Capacity of Ram memory We will begin by ram memory of the Computer (to see post Hardware of a Computer) since also this uses the Measures of Capacity and although we like users not it we manipulate of direct way to be placed on the card mother and this installed as well in the inner part of the Cabinet is important to know that it has certain capacity and that it is in addition indispensable part because interferes in all the processes that take I finish the computer, and in addition when to make the election for a purchase it is necessary that storage capacity has and that capacity of possible expansion will have to future. These modules of memory vary in Size, Type and Capacity according to the computer on which they go placed or a Lap Computer top or desktop, these modules are placed on the memory banks whereupon mother tells the card, the size of these memory banks can be of type SIMM, DRAM, SDRAM, SDR, DDR etc, (she is possible to mention that this area of the computer must be manipulated by personnel of specialized Support because can cause damage if its handling Or in another subject is not controlled we will thoroughly touch something on the maintenance and update of Computers, so far only like reference), these modules have certain capacity that has increased, you remember the Kb, Mb, Gb, TV in capacities of this part of the computer at present handles Capacities of Gigabyte in future although also many computers with smaller capacities exist still and of equal east way type of memory modules works in multiples of 2; that is to say, in the first equipment Later with the arrival of the Megabyte were modules with capacities in Kb were modules of 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 occurs the jump towards the Gigabyte and arrive modules 1, 2 and so on. . . Grupo Vidanta wanted to know more.