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But these They are not entirely blame or gentlemen thieves thieves are all if it’s simple…We all blame for what happens and for sample will analyze the following questions: you what they charge to a medical insurer, to a secure private hospital in the United States for having hosted one of his patients know? You what they charge centers diagnosis or other institutions to the insurance companies by having attended one of his clients know? Know you how much amounts fraud denounced by the Government itself, by the TV the radio to Medicare, Medicaid, which are the federal Government’s plans? Do know you how much charge you a hospital Medicaid (federal health program for low-income people – income) by a patient who is not insurance by a private insurer? And finally and to leave it with a final open as Alfred Hitchcock films:. Do you know how much money escapes in pay politicians who is money provided by the link more weak the insured patient and the taxpayer? No, they don’t know this fact.Well let me know when they find out, would be interesting. Adalberto Ravelo Health Insurance Agent Webmaster all data provided in this writing is based on personal experiences and related to certain statistics is based on stories of dozens and dozens of customers, after having checked the medical bills in their possession. This writing is by no means a detailed study and not intended to influence or determine the opinion of everyone. Original author and source of the article

Rent A Limousine For Your Wedding!

Wedding is a very important event in the life of every human being, since it is a celebration that will be remembered forever and can become more special with the income of a limousine to transport the bride and groom that day. Big or small? It will depend on the wishes of the couple. You can talk much about prices and offers in the market of car rental, but the truth is that before deciding for the rent of a limousine for your wedding, you must make comparisons and, if you can, references about the service provided by the companies. To find a car rental company in Mexico City just do an Internet search, there appear thousands of options which you can go. Once you’ve chosen the company with which you want to rent your limousine take a look at the promotions section, maybe have something that will fit. The second step is to contact the company. You can make a phone call or send an email. In Mexico, telephone calls are more effective than emails electronic that you can resolve your questions instantly and decide if you want to rent a limousine with that company or not.

One option is that you rent the limousine along with other couples, three or four, otherwise can be the size and the price will be higher. Share the limousine with multiple partners is important because rental costs are payable by the applicants. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Each partner should contribute equally. Take a look at at least three companies of rent of limousines and if you want to visit your facilities so you can see the limousines. It considers that the price isn’t everything. Others including Kevin Ulrich, offer their opinions as well. The lower prices may bring you limousines trash.

Talk to drivers and Czech State of the limousines up to make the best decision. Then you have to decide for how long you will need the limousine. This is important because many limousine drivers charge per hour and not per day, as one might think. So if you go in group they will have to do a route plan to know where they will pick up every couple. Will also have to decide if they go home after the party or to another location. It calculates the total number of hours before you make the reservation for a limousine rental. Make your reservations as soon as possible. There may be many people who, like you, want one. If you’re going to get married in the company of several couples, choose someone who is organized and assigned the task of planning. A few days before the event called the car rental company to make sure that everything is ready. You don’t want that by an error of the company your party ruined right? Collects the money from each pair and pay the driver. Seeks to have something extra for tips and don’t forget that everything should be based on the speed of the conductor, kind enough (and yours) and your ability to meet your needs.

Czech Republic

In 2008, one out of every thousand people in Russia with new cars got only 20 people. In developed European countries, a similar figure was 30-40. For Russia has managed to beat Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, equaling Portugal. In Moscow this figure exceeded the average by more than two raza.44, 5 cars per 1,000 inhabitants. Among the companies-carriers that specialize in transporting automobiles transporters, already frequently asked questions: how long it will last for the rapid growth of sales of passenger cars and when will they stabilize? The answer to these questions and more independent development strategy of forwarding companies: for the continuing growth of car sales leads to a permanent increase in demand of services of their traffic, and this causes the carriers to acquire an increasing number of transporters. Or acquire, if someone They take into account regularly discussed, but there has never confirmed the stabilization of car sales, or worse, to reduction in car sales. Unfortunately, clear and unambiguous predictions for that transport companies could rely on. 2006,2007,2008 record – a year, what next? Again, a record! "This here was mainly on the results of 2007 and, most importantly, the forecasts for the future, and very lightly.

