EP Conversar with Punset on the life and science. It will be emitted in November in the Catalan chain. The Catalan humorist Andreu Buenafuente will return to the east television autumn with a special program of two chapters in which she will entrevistar to the scientific disseminator Eduard Punset, and that will be emitted in November in autonomic chain Catalan TV3. Buenafuente, that recently put aim to its program of humor and interviews in lSexta, has announced that returns from occasional form to the television with a special program in which it will talk with Eduard Punset on the life and science. The Catalan comedian has made this announcement during the presentation of the new programming of Televisi de Catalunya (TVC) in which his return to the television has become the surprise of season 2011-2012. Meanwhile, the Catalan presenter, who soon will return also to lSexta, kept awake at the end of August that has in hand " several proyectos" , including " comedy program that is around ours espectadores" , according to personal Web wrote in its page showman published then a information in which, after going to his followers with his habitual sense of humor, it gave some detail of his return to the national television after the march in June of ' Buenafuente'. " We in hand have several projects (in which I am implied), that they will see luz&quot next; , Andreu Buenafuente kept awake to continue adding between jokes that " you will not get rid so easily of me. I feel more in form than ever ".

In fact, after the announcement in May of the cancellation of its famous one it annoys show, lSexta also informed that the Catalan presenter will continue bound to the chain for the next season in a new format in which already was working. It will return Indeed to the Sixth with a program comedy, the humorist made specific in its Web that is immersed in " comedy program that is around our spectators " in order to count " by where one abre to step the life and gente". " Because the comedy, as always, continues being the best key abrir to doors and minds. And, of step, rerte a little that good lack does &quot to us; , it emphasized the presenter, who made some references in his information to the present crisis. The program of humor and interviews ' Buenafuente' , a symbol of the chain, the past took leave of the spectators month of June after four seasons to lSexta and, previously, other two in Antenna 3 Source of the news: Buenafuente returns to TV3 next to the disseminator Eduard Punset