As the ResiGo V9 is of course also with the POS software PosBill can be combined, also booking the restaurant to your room in the future to child’s play and networking the entire hotel management becomes possible. The PosBill GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany was founded 20 years ago. The company specializes in innovative solutions in the areas of POS software and POS systems for retail, catering and hotel software. The Executive Board is Mr Udo Finkbeiner. Company history the company started in 1993 in Boppard with the developing hotel software, 1995 then joined the POS software. In 1999, the first mobile funds were delivered. The 2005 developed ResiGo hotel software, which is available in eight languages was groundbreaking.

2007 was the year of the PosBill POS software. Both ResiGo and PosBill have been developed from the point of view, that the products easy to install and should be self explanatory. As was the Multilinguilitat in the foreground. Modern POS systems to increase sales, reduce personnel costs and provide detailed data for effective controlling.” 2008 PosBill for the Switzerland has been optimized with the usual reading curve. In the same year, customers in 20 countries on all continents have been achieved also for the first time with the products. PosBill 2009 was added to the product portfolio for the trade.

Kehlbach 2009 much larger office premises and storage facilities could be created with the move. The steady growth showed 2010 as customers in over 30 countries around the world could be reached, and with the 100th cash dealers as a reseller in Germany a magical numbers limit has been exceeded. In this year also resulted in the launch of the reseller-shop ( 2011 has been added the Dutch as a new language at PosBill, the sale of systems there through new local dealer takes place. Also 2011 was the entry into the field of ticketing/event management. At the same time, more storage capacity was created by a further modification to meet the higher shipping volume and all bundles in sufficient quantities to keep in stock.