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Bicycle Voces Del Bosque

A Bank of clouds, arrived from the South, has taken over the sky. The dark surprises us in the middle of the field. My bike is silent and I shall confine myself to give pedals. Water snow falls and a cold wind has been lifted. Some gusts do have to grab me strong to the handlebar to avoid falling. The wind shakes me and while I walk between the Blizzard, the darkness and my doubts, the insidious returns to my mind: why do this? Sometimes, I hear as a lament I have the feeling that I follow, but again the head and I don’t see anyone: just darkness.

I pay attention. Yes; It is the wind that is tuned and muge on the trees of the forest; as if you speak all at once. It seems a murmur of conversations that intersect. I hear, but I can not understand what they say. Time passes and solitude weighs on my heart as death, but I continue. Is already too late; the Sun has set long ago and the day goes as it concludes all, so unexpected, strange. Now, everything boils down to follow. Move forward through the night and cold, of the solitude and silence aterido.

Further, without losing the hope of reaching somewhere. Advance without losing thrust; convinced that all this effort is good for something. Get all the facts and insights with Bobby Gocool, another great source of information. Also resist, because there is a time for everything that is important, but sometimes, what matters is to understand that everything boils down to resist. To have the strength and courage to resist as necessary. The wind raging and the forest is filled with groans; their cries I reach from the darkness from which I fled. My bike suggests that they are the voices of those who no longer have voice, the voices of those who were never heard of arrebatados in life, which now come together and tell him everything that is passed, its regret and its message. Everything that could have been. – But what is its history and which message is referred to? -I ask my bike. -That we will have to find out answers. The wind is blowing stronger than ever. A branch is disjointed from a tree and collapses, almost without a sound. I startled and miro, just behind her, emerging from the water of the River, I contemplate the remains of a forgotten part of the last bunker war we suffered. Angel steps original author and source of the article.


To date, cms Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. ConocoPhillipss opinions are not widely known. Its main advantage is that virtually all the work on filling the site content (content) can make a person with no special programming knowledge. Here, Petra Diamonds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you manage the content of the site, using the cms Joomla, maybe even the kettle, then to create a site template, you must have a minimum knowledge of html and css. Bobby Gocool usually is spot on. So what do the poor teapot? Especially in those Where there is neither the time nor the inclination to delve into the programming, for the sake of creating a website. The output is always there! The first variant. You can turn to professionals and they will do for you any site template.

However, for all you have to pay, and work of the programmer is not cheap. If you do not want to shell out, this is the option you obviously do not fit. Option Two. cms Joomla is remarkable in that the network has thousands of ready-made templates for websites of any complexity, with different designs. And most importantly, that you can find plenty of free templates. But I want to warn you that there are some pitfalls.

As a rule, free templates, no description, and how to configure the template. One possible option that installing the template in the cms Joomla, you'll be unpleasantly surprised when they discover that the appearance of some elements of the site is very different from the image in the screenshot template. And all because it requires additional configuration of modules for this template. But if you are far from the css and html, then the solution of this problem – you do not have the teeth.

e-Learning Objectives

e-Learning is a modality of education in the distance with support in the Internet that if developed from the necessities of companies related with the training of its employees, whose practical they are centered in the election, organization and disponibilizao of resources hipermediticos didactic. However, had to the indifference it stops with the exploitation of the potential of interatividade in the creation of conditions that materialize the interaction between the people, the exchange of experiences and information, the resolution of problems, the colaborativa analysis of scenes and the studies of specific cases, professional involved with e-learning come denouncing the interaction lack enters the people as factor of desmotivao, high indices of desistance and low productivity. Thus, e-Learning originated in according to perspective the corporative training of training, starts to incorporate practical come back the development of abilities by means of the interaction and contribution between the apprenticees. Futurist pursues this goal as well. Considered at the moment the solution to surpass the difficulties of time, displacement and physical space that holds many congregated people, e-Learning is being pointed as the current trend of training, learning information continued in the enterprise sector In any type or modality of activity in the distance, hand of different ways can be launched and resources, such as hipertextos propagated in CD-ROM, distribution of material printed matter saw post offices, videos, teleconferncias etc. The term blendedlearning has been used to indicate the capacity of one same system to integrate different technologies and methodologies of learning with intention to take care of to the necessities and possibilities of the organizations and to the conditions of the pupils, aiming at to potencializar the learning and the reach of the objectives. Also called e-Learning hybrid, it says respect to the activities that can englobar asynchronous auto-formation, synchronous interactions in virtual environments, actual meeting or lessons and conferences, other usual dynamic of learning and diverse ways of support to the formation, in such a way digital as the other most conventional ones For that we consider previously, can be said that the education in the distance is a modality to teach and to learn highly democratic, therefore it equals the chances of access when knowing, knowing and foments the education permanent. For more information see this site: Bobby Gocool.


