And we unconsciously waiting for recommendations and advice from nih.Eta uncertainty and fear for the consequences of their own decisions and is the stopper, "thanks" to which we and remain at that level of financial wealth, which are now. Here lies the reason that 90% of those who still trying to find its own independent path in the stock market will fail and give up on nem.My just used thoughtlessly follow the advice and recommendations of financial analysts and financial advisers who, for quite large have nothing to do with you our personal finances. MIT Media Lab is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It's not their money! They are only interested in one question. What is the fee they can get you plenty of crushing financial terminology for provide you with their recommendations for investing your money? "But we must not forget that they are human beings too, and people are fallible. Additional information is available at Atmos Energy. Literally everything. And hence, the advantage of "experts of finance in choice of financial instruments for investment is, at least, nothing that spornym.Ne Experiments often show that a monkey throwing darts at a list of shares, not seldom makes more profitable choice issuers for investment than the professional analysts of mutual funds in their daily rabote.Poetomu, I believe that the main and indispensable element of successful investment funds is the willingness and ability rights to make decisions in the course of constructing your own financial nezavisimosti.Neobhodimo understand that if at least one time in deciding on investing its own funds independently and receiving positive result from their actions, you gain confidence in their own abilities, which is so essential in creating capital. Moreover, you will be eligible for additional benefits from self- capital management, namely: self-control over the investment process can continuously monitor the entire course of creating equity, excluding unscrupulous or unprofessional actions trustees, independent decision making when managing capital can significantly reduce costs in the investment process, because There is no need to pay the sometimes dubious recommendation of financial advisers, independent wealth management at times increases its mobility, which ultimately results in a higher income, self-management of the capital increases its accessibility, and this is a very positive effect on your confidence in your own current financial situation, and ultimately in themselves, with independent investment increases the rate of turnover of your funds that beneficially affects its outcome razmere.Vot so those who really wants to achieve new success in creating your own financial well-being, it is imperative adhere to the following rules: "manage their funds to themselves, not to delegate this process to anyone else." And in conclusion, allow me a few lines on the above: – Is there General Advice – asked Alex – who would you give to people who have enough money to invest or put in the long term to the bank? – Absolutely yes! Take care of your money for themselves .- Well, if it's someone who does not understands – Then let him find out. Learning is not so difficult, and take care of their own money, even fun.

We must, of course, listen to advice, but to treat them skeptically and carefully choose to whose advice is worth listen. After some time to learn to understand what to believe and whom not. It is necessary to read a lot, including leaflets and business like mine. But never let anyone take over your decision. This applies in particular to brokers on the stock exchanges, with whose help can be most quickly lose what has already been acquired by, and bank lending departments. Arthur Hailey "money-changers."