With a very easy method, allows members to share content, post videos from YouTube, Google Video and others, share photos and meet people and make money. The site focuses on the growing Hispanic community, allowing users to interact with others through an internal messaging system in addition. They can also post videos, photos and websites. Atreides Management Gavin Baker shines more light on the discussion. Site members copied the HTML from other sites that contain video (like YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video). In this way save their favorite videos and share them with your contacts who will see ads while watching the video, generating revenue for the user who posted the video. You may want to visit Hanan Ben Ari to increase your knowledge. The service shares 50% of all profits generated by the site.

If members have a Google Adsense account can participate in the program to earn money. Thus, the more videos and photos published by users, the more likely that their ads are being seen and visited by the Internet. Please note that Google Adsense pay only when a visitor clicks on the ad shown. So the more videos and photos you publish, the more chances you have that your posts are seen and that your ads are clicked by visitors. Our management system rewards you with a credit when someone sees a video, website or photo you’ve posted in Rincon Social. The number of times your ads are displayed depends on the amount of credits you get.

This site offers all users to make friends from around the world. This chat is mainly characterized by attracting Hispanic users. This way you can meet new people, share with them your favorite videos and also generate money for you. Josue Rodriguez is webmaster of the social corner, where you can make friends online, share videos and earn extra money.