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Classified Ads

Internet is becoming an austere part of our lives. We did not austere can not exist without the computer, and the principle and the Internet itself, and can not in fact exist. We find the information austere rest, we furthermore travel through the Internet. Of course, the World Wide Web is capable of much, all of its benefits are not listed as a principle, not only advantages. H and cons. However, this exercise also controversial. In his article, I will not unharness, sorry for the vocabulary, about the pros and cons of the Internet, I will address only one of its scope – the bulletin board. Perhaps you now say that no one uses, it is simply meaningless and anything through them to convey to the consumer or the reader – it is useless.

Perhaps you something right, because that is the number of visitors without ploys can not be traced, but akkurat thanks to the number of boards and thrive. Imagine that you would like to advertise my own way goods in everyday life. For example, a concert. What would you do? Hung posters. Maybe allowed advertising on television. Perhaps, quite enough to attract enough a large audience.

And now you're in the World Wide Web. Here, in this case, what would you do if you have a website, but visitors to it a bit? You try to advertise? I agree. But how? Here, at this stage and there is need for the message boards. Without them, you are austere nowhere. How acting message board hands? Let's just say, although their style a little wrong. So you post free classifieds ads, such a site offers its services. Accordingly, people are reading and may be interested, go exactly to you. That's how you and get regular visitors on your site. Much more effective if you razme6stite ads on several boards, though, of course, this is more difficult, since walking and manually placed on several thousands of bulletin boards, tasks are not easy to do, but it's a different story. Let not return directly to the benefit of a sort of advertising. To begin with, as I have already noted – boards hands a lot, so akkurat and visitors will be sufficient.

Digital Identification Printing

Clear advantages over conventional methods to convince industry and service provider four years after founding the company has achieved a remarkable position on the German market and built up a portfolio of user-oriented. The process of thermosetting digital printing developed by PrintoLUX has proved superior in wide range of sign and label printing compared to conventional methods such as screen printing or engraving. Practical demonstrations as a silver bullet of sales many industries, corporations, and service providers now have the digital marking know and appreciate learned. Unless the presence of PrintoLUX on the specialized Internet platforms, it is invariably positive and detailed reporting of the trade and business press, or also by the many presentations of hotel, which are all interested parties locally could lead the practical functioning of the process in mind. Today it belongs to the particular sales experience of PrintoLUX, that a practical experience of the proceedings nine out of ten buyers makes to customers. To do this, the new Managing Director Hermann Oberhollenzer: whether here at our headquarters in Frankenthal and hotel presentations, to which we invited in Germany in recent years in all parts, we have almost always the same reaction. We need to persuade anyone, because clearly convince our processes and systems to buy.

This stand in particular the following features in the eye: multi-color printing on different materials in great precision and resistance has become easy with PrintoLUX and economical. We have overtaken simply conventional procedures relating to a wide range of user needs.” Superiority over conventional methods PrintoLUX customers confirm the procedure again and again a clear superiority over conventional methods. In practice a comparison with the engraving – make such system comparisons here as follows: for a project a German automotive supplier needed 50000 cable signs, each with other words. The engraver had managed 800 units a day, used so well three months for this.

Publishing House

The InterRed GmbH and the digital mobile GmbH & co. KG to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership. As InterRed solution partner, offers digital mobile the conception and implementation of projects with the content management and editorial system InterRed. As a customer the new media company was won Ulm mbH, whose magazines digital mobile a single multi solution implemented for multi-channel publishing. InterRed and digital mobile: strong partners the InterRed GmbH, as one of the leading technology providers in the areas of content management (CMS), content management system, multi channel publishing, knowledge management, and live reporting provides print and Web solutions for magazines or newspapers, corporate publishing, catalogs, Tablet and mobile. InterRed’s strong position in the market is experiencing by the know-how of digital mobile a more support. The digital mobile team includes concept developer, project manager and software developer trained specifically on InterRed.

