This is something that little people know but he is very useful. Instead of to separately use the FeedBurned and your autorespondedor, you can use Aweber for the 2 things and one more: In order to send a mail to all? For your programmed messages day to day automatically? In order to send the news whenever you publish (this it is what we are going to see today) We go with the steps, are 7 steps, we go little by little, ok: 1. It enters Aweber with your user and password. It will direct you to the Home. 2. Elije the list that you want to work or by the drop-down one of above to the left or click in the list of Home.

3. In the menu, it punctures in the third Messages.Aqu option podras to program your messages: Followup, Broadcast and Blog Broadcast. Followup is for programming your messages to your list in sequence. Broadcast is for then sending a mail to all the of your list and to which they are subscribed. Blog Broadcast 4. Elije Blog Broadcast 5. It punctures the green button: + Create New Blog BroadcastAhora finds out the direction of rss or the one that you want to add (you can add rss that is not yours, but who you consider interesting for your readers).

6. In RSS Feed URL: you put the RSS.Si direction you have blog wordpress, in the group usually it has a Link under the whole. You always can try putting the same URL that your blog, and to aweber will say to you if it is well. If you have Firefox when visiting your blog you will see a botoncito orange (typical of rss), if it kitchen maids will leave direction to you RSS. You have put once it you can indicate (brilliant) to each you want it whatever to send: – Each 2 posts/entered Immediately (I do not advise it in case you are mistaken in the entrance of your blog) – Every day of the specific or monthly week (this is new in aweber and very useful). 7. It finalizes with Knows Blog BroadcastYa is! olvdate to send a mail each X days to your subscribers being sent the news, leaves to your autorespondedor to them makes it automatic. We join the best thing of FeedBurner and the autorespondedor.