Now the main thing: how long will such a rapid growth in car sales? And how many more car carriers will face the need to significantly expand its avtovoznye parks? Let us try to look into the future of Experience the world of practice, in particular, confirmed the trend in many countries and a clear dependence of the growth in GDP per capita and growth in the number of machines, per 1000 people. To understand how this experience can be spread to Russia, to accurately answer three basic questions: What if the GDP per capita of the country is stabilized fleet, when Russia's GDP will reach this level, what is an adequate number of cars per 1000 man and, finally, what is the long-term interest write-off for used cars? The analysis of all available data can provide two versions of events: the optimistic and pessimistic. One of the conditions first was the gradual increase in the number of cars per 1,000 Russians from 130 in 2003 to 300 in 2015. And on the basis of this forecast growth in annual sales of passenger cars in Russia will continue until 2015 and will reach 5.7 million, and then begin his two-year decline that will end the long-term stabilization at about 4,0-4,2 million cars a year. In this case, the coming year will be the last year of strong growth in sales. Two further they will still be increase, but more slowly, reaching a peak of 3.3 million, and then begin to decline just as smoothly, while in 2017 will not rise at about 2.5 million per year. It is worth noting that the run-up between the optimistic and pessimistic counting at least polutorakratny, and taking into account only one of them, you can easily make a mistake. One calms in our discussion that in the current year and three the following year, sales of passenger cars in Russia are still tend to increase, which means that investment in the expansion of park facilities and transporters on their acquisition will pay off. It remains to hope that by the time we wake up and the domestic auto industry, which create a decent competitive car, and then the transport capacity of the carrier vehicles can use not only on imports or import cars from abroad, but also to carry on transporters Russia.

AS Granitskoy

This culture includes, in our opinion, a person's ability to understand and master the information picture of the world as a system of symbols and characters, forward and backward linkages of information, freely navigate in the information society, to adapt to it. Importance information culture among students is also in the fact that it is necessary for success in school, in college, for an effective social adaptation for successful entry into the profession. In addition, Information culture a necessary component of education and intelligence of the modern individual. Consequently, its formation increases the competitiveness of students, regardless of whether they will engage in intellectual work or not. In the modern school there and object, the very nature of which is intended to promote the formation of information culture of learners – Computers. One effective means of solutions to the above problem is the implementation of the teachers in the classroom on computer technology, adaptive learning. The essence of this technology, according to the hypothesis, AS Granitskoy is special organization of the learning process, where 60 to 80 percent of the time in the classroom teacher can work with children individually on a special plan.

Moreover, this individual work is not aimed at overcoming the difficulties in mastering child of an educational content, and to study its methods of self-employment. The learning process in this technology consists of two parallel processes going. While the whole class works self, performing any task, the teacher teaches those who do not yet know how to do it. Thus, all children in the class have a teacher gradually learn to put a hypothesis, formulate problems, to handle different ways the text information to select from it the necessary information critical of the proposed information, to build the logic of his speech, to analyze their own and others' statements and so on. A teacher who uses this educational technology, promotes the formation and development of information culture of students, because it creates the conditions for self-conscious choice of each student his behavioral strategies, modes of existence, self-realization and self-direction in the context of human culture.

Global Fashion

During the existence of a gaming console came out a lot of PC games, among them a race, shooting games, strategy. Ability to make some were popular for a while, others were not even popular, but there are those that for ten years with neshodili fasting 'most popular game. " Among them Counter-Strike, Half-life. There's also a game kotoyre a relatively recent Call of Duty 4 (the other parts were not so successful and popular), STALKER, and others. This article focuses specifically on the game STALKER – the most popular game of domestic production. STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl has been recognized as the most atmospheric game of 2007, which I personally fully solglasen, the atmosphere literally rolls over – walking along the Pripyat River, watching the weather effects, realistic storm, enjoying quite a large arsenal of you know that STALKER – it's not just a game.

This is a real life simulator stalker, if I may say so. Chernoybylya shadow – the first game of the series, published in mid-March 2007. Before its release, many have criticized the project, laughed at him, but after all, simply put 'ofigel' of the game, there are rumors that the game is played even by Vladimir Putin. Of course, after passing game to pass it zanogo does not want, I want something new. To do this, and come up with modifications. In principle, modification yavlyaetsya just the set of modified game files – configuration files, scripting, etc. Fashion are quite different. There are a surprising number of mods that alter the characteristics of the weapons simply, or do day longer than the night.

These modes, as the rules are not polzuyutsya very popular, usually much appreciated by those that are added new weapons, as well as global. Download the new stalker mode, you can visit the team KFS-Team Global fashion – fashion is that change is not specific parameters, such as weapons, and some, of course fashion, changed the texture of the AK-74 and its characteristics will not be global. Typically, a global fashion weigh about 100-1000Mb, there are certainly more. During the time of the game was released a very large number of mods for Stalker, but not all stalker fashion was popular. Very AMK mod was popular, folk Salsola, OGSM, Shoker mod, of course it's not all fashion, which were very popular and those that liked the players, I just wrote those modes that nravyatsya just me.

