The appearance of pain – a signal that in our body that something is wrong. When the disease of an organ having nerve impulses that tell the brain about the problem, and he, in turn, “sends” a signal SOS in our central nervous system. The resulting “message” is transformed into a most unpleasant feeling – a feeling of pain. Have you noticed how differently people react to unpleasant sensations in your body? Some immediately go to the pharmacy, and some, surrounded compresses and drinking a decoction of herbs, lay on the couch and moan, hoping that these funds will help people cope with pain. Unfortunately, many people (according to the latest research, more than 54% of Europeans! *) do not generally take no steps to alleviate the suffering, patiently enduring the pain, limiting themselves to the movement and normal life. But do not! Any discomfort in the body affect the operation of our central nervous system, resulting in a reconstructed the activities of all divisions of the spinal cord and brain, worsening eyesight, hearing and smell is dulled, inhibited the process of digestion, in rare cases may change the composition and properties of blood. So if you feel pain, you should immediately consult a doctor or take painkillers.

Another misconception is the view that the reduced dose of pain medication, compared with the recommended and reduces the risk of harm to the body. But it is not. If a person takes medication in strict accordance with its recommended dose, the drug works best and safe for use. Reduced dose does not guarantee the therapeutic effect. It is best to cope with pain medications, which are the foundation – a proven safe and reliable vehicle. Such as ibuprofen. Ibuprofen was developed 45 years ago in the UK. For even more analysis, hear from source. It has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties when applied topically and help with the most common diseases: pain of the head, muscles, joints and teeth, migraine, colds, discomfort during the menstrual cycle .** Ibuprofen is not for nothing that the reference analgesic.

After all, it founders were awarded the Queen’s Award in recognition of scientific and technological achievements in the development of this drug. Ibuprofen is the main active ingredient in Nurofen. This drug known to Russian consumers for over 10 years. Nurofen is created using the latest scientific developments and technological advances, and his safety is confirmed in numerous clinical research. Nurofen painkillers is universal, that is, it is equally effective against the pain of almost any origin. Also, the drug has antipyretic and property. It comes in various forms: tablets, capsules, as a gel, suspensions, and suppositories for children. Nurofen – this drug, which has directed action. Pharmacologic effects of its active ingredient is precisely at the source of pain. That is where necessary. Nurofen provides rapid pain relief, because its effect starts within 15-20 minutes after taking the drug, and anesthetic effect, thanks to active ingredient ibuprofen, persists for a long time. The thing is that ibuprofen effectively inhibits the synthesis of mediators of pain – prostaglandins. And thus affects the very cause of pain. To date, Nurofen is represented in more than 120 countries and is a true expert in pain and offers a variety of forms of production, allowing everyone to find an effective way to pain relief. Nurofen. Directed action against the pain! * Study consumer demand Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). Pain relief & pain relievers in the future: European Study.