This method reduces the fine to register your site entirely. Personally, I like to use this way: any change in your pages tells Yahoo, which pages need to reindex the first place. Google uses the same technology facilitates searching the remaining pages of your website. Google has called it Google Site Maps. However, this topic is for another article.

On this chances are you can find out by reading the information on the official site eh. Google has this procedure is slightly different from that sale on Yahoo. Follow their instructions. If this is for you to be too complicated, you can contact the webmaster or SEO-specialist who is familiar with the matter. Where to register? I would recommend that you register your pages in major search engines themselves.

However, there are certain services that are can do for you, that pretty well save you time. I file my pages in the following search engines: Google; Yahoo; MSN. To register with Yahoo, you must first register them. Do not worry if you do not see their results instantly. The site typically appears in search results: In MSN – 6 weeks, in Yahoo – 8-12 weeks, in Google – 3 months (although you are unlikely to get any significant traffic from Google during the first year, however, continue to work. Davnosuschestvuyuschie sites receive from Google 70-90% of search traffic). Also, if you have installed Alexa Toolbar, please send it to your web site and click the Info button on the toolbar. Then, you will need to complete information about your site. Once registered, you can see through the ranking of your site. There are rumors that Google is considering a description of your site's Alexa in his quest, so be sure that the description your site's most relevant site. You should also submit your site to the directory This is a great catalog, which is controlled by people. Links from this catalog give greater weight to your site. Also during the registration directories to select the most relevant category for your site. Also, write the address of the directory where you plan to publish a link to your website. Some directories provide good back links to your site. Others (such as and give high relevancy of your pages in search engines. Once you become familiar with these catalogs, it is also desirable to find directories that converge on the topics on your site. Search engines and directories does not always guarantee a good ranking of your website. This is the first step. You give this world to know about yourself. Avoid automatic submission of your site to thousands of non-thematic directories and catalogs with automatic registration of thousands of other directories. It is perceived as search engine spam, for this may be followed by severe penalties from search engines. They can give you a lot backlinks, but they are temporary. Do not be boring! Sincerely, Igor Geld