If you do decide to install the door to wallpapering recommend to specify the contractor to install casing after completion of painting operations. It usually will cost a little more expensive, but later will be much cheaper and you, at least, save the aesthetic appearance of at least jamb. Some believe that the door can be set up and finishing the floor, all you need to do – is to lift the box on the thickness of the alleged cover (laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpeting, etc etc). It’s not quite true, because to find the master who will lead such a laminate neatly under the box is difficult however as to calculate the gap between the floor and a box under the floor. If the floor has a deviation from the level, the situation may arise when the box is one of the parties will later be hung in the air. It is important to know that not all manufacturers of doors give due consideration to the technological material moisture used for the manufacture of doors and the worst thing that most providers, sellers, interior doors violate storage temperature regimes of the final product. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!). As a consequence, the buyer gets a product having high humidity especially in autumn and spring.

Determine the moisture content products (doors, boxes, casing), visually impossible, but if you are invited to watch and evaluate the door to the warehouse is not heated, and on the floor traces of leakage ceiling, be sure door frames do not match the required humidity. In most cases – is not so bad, it is enough to print door blocks in dry, ventilated and refurbished room and allowed to dry for 5-7 days. But in some cases – this can lead to cracks in the veneer or the deformation structures. Replaced under warranty so spoiled door, which is already installed and milled hard! Even so it is necessary to give doors in your home before installation. Another plus is dry at the facility – an opportunity to make an installation in advance and that a qualified contractor who has usually there is a queue, rather than trying to find a contractor “quickly” and end up paying more! By the way after delivery to the door repaired, dry room to remove the packaging and test linens for the absence of defects in the presence of the seller. Summarizing note: 1.

Getting repairs correctly. 2. call after manufacturing ties on the floor and rough plastering walls. Contact information is here: Bobby Gocool. 3. Delivery door frames to dry, renovated premises 4. Check for the absence of defects. 5. Give the product to dry at your home 5-7 days 6. Put the door (after finishing the ceiling, floor and walls). 7. Plinth set after installation jamb to door frames.

Rick Scott Votes

EFE Obama managed 50,01% of the votes in this State, while Republican Mitt Romney accumulated 49,13%, with a difference of 73.858 votes. The data met the Saturday, four days after the elections. Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor, says that the fact that 4.8 million people voted in advance and distance added difficulty to the count. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, acknowledged, after that at last we can say that Barack Obama won in this State, which must be improvements in the electoral process state, ordered a review of the system. Some 8.5 million of Floridians (71% of those registered) voted in these elections, more that in any other elections in the State’s history, explained the Republican in a statement, four days after that closed the polls in EE UU and the rest of the States offered their respective results. He added that 4.8 million Floridians voted in advance and distance, what also is a record in the history of Florid and a difficulty added at the time of the count, because these votes are more complex processing than the ballots deposited in the ballot box. We are pleased that so many voters have made their voices in this election, but, as we move forward, we need to see improvements in our electoral process, he added. Scott made this announcement after which the Secretary of State of Florida, Ken Detzner, announced that, although there are still not final vows, Barack Obama was the winner of the elections in this State. The democratic managed 50,01% of votes in Florida, while Republican Mitt Romney accumulated 49,13%, with a difference of 73.858 votes, according to the still provisional data, since remains to finish counting provisional votes of any County and is kept open the deadline to receive ballots from abroad and issued by the military. Requests a report to improve Florida’s Governor explained that he had asked Detzner to review how these elections have passed General and to make a report on the ways in which you can improve the system, after meeting with election supervisors in counties, especially with those of where reported long queues before polling places. We need to undertake improvements to the voters of Florida. We will carefully review the suggestions for improving the process of voting in our State, said Scott, who has been criticized these days to reduce the days they could vote in advance, among other initiatives that have hampered the process. According to the results offered so far and that Florida is valid, the margin of advantage for Obama on Romney is 0.88 percentage points, more than the half point, which avoids having to count the votes again and grants 29 electoral votes that brought this State. So, Obama got a national total of 332 votes of the Electoral College, opposite the 206 who managed his rival Republican. At least 270 are required for access to the White House, a figure that the President already had guaranteed regardless of the final result of Florida. See more: Florida recognizes that it needs to improve its electoral system

The Machine

The same can be done with a stamp pad, just fill it with paint. But we digress, in the manufacture of printing by means of laser engraving rubber material is used, (it can be gray, black or red). With this technology, making possible smaller parts, in print, it can be a kind of protection and printing, as well as affect the beauty of the print. Laser burnt more subtle line, it can be all kinds of patterns, which is the hidden items. Among the few drawbacks of this technology can highlight what she has gum odor, and the production (in the machine (the machine where the engraved seal) burning laser, rubber strips of the most press, stands a burned or hardened ash)). Making the seal or stamp of the photopolymer. In the manufacture of printing in this way, you can select the speed of production, it can 20-30 minutes. After a sketch of print in the program design (in this case, we have drawn a product) is displayed on the printer, cartridge further obscured, then (we will not tell all the nuances of production) is poured in other areas and when exposed to ultraviolet rays) and a pair of manipulation, printing, after washing and fixing a print of the same ultraviolet light, and we get a finished product.

