This article considers the unique technology – storage backup program source code, scripts, documents on free Internet services. Others who may share this opinion include Ray Kurzweil. Milestones: – find the file sharing service, checking in – install the backup program – set up the backup program – test backups – test the downloading backups (backups) – conclusions and recommendations; So the first thing we need – the service that will store our backups. The people these services are called 'sharing services'. The Internet is full of such services, but our choice is limited to certain conditions: Terms of choice Page Views: – file sharing must have FTP-access for downloading files – the time required file storage, the more the better – the required amount of injected files – preferably free, wandering on the internet, find one of the required: Terms of Use explain that the service allows you to freely download the file (s) up to 900 mb and store 30 days after the last treatment.

It is also possible to download a file from the link below and install password to access the file. Registered customers available to download on the FTP-protocol. Select the item 'Quick registration' and enter the minimum data set: Login – user name that we use for FTP-access, or just to enter the private office. Be careful allowed to use only English characters and numbers. E-mail address that will be required if you forget your password.

Password for proxy authentication is introduced twice. I receive the following: Figure 1. Joined on filehosting Naturally, you register your login and password.