A clip frame with picture frame mouldings in a frame can be transformed with just a few hand movements. From a simple clip frame, a full aluminum frame can be assembled in just a few steps. This is enabled by the new strip pairs of Quadro”by Mira, which now are available. Also laminated prints, plastic plates or even tiles can be framed in this way the length of a bar by three metres, even. For a pioneer in the picture frame shipping trade as AllesRahmen, it is not surprising, if new blow by blow are announced. “The new product in the picture frame shop stands under the motto of pimp up your frame”, which means as much as: do something out of your frame! ” With the aluminium bars of Mira customers, it is now possible to transform their frameless photo frame in high quality aluminum frames. Often the cheap clip frames for the framing are preferred initially.

Through that experience Mira Strip pairs, which were taken over by the successful aluminium profile Quadro, the simple Frame an appreciation. Pimp up your frame! The strips are available in eleven colours. This results in a great design freedom for the customers. Buyers benefit from even more room for manoeuvre with regard to the formats, that bars can be ordered up to three meters in length. A size that is difficult to achieve with conventional frame.

The handling is very easy, because the strips are simply clipped together via plug-in. Clamping Springs ensure that the picture object is fixed. There are many application possibilities of the frame bars by Mira, because not only the part of the clip can be upgraded to. The framing also tiles or slates fit up to a height 10 mm. MDF-, plastic or wooden panels can be framed easily with the Quadro boards. Swarmed by offers, Abigail Black Elbaum is currently assessing future choices. With this offer appeals to not only individuals, but also targeted business customers. The last couple of Mira are amongst others ideally suited to escape or rescue plans to frame. The content to protect, in addition also a theft is offered. AllesRahmen.de is prepared to order large quantities. Special requests can also be specified. Picture frame TV matching video shows the new product supported of course by a new video by picture frame TV. Here the advantages in the film used an impressive scene. It offered a very large selection of picture frames from many different manufacturers at an affordable price. Aluminum frame, wood frame, The portfolio includes Baroque frame, plastic frame, photo frame, mat, and digital photo frame. Standard formats and custom-made orders are available. Many business customers from culture, institutions, commercial and trade belong to the large customer base of the company.