Sound card family Xonar – the first product from asus in the field of computer peripherals. The line includes pci (Xonar D2) and PCI-Express (Xonar D2X) model as well as an external USB-device (Xonar U1). Xonar D2 and Xonar D2X Xonar D2 was introduced in Taiwan in June 2007 and became "the first the brainchild of "family, D2X-the world's first sound card on the bus PCI-Express. Taking a card in hand, catches the eye: – The metal casing that protects the electronics from interference – A large number of cables to connect analog O card with an amplifier and cables with adapters to use the optical output (combined with S / PDIF); – There is a die midi, which is quite rare. However, for its use will have to take the rear compartment PCI; – The included software: lightweight version of a package Ableton 6, Sonar, Project 5 and Cyberlink Power dvd 7. The device supports a wide set of standards for multi-channel audio: analog output is standard 7.1, a complete set of Dolby-features (Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live and Dolby Pro Logic Iix), and dts Connect, dts Neo: pc and dts Interactive.

Very convenient that every audio illuminated with different colors. You can fully enjoy this useful option, connect the speakers in the darkness under the computer desk. Inside: – unique to the sound card DACs Burr-Brown PCM1796.Ih characteristics are indeed impressive: 24 bit/192 , signal to noise ratio (dynamic range) – 123 dB, distortion thd + N 0,0005% – A / D converter Cirrus Logic CS5381: 120 dB dynamic range and distortion thd + N at the level of 110 dB. – Signal Processing, even though he and labeled as asus AV200, but in fact it is C-Media Oxygen hd CMI8788, which has a huge range of audio processing technologies. Supplied software and drivers have many options for customizing.

In the kit there is even test utility Right Mark Audio Analyzer, obviously talking about the fact that asus does not doubt the quality of their offspring. Fly in the ointment: Observations testers with, metal casing can not physically protect the card from the pickup as cover is not conductive Current paint! Council future owners of cards – or take it off or scrape off the paint in places of contact with ground copper pads on the pcb. Gamers also will not have to expect nothing new: from gaming technology 3D-sound positioning, we can see here only eax 1.0 & 2.0 yes A3D 1.0. Furthermore, the cost is quite high – about $ 200. XonarU1 This decision is based on the same chip from the Oxygen hd CMI8788 C-Media, the maps D2 and D2X. Design devaysa very interesting, immediately an association with the androids from the "Star Wars." Without a doubt, this is a very bright accessory for your laptop. Opportunities it as rich as that of "elder sisters: eax 1.0 & 2.0, DirectSound hw, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live iDolby Pro Logic IIx, SPDIF-out, noise reduction system. Signal to noise ratio of signal processors for asus Xonar U1 does not exceed 100 dB. In principle, this is a good option for an external adapter. Testing results also reveal a strong board average. Fly in the ointment: In connection with non-standard housing dimensions of the bag with the laptop stuff it will be problematic.