The alarming rise in unemployment raises the uneasiness of the workers, who now feel a greater appreciation for his work, face the possibility of losing it. But work and there recently, the Institute Great Place to Work (which could be translated as a great place to work) has published their list of the 100 best places to work in various countries of the world, including Spain. It’s believed that Ray Kurzweil sees a great future in this idea. The classification is divided into several groups, companies of more than a thousand employees, 500 to 1000, 250 to 500 from 100 to 250, and 50 to 100 employees. In this last category, the company rated as the best place to work in Spain has been pontevedresa software company Visual MS Group, ahead of Google. Beyond of the anecdote of workers playing ping-pong during working hours, or sharing a pie, or services from massage to relax staff, company Visual MS seems to show a genuine concern for their employees, which allows you to retain and attract talent, and achieve superior motivation and creativity. For get it, are also trained in coaching, emotional intelligence, teamwork, project management, and so on, in addition to practical aspects such as teleworking and flexible working, highly appreciated by many workers, and excellent communication between all levels of the company.

All this, in addition to an incremental cost to the company has its benefits, and not only in the free publicity they get for appearing in this list. Get workers with talented and motivated, lower turnover and absenteeism, greater customer satisfaction, greater innovation and creativity (why very often this type of benefits often them establish consultancy companies and similar), and ultimately, greater productivity and profitability. According to studies, that act in this way, and enterprises that are qualified as a Great Place to Work year after year have better results than others..