They accompany the customers from the first planning steps to the final implementation and take over for him the operation, the maintenance and the development of operating systems. The two partners complement each other in multiple ways: for solution partner digital mobile available as digital agency firm, that the user distinguish ultimately between mobile, online and offline. You walk between the worlds and expect a more optimized and seamless user experience. InterRed pursued his concept multi channel one solution”also the approach that nowadays one is relevant: which channels it is, no matter be it print, online, tablet or mobile what ultimately counts is the probably most important asset in itself: the content. Successfully demonstrated the partnership of the two companies already in a joint project for the new media society Ulm mbH, after which the 100 employees strong Publishing House now the content management system InterRed among other things for the site and the print publication of the computer magazine com!”uses.

Internet Communication

Aperto plenary, the campaigning agency with a digital focus, launches the magazine publications and online at. The Berlin would stress post-digital with the increasingly important focus on content, dialogue and participation in the communication work. Aperto plenary, the campaigning agency with a digital focus, starts as publications and, the online magazine June/July 2012 the magazine post digital by Aperto plenary appears with an initial circulation of 10,000 copies in Germany. Based on features, guest articles and discussions it deals with communication on the border between the areas of digital and analog. post digital is aimed at marketing decision makers and communication professionals, Young Professionals and journalists. The individual issues of the magazine have changing thematic focus and design topics.

Says the editor of the magazine and CEO of Aperto plenary, Michael Sodar,: with digital post we take a look at today, in which to live, work and communication Thanks to technological and digital achievements rapidly change, which has achieved digital revolution but seems to think its zenith. The core is we do not address the issue of digitisation, but changing patterns of thought and action in society and communication.” The first issue of digital post puts focus on the theme of freedom, with a guest commentary by Berlin’s top tourist touts Burkhard Kieker visitBerlin and a roundtable to the former airport of Tempelhof freedom. Also writes guest columnist Alexander Niemetz, media trainer and ex-moderator of ZDF today journal, about the difficult business of communication. Also in the issue: press conferences with participation via the social Web. The theme of freedom in the collage style is implemented in the design. Thus, the design theme of the first edition of digital post reflects the combination of analog and digital. The cover subject, a paper airplane, it builds a bridge to the substantive focus of the first edition, the former airport Berlin Tempelhof. The cover logo post digital is also in Subsequent editions in font, position, and size remain the same, vary within those boundaries but and have been implemented in the style of the respective issue.

The publication works with reader-friendly, restrained serifs typo Garamond and as a contrast with the bold headline typeface Gotham. This is used manipulated by large letters. The magazine is printed on FSC certified recycled paper, which transported a natural feel due to the sustainable communication approach of the Agency. The website for the magazine is at the same time the Internet presence of the campaigning agency Aperto plenary. Aperto plenary integrated campaign approach with digital focus is reflected in the theme setting and the used channels Web and print. This manual is available through the agency or on the Internet at. About Aperto plenary: Aperto plenary stands for that plan, develop and implement the right measures for campaigns and projects in the digital age. With highly qualified staff are complex communication services implemented for customers in the fields of economy, science, politics, culture and media. The focus on the political communication popular campaigning, a term stands at Aperto plenary for effective corporate and brand communication with digital focus. While the experience of Aperto AG in the area of digital and mobile business uses Aperto plenary.

Digital School

AB apply immediately for the 2 school half year 2013/2014. In the framework of the competition, teachers can make their teaching with digital media and modern technology. The best projects will be awarded. Grand Prize is a SAMSUNG SCHOOL SOLUTION worth around 20,000 euros. Frankfurt am Main, 10 December 2013 initiative digital literacy thinking restarts to the 2nd half of the school year 2013/2014 back its nationwide contest to promote digital literacy. Classes and project groups of grades 7 to 11 from secondary public and private schools until 15 January 2014 that can apply now. There are limits professional nor in methodological or substantive ways the competition projects.

The competition takes place in the framework of the nationwide programme of ideas moving. DIGITAL literacy initiative new thinking supports teachers, inspire their pupils and students for digital learning and inspire? Ideas about appropriate concepts, teaching models and their testing should be developed and implemented within the framework of the competition in the classroom. It is also about how and which new digital teaching and learning opportunities can get more space, benefit and value in the classroom for teachers as well as pupils and students. The equipment is provided for a project period of up to six weeks free participating schools, they need for the design of digital teaching idea. These include tablets for pupils and students, tablets for teachers, as well as an interactive large screen for the classroom. In regional workshops the responsible teachers prepared by experts from the school practice on realizing the concept ideas in the classroom. The selected ideas can be implemented in schools from March 3, 2014. The projects are accompanied by the initiative by pedagogical and technical support.

