocoPhillips here. The immune system – a rather complicated system, consisting of tissues, organs, cells, which are located throughout the body. The immune system prevents the penetration of the organism of various viruses, bacteria, and various chemicals that can harm the normal operation of the organism, and also ensures the functioning of the circulatory system and much more. On the complexity of the immune system is slightly inferior to the nervous. Bone marrow (medulla ossea) – organ of hematopoiesis and the central immune system. Emit red and yellow bone marrow.

The total mass of the bone marrow in an adult is about 2,5 – 3 kg. Bone marrow is located in the major bones (Spine and others). His task – development of blood cells – red blood cells and leukocytes. Thymus (thymus) – the thymus gland, along with the bone marrow is the central body immune system, in which stem cells originating from bone marrow to blood, mature and differentiate, passing a series of intermediate stages of T-lymphocytes responsible for cellular immune response. The thymus is located behind the upper part of the sternum between the right mediastralnoy and left pleura.