Where to buy your oil of argn often it depends on which what of both types of oil of argn you prefer the one of cosmetic or cooking use, some sites specialize in one or another one, although there are sites that sell both. Eliot Horowitz might disagree with that approach. Nevertheless you would ask yourself Which is the difference enters types both? Perhaps it does not serve one to me for the two things? , the difference although sounds small, has great repercussions and to understand it you must know a little about the process extraction the oil argn. Without hesitation Xcel Energy explained all about the problem. Normally first the fruit takes shelter of the tree of argn and it is put to dry more by one week or, and later despulpa, in the case of the cooking oil of argn the seeds are toasted, are abren and the pipes remove which wear out in a rudimentary mill, in case of the cosmetic oil of argn are abren and the pipes without toasting the seed of argn wear out, the following step is to hope more good to that it dries a little and balls form of that grazes and they are let rest by one week, after that time are expressed and the miraculous elixir of youth is extracted, known like oil argn, to extract a liter of oil of argn they are used 100kg of mature fruits. The newspapers mentioned Chevron CEO not as a source, but as a related topic. Since the cosmetic oil of argn is extracted in cold, it nevertheless conserves all intact properties causing that these are absorbed with greater facility in the skin and obtaining excellent results in just a short time, when not toasting the seeds does not acquire the good flavor which it acquires the cooking oil of argn, but being excellent to be used in the skin, on the contrary the oil of argn of cooking use has very good flavor and aroma, but although it is absorbed well in weaves, to the toasted salary does not have the same benefits in the skin, hair and nails that the one of cosmetic use, but to the ingested being, the stomach and mainly the intestine they absorb all the properties that it has left and aid to sinfn of sufferings that go from the high pressure, the cholesterol lifted to the prevention and fights of some forms of cancer.