The best concepts, teaching ideas, and results will be awarded with attractive prizes. Grand Prize is a complete equipment of the SAMSUNG SCHOOL SOLUTION worth around 20,000 euros. For more information about the program ideas move The competition for the digital school can be found under. There is also the possibility, with a project for the competition in the 2nd half of school year 2013/2014 to apply online. Background information the initiative digital education new thinking 2013 by Samsung Electronics GmbH to strengthen of its social commitment in Germany in the life launched. To engage actively and to take responsibility for progress, prosperity, justice and future of young generations, are important tasks for the economy. The Samsung Electronics GmbH would like to make an active contribution, with the establishment of the initiative. The sustainability and strength of our company depends on how the potential and talents of the people be encouraged and brought to the development. Education is a sustainable answer and at the same time innovative impulse for the development of Germany. For the future of information and knowledge-based society, the digitization of education plays a crucial role in this. The initiative promotes particularly further development of digital teaching and learning in school, such as College.

Camera Demon Makes

Universal camera mounting kit for sports helmets Brighton / UK, 18 December 2012 modern action cameras are expensive and spend most of their lives as dust on the shelf. With the universal camera demon, mount remedy Proporta. The camera demon makes any any camera that record today already all video in HD quality with just a few hand movements to the action cam. So, nothing in the way is exciting shots of snowboarding, skiing or the breakneck excursions with mountain bike. The installation is very simple: camera demon is attached with a high performance adhesive tape by 3M that keeps the camera bombproof on the helmet. So, skiers, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts hold all their unforgettable trips in action-packed HD video with your existing digital camera. We are a company of full of adrenalin junkies”Lynnette Prigmore, head of product at Proporta explains the background to this project.

When we were given the opportunity to work with camera demon, we have taken these immediately. Now you are Times past, when you had to buy more expensive equipment, only to a few times in the year exciting moments to hold.” How it works camera demon is light, compact and can be easily inserted. The camera is screwed with the tripod mount to the mount. Fixed, it is brought into the optimum position, so that the pictures are perfect. In the bracket, the camera can tilt or rotate 360 degrees. After their use in action, camera demon is very easy to remove. Only a hair dryer is necessary to heat the pad then the mount can slide off. There remain no adhesive residue back the helmet remains intact.

Camera demon is now available at a price of 29.95 euros under. Prices and pictures, please refer to the annex. Sources of supply all products can be ordered free shipping at. A large part of the Proporta products is available in Germany also at Amazon, In the Switzerland and Austria Proporta is by Computerworks under distributed. The products are also commercially available. About Proporta Proporta, in 1996 in Brighton (United Kingdom), elegant and practical cases and accessories for smartphones, PDAs, tablets is, iPods and MP3 players here. iPhone 5 / 4S, iPad 3/2, Kindle can be protected with the send cases from Proporta 4 / fire, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and other mobile companion. The portfolio also includes accessories such as USB TurboCharger 7000 to recharging the battery of far from any outlet or waterproof covers. To underline the individuality of its customers, Proporta is constantly working on partnerships with renowned designer labels. These include Ted Baker, Quiksilver, Roxy, NAF NAF Paris, manufacturers such as Sony, TomTom, Apple, BlackBerry, Bentley, as well as trade partners such as Amazon, Computerworks, Harrods department store, Nordstrom, House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Dixons. For more information about Proporta, as well as a wide range of high-quality protective covers and accessories online on the Website. Press contact: Stephanie Schnitzler Proporta Ltd. sea view way BN2 6NX Brighton, East Sussex, UK phone: + 448451232848 Agency: George Roderer talkabout communications gmbh Munchen phone + 49 89 45 99 54-11

POMADE Trade Fair Systems

Interfaces at the booth connect virtual and digital content to include the virtual content of the online world in the digital age also on measuring the real world on-site, the use of digital exhibition systems is important. The digital exhibition systems extend the classic exhibition stands to interfaces that create the bridge between the real world in the venue and virtual online world. To find these interfaces, digital elements used as monitor, terminal systems or multimedia pieces of furniture. The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE offers numerous connection possibilities for interactive content. EX POMADE offers the possibility to include the digital content directly from the first step in the Konzeptionierungsphase with its modular concept. To plan a monitor and keyboard directly from the outset by the way, can both digital and printed content are matched. The so-called media can be integrated directly into the trade fair system. The monitor is fixed thanks to the second frame, the keyboard is in a counter plate embedded and assembled as a complete bar to the wall of the exhibition.

