Order dinner in our time has long since ceased to be a gimmick and became more into the category of everyday life. From abroad has brought us to terms such as conducting corporate party, banquet seating and a European. Earlier Restaurants could offer quite a boring and mediocre seating, which always represents the letter "G" or the letters "P". The futurist does not necessarily agree. And no one could think that maybe "break" one hundred visitors to different companies and seating for 10 people for each separate table, and even to define each group of interest, will be almost the most popular seating arrangement. In this article we will tell you about the important subtleties, which you should pay attention to when ordering a banquet, to be considered in order to feast your not turned into a horrible event and won the nomination in the worst event of the year – an honorable one – third place. In other words, you and I look at the organization banquet on the back side, inside. We omit the prologue, in which we would have to tell you how wisely choose the type of restaurant, because in this case we need to know all of your taste preferences and / or favorite direction in architectural design, but they are usually very different. So, regardless of the type of your event (banquet on the occasion of the celebration, corporate event, wedding), the first thing is to do is provide buffet table for guests of the meeting, call it welcome. For what is a proper welcome? Many wrongly believe that it is only for a certain reverence by the hero for the day, who loves a spectacular appearance and does not appear at the appointed time, and much later. What do think about whether the bride and groom to arrive exactly to the planned time and meet the guests? Of course, no.