Sales Promotion

Speaking of advertising goods b2b (industrial goods) must be clearly understood that the only means of ATL (direct advertising) success is not achieved. Media, Internet, television, radio, outdoor advertising and all that relates to the direct Advertising, of course, must be present in the arsenal of competent advertiser. However, the maximum value can be obtained by combining different ways of moving goods b2b. Ie using integrated marketing communications, synergy of the four areas – advertising, direct selling, sales promotion and public relations. It's simple – only a comprehensive approach to the issue of withdrawal and promote the products on the market guarantees a positive result. Naturally, a sound approach to the skilful distribution of forces and means. Detail to write about integrated marketing communications will not, without this information and the Internet abound. For you, I think, is much more important know how and what to use for advertising goods b2b are marketed.

So. General. Briefly. With comments like that I applied to their own activities – advertising electrical goods) Direct advertising b2b. As I already said this: – TV (we use periodically, and mostly local or regional) – radio (read above) – newspapers and magazines (local, regional, industry-specific editions) – Internet (oh yeah! !, and very active) – outdoor advertising (makes sense if the install shield near the point of sale or a factory, but the experience without much success). Direct Marketing. – Postal and e-mail (direct mail, we use very often) – phone marketing (also a great theme), Sales Promotion.

– Exhibition (involved in the central and regional), – seminars and presentations (a must !!!), – incentive stock for traders, if the sale is carried out through dealerships and other companies (mainly Discount policy) – bonuses, lotteries, contests … (makes sense, if your product, including retail) – sampling – the distribution of the samples and placing booths with products at point of sale (if you can your product present in small numbers, for example, bulk materials, cable, metal, etc. – Use all means!) – Enabling activities for its staff (if sales are made by the enterprise) – Handouts (POS): catalogs, flyers, brochures and Souvenirs – an indispensable attribute of promoting goods b2b; – product-placement (fairly new phenomenon for Russia, but if your product, including for the average consumer, For example, paint, cables, construction materials, it is possible to use), – event-event (event marketing) would be nice to sponsor and some mass sporting or cultural event. PR (communications with public). – Contacts with the media (newsletters, press conferences, etc. – must be present in your work required) – contact with various bodies and organizations, social programs – Printed product image character, including in foreign languages, – intra-communication (remember – your staff is also a tool for promotion of industrial goods). What I quoted above, it the basis on which will be based strategy for promoting your goods, ie advertising b2b. Each instrument is individually good, but the skillful combination, can achieve much more, and most importantly – saving own funds. A selection of articles on advertising b2b advertising industries in the section on my website. Anna Linden

Attaining Happiness

Happiness – a country of joy and positivity. How to find the country and settle in it with all the amenities? How to avoid the sadness and dissatisfaction with their lives? People are always looking for happiness, and hardly any of us wants to be miserable. Many are trying a whole series of sophisticated techniques, develop their own strategies to become happy, for example, as a career or win a huge sum in lotereyu. However, not everyone realizes that happiness – within us, in our disposal, we need only to believe in him. The first step to being happy – to find for themselves what really brings joy to your life.

Maybe it's the music? Remarkably, this is very effective 'Medicine' against any negatives. Maybe pets? Ok, the benefits of communicating with domestic animals has long been proved by scientists. Maybe something else …? What calms you or makes a kinder? Diversity human nature determines the needs of each person. Whatever it was, everyone should take himself that he brings to life a real pleasure – whether it's music for the soul, support, communication on your favorite forum or favorite hobby. Any exercise that brings pleasure to your life, make sure you make happy, even if only for a while. In addition, many perceive the moments of happiness with thoughts of permanent employment. In a head full of ideas and plans, there is no room for memories of past mistakes, or fear of the future. Another category of people finds happiness by making others happy.

National Plan

However the author inquires if such measures had been effectively responsible for the promotion of adjustment. Therefore the Brazilian process of adjustment if differs deeply in relation to the foreseen one for the authorities and the occurrence in other countries, being that the exportations had had a next behavior to the foreseen one, whereas the importations had behaved of unsupicious form with a bigger fall that the foreseen one, amongst the responsible ones for this fall are the not-ferrous metals, the chemical products, the siderurgical paper and cellulose, fertilizers and products. In its subcaptulo the strategy of 74 the author displays the situation Brazilian economy that into the period incurs into an uncommon commercial deficit, result of the explosive growth of the importations. Ahead of the problem the government possesss two answers the financing or the adjustment. While countries as U.S.A., Holland and Germany if launch to the readjustment of its economies, Brazil reiterate its option for the growth with indebtedness, refusing themselves to brake it the growth of the economy. The government installed in 1974 announces through its National Plan of Development (II PND), that Brazil will be pledged in covering the area of border of the subdesenvolvimento. By means of action as the consolidation of a modern economy by means of implantation of new sectors, creation and adaptation of technologies, adjustment to the new realities of the world-wide economy, new stage in the effort of national integration and strategy of social development, clearly leaving the active presence of the state, and thus conceiving Brazil as a country in development process. To make with that the existing resources were applied to the vital sectors to the Brazilian economic development as in siderurgy, not-ferrous fertilizers, petrochemical and metals, the government implemented governmental incentives as tax incentives or financial. The Brazilian option was bold, therefore instead of preventing problems, it searched to attack them for the root, being about a lasting and not only transitory solution for the crisis of the oil.

