Even so, large corporations are not investing enough in their business over the Internet, which favors small and medium entrepreneurs around the world (LIKE YOU AND ME), allowing them to expand and exploit this huge market of 173 million customers dramatically. This is most noticeable in our region or rather Hispanoparlante Latinoamericana. This is the third reason why you can sell on the Internet: the Hispanic Internet market is relatively new, with few entrepreneurs, suggesting success in your Internet Seller Web Site to use those 173 million shoppers. There are more reasons to sell online, but surely agree with me that these three are requetesuficientes. 2 .- What are the advantages or disadvantages of a Web Site Vendor? Your website online seller offers agile business relationships with its customers anywhere in the world, reducing communication costs, advertising and marketing (marketing). In the latter, your web site vendor over the Internet, has continued promotion of your products, services and corporate image, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year.

It is a shop open to those 173 million customers all the time, which ensures better customer service, direct contact with them and dynamic interaction 365 days a year. Your Internet site will provide seller magnet for new customers to your business, at home and in other places easily. Not everything is rosy: there are also disadvantages, comparing your web site vendor over the Internet with a physical store, your web site vendor over the Internet is the ultimate expression of computer technology, where there are only dealing with text, images and procedures the screen, and you forgot the other side of technology, is a human being, who has doubts, because you do not see the face, maybe that's why many questions.