Disadvantages of this unpleasant the smell of the photopolymer and toner, and you will receive a vryatli subtle elements or fonts with serifs, or flourishes, in the manufacture of photopolymer stamps. ConocoPhillips has firm opinions on the matter. In society, the stamp, there is a perception that if polymer, it is always bad, so often the voice of those who makes printing from rubber or attempted manufacture of photopolymer printing, and contrary to the nuances and the peculiarities of production, made a mistake and made defective stamp. It is important to remember that when using alcohol inks, if you print from a photopolymer, this painting simply can corrode the material. As for durability, a lot depends on you, described above, why time is necessary to change the pillow in a snap, so follow these instructions and printing of photopolymer will serve you for long service. Check out Bobby Gocool for additional information. Our company uses all print manufacturing processes, and can not say that the photopolymer is much worse condition.

Production of stamps on flash technology. In our opinion one of the most interesting technologies, there is of course to watch the laser runs on rubber, and in consequence of which little by little after photopolymer or rubber). But here you do not have anywhere to dip print, or try to put down as its auto-rigging. You are just watching of course, what you choose to snap, but in most screw cap and immediately put the stamp on paper, is not it lovely. Of the minuses for imprinting a large number of impressions the press, "product" must be restored, so to speak fill the paint used, as in the manufacture of printing dye is injected into the microporous rubber. The very process of production takes about an hour. Perhaps making multi-color printing. Pretty easy to carry, no leaks, as is the case with other snap-ins or stamping pad after completion of their paints. Enough for thousands of impressions 5-8000, but improper use can easily ruin the stamp.

Professor Luis Machado

In grades where they start to study AA text is from 2nd or third basic forward and employ the method of memorization, east to read a text is the number of times as necessary, 10 or 20 times for the brain to memorize in a mechanical way, without thinking Without paying attention to what is being saved in memory and that’s when the problem arises learn to remember what has been studied, a Take the example of how to remember logical grammar using the method of images. Send him to a Estudiara read and repeat 20 times the text of language lessons for tomorrow EXAMPLES a practices instead Lesson for tomorrow it is studying grammatical sentence grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomy! As the brain remembers this text!, if what is before the student are words. The brain does not process words Let’s see how we processed images to be saved to the text, using the natural method of mental images a, a TEXT IS grammatical sentence is the set of words that makes sense and complete syntactic autonomiaa 1.-We must stress the most important words together, words, full respect, autonomy, syntactic 2.-We make a grammatical sentence title images. We think that we are praying with a grammar book under his arm. 3.-a We should turn to images of text underlined words a 4.-We should mimic the images 5.-We tell a story We have to record in a logical order a The first thing to keep in memory is the title, accompanied by images that are on the card. Prayer (A girl praying) and (a grammar book) and next to the text in words Grammar of the word after the title grammatical sentence is Set, we must emphasize the word together and encode the word together with an element that makes us IMAGES remember a rock band then you have to do mime, I’m playing guitar in MIA SET, that’s when we recorded in our memory the boot image is so set a with the following words to pictures as shown in the cartillaa a (the first image that I remember is a set of Rock), I am playing in a rock band with my guitar, then I get the parrot, the parrot, emits words encode the word with a parrot and then I play the nose, ear, eye, tongue senses are all joining v I, the set, the parrot, the senses, an AUTO with RBD MIA and a soccer field, where they are explaining the tactics of football my team Barcelona, which is no tactic that A does not win fu (comics) a Take the example by following the steps and remember UD Sentence Grammar is easy. A and Asia teachers and students have found a great way to learn grammar, using the method of mental images. Thus the cerebroa grammatical sentence recalls the Professor Luis Machado C to A if you write me mail, I can send the books with graphic examples of the system to 52 regular teachers Aa’OS AM BORN ON 27 JUNE 1956 I AM THE CREATOR OF A SOCCER GAME FORECAST ON PAGE ELECTRONIC dasarrollado I remember a technique for classes using elrecordador an easy way part of the process subject of study for children aged 8 to 12 years..