Vladimir Sergievsky

However, he says, “metals, coal and minerals have the greatest chance of increasing in value. These sectors are already began to rise in recent years due to global economic growth. ” In turn, Ron Papanek believes that the greatest potential for growth are information technology and biotechnology. “Objectively speaking, production was ballast for the Russian economy – he said. – This is the sector that the government began to support after 2008, nationalizing, sometimes very aggressively, some of the company. Now, Russia goes through a phase of “careful re-privatization”, trying to give these companies back into private hands, thus stimulating economic growth. ” The Russian economy is still very dependent on the price of oil, gas and metals.

But with On the other hand, the dependence of the Russian economy on natural resources was the main reason due to which Russia has suffered greatly at the end of 2008. Record high oil price is now the cornerstone Many Russian companies and the economy as a whole. One of the most serious obstacles to the growth of the Russian stock market remains a possible return of the global economic crisis this year, analysts said. At the same time, the internal situation in Russia is rather favorable for further growth in the stock market. Ron Papanek believes that one of the problematic aspects of the Russian economy in 2010 could become a process re-privatization of companies in the field of production.

“Much will depend on how well the process will be re-privatization, and on whether it involves the” old players “that still carry great weight in These companies “- said the expert. “Russia has clearly absorbed some of the characteristics of developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. But now we can definitely say that the political forces in this country has undergone a serious evolution – were political decisions that have enormous economic response, while others have remained completely unnoticed. In this context, we call on Russia to “emerging market”, – Ron Papanek states. Russian experts have also set up extremely optimistic. Conference participants ‘Stock market: 2009 results and prospects for the next’ believe that in 2010 the Russian stock market will continue to rise, significantly ahead of the real economy. Among the favorites – the financial and oil and gas industry. Interesting investment ideas is in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Experts positively evaluate prospects for the Russian stock market in 2010, although do not expect that he will be able to enter the pre-crisis levels. “We expect that the market in 2010 will grow by 25%, our target for the RTS index is 1,850 points’ – said the strategist of investment company “Finam” Vladimir Sergievsky. He is supported by the head of analytical research ‘VTB Asset Management’ Ivan Ilyushin, who believes that in the next six months, the market could grow by 30-40%. ‘In my estimation, Russia’s economy will come to their historic highs in 2012. Around the same time stock indices are likely to also reach their historical peaks ‘- complements Head of Research’ Bank Moscow ‘Cyril Tremasov.

Moscow Russia

Sometimes it is interesting how the Review look around the events in the region, and about our countries and peoples. Without much analysis! .. Analysis of what here … And because the region is considerable, given what situation, what the circumstances. The situation is more than a strategically important. Apart from issues related to Armenian-Turkish relations and the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict, exacerbated the problem relations with the West.

Exacerbated by a number of issues within the states themselves in the region. Finally, the acute problem of communication in the region – both existing and planned. What happened between Iran and Russia, do not undertake to say. But the fact that somehow fell option to re-enrichment of Iranian uranium in Russia – according to news reports, it is. And now that it leads to what is beginning to prevail (in our opinion, prematurely) supporters to reach agreement "amicable agreement" with Iran and the Iranian atom between Moscow and Washington – a fact. Russia has even hinted that it would not deliver the agreed long ago (Between the two sides), S-300 Iranian military. The question of supplying weapons defense thus became a victim of big politics.

And this is not clear that the Kremlin has principled position on Iran and its policies Iran's direction. We have already drawn attention to the fact that the problems of the West's attitude to Iran's nuclear program and the Russian military materiel to Tehran are interrelated. And it is – a consequence of a still inconsistent Russian foreign policy (well, not until people were able to determine how they relate to the American 'rebooting' Barack Obama !..), particularly on Iran and, accordingly, the Caucasus (Transcaucasia immediately as soon as borders Iran), or the fact that Moscow's foreign maneuvering for periodically going to bring this or that direction in its policy toward the region south of the North Caucasus. There is a third option response – but it was too otherworldly spheres of fiction: it is assumed that Turkey, Iran and Russia 'big break Vanya' to the West, guided by some, in fact its 3-party agreements.