Some time ago I set about trying to create an Internet resource that would allow the device to study a variety of mechanisms and physical phenomena directly in the browser. In principle, these resources are services such as YouTube or Metacafe, but they have two significant drawbacks. First, the video can not be considered povertet and from different directions, and secondly, there's no way affect the state of the display system. Every time watching this video I had to suppress his desire to pull something or just change your view on the more convenient. So dissatisfaction with the status quo, as well as the presence of my skills in programming and 3D graphics inspired me to work towards developing a testing ground of existing mechanisms. Because I wanted to give the opportunity to touch the models in three dimensions, and then I called the site Touch3D.

Of the free domain was chosen, which I bought later. Then the question arose how to implement my idea in practice, because the value of an idea without practical implementation is zero. Poborozdiv endless expanses of the Internet and After trying a bunch of technologies I chose Shockwave3D. Basically it is used to create browser-based 3D toys, where interactivity is needed and serious performance. Further, it was necessary to gather information about the schemes and principles of operation of various devices and engines to turn it all into the existing 3D model. Technically literate, I somehow did not work out, so please excuse if something wrong, or better yet contact me and advise how and what to fix. Now for those who read these lines right up to, hold a brief tour of the site with a description of what awaits you when you get there. Actually I lost a lot of visitors because of my inability to bring what you need to do on the site.

Canary Islands

Surpassed certain worries already, with some water drink including, the handling goes of the heavy equipment, call thus in slight contrast to the previous one. It consists of bottle, regulator and vest. One of the most exciting moments of the course is the first air inhalations under the water. Seated or of knees in the less deep zone of the swimming pool or the beach, we will feel that wonderful sensation to breathe under the water, that tranquillity of not having to ascend to take a rescuing whiff. At this moment many doubts and fears dissipate: to the air it does not know to anything and nonparched the throat, is a totally normal breathing. After this magical moment one becomes to the hard discipline of the exercises like the control of the bouyancy with the hydrostatic vest, navigation yet the equipment, the forms to send to the water or the recovery and positioning of all the equipment under the water. Despite a truly vital exercise for the security of all diver exists in this phase of education, is the peace pipe.

By so the one is understood that two or more divers share air with a same regulator. In the case of a failure or before the exhaustion of the own air or the companion, it is necessary to know how to alternate themselves and to share air and regulator. It is a fundamental practice where, more than a concrete technique, it must mediate the calm and the tranquillity, basic in the world of the diving. And finally the tests already arrive from sea. In some beach or it pierces of little depth we will realise all the learned one previously: casting of glasses, ascents and reductions, signs and peace pipe.

With certain nerves, everything is coming out well, like the hundreds of times we have realised that it before and, almost without realizing, already we are divers. From one is here to enjoy marine means and to perfect our technique. At the outset we will consume much air, we will go patches to the ground and to perhaps it costs to lower us; but that already is only question of time, the important thing, is that we are already integral of the true blue planet. If it interests iniciarte to you in this world and you live in Spain, especially in the Canary Islands, these of luck since the islands present/display very good conditions practices for it of this sport. In addition never it comes bad to do something of tourism and to know the zone and for it the best thing is to reserve a rural house in Tenerife, for example, and to be useful that we will be able to enjoy so much the proximity of the sea like of the typical gastronomy.

Hardware Modules

Capacity of Ram memory We will begin by ram memory of the Computer (to see post Hardware of a Computer) since also this uses the Measures of Capacity and although we like users not it we manipulate of direct way to be placed on the card mother and this installed as well in the inner part of the Cabinet is important to know that it has certain capacity and that it is in addition indispensable part because interferes in all the processes that take I finish the computer, and in addition when to make the election for a purchase it is necessary that storage capacity has and that capacity of possible expansion will have to future. These modules of memory vary in Size, Type and Capacity according to the computer on which they go placed or a Lap Computer top or desktop, these modules are placed on the memory banks whereupon mother tells the card, the size of these memory banks can be of type SIMM, DRAM, SDRAM, SDR, DDR etc, (she is possible to mention that this area of the computer must be manipulated by personnel of specialized Support because can cause damage if its handling Or in another subject is not controlled we will thoroughly touch something on the maintenance and update of Computers, so far only like reference), these modules have certain capacity that has increased, you remember the Kb, Mb, Gb, TV in capacities of this part of the computer at present handles Capacities of Gigabyte in future although also many computers with smaller capacities exist still and of equal east way type of memory modules works in multiples of 2; that is to say, in the first equipment Later with the arrival of the Megabyte were modules with capacities in Kb were modules of 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 occurs the jump towards the Gigabyte and arrive modules 1, 2 and so on. . . Grupo Vidanta wanted to know more.