Due to the free presentation area and the abandonment of flat carrier that receives EX POMADE trade fair system its stability as a result of the outstanding design element, the 50 m-high trade fair Tower, as well as the other growing elements. These modular elements includes also the media, which provides not only an optimal interface, but also as maximum stability of the system. In addition, a best use of the stand area is obtained by direct integration of modular elements. In addition to the ability to integrate directly into the trade fair system she also the possibility to use free-standing components such as libraries or real elements. This claim of course part of the stand area, can be however individually placed and mean a great incentive for visitors to enter the booth. Complete interactive pieces of furniture are used besides the classical terminal systems, which consist of a monitor or a keyboard.

The Multi touch table is a such piece of furniture, which transmits information without mouse and joystick simply by finger as a basis for interactive presentation. A desktop touch Monitor enables all visitors to retrieve the content quickly and easily. In addition to catalogues, product information or images as well as videos games can be called the multi touch table and enormously increase the entertainment factor. All these instruments make it to support the presentation at the trade fair stand with digital and interactive content and to enhance the visitor experience. Thus, the participation for the visitors is truly sustainable, which stands out from the competition. To only digital items available, which offer the advantage of virtually unlimited to extend the limited exhibition space on the ground and to introduce many more exhibits. All other information about the Digital EX POMADE exhibition systems, see, the platform for the mobile and digital presentation.

Managing Director Gunter Rubik

On August 28, 2012, AUDIAMO launches its download store. AUDIAMO, Austria’s only audiobook retailer becomes digital on his fifth birthday as on August 28, 2012 AUDIAMO launches its download store offers its customers in addition to the physical media, such as audio CD, DAISY CD and MP3-CD now available audiobooks and radio plays in digital form which can be downloaded. “After five years, it was the next logical step of and digital content in our online-shop for us to integrate, because again it happens that publishers bring out their new audio productions only more than download”, says Managing Director Gunter Rubik. The download shop is fully integrated in the online shop for five years grown by AUDIAMO, what an opportunity the customer, finding the desired audio book regardless of whether it is published as audio CD or download. “This is important, because productions sometimes as CD is out of print, but are still available for download. For us was always in the foreground Audiobook lovers to offer a complete overview – regardless of the media “, so Rubik. Currently around 17,000 audiobooks and radio plays as digital content contained in the AUDIAMO download shop. “The offer should constantly be expanded”, so Gunter Rubik “because the downloads will be the future!” About AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of nearly 8,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world.

Security Systems and Computer Networks

All threats to information systems can be combined in the synthesis of three groups. 1. The threat of disclosure, the possibility that information becomes known to him to whom should not have to know it. 2. Threat to the integrity, deliberate unauthorized changes (modifying or deleting) data stored in a computer system, or transmitted from one system to another. 3.

The threat of denial of service, the possibility of blocking access to some resource computing system. Based security, depending on how their implementation can be divided into the following classes of methods: organizational methods involve configuration management, organization and administration of the system. In particular this applies to networked information systems, their operating systems, office network admin, a set of mandatory regulations governing the access and network users; technological methods, which include technologies of network administration, monitoring and auditing the security of information resources, management of electronic journals user registration, filtering and anti-virus processing of incoming information; hardware methods that implement the physical security of the system from unauthorized access, hardware identification function of peripheral terminals of the system and user modes of connecting networking components of it. etc.; programming techniques is the most common methods of information (for example, programs user identification, password protection and inspection powers, firewalls, kriptoprotokoly, etc.). Without the use of software component is practically unfeasible none, including the first three groups of methods, ie in a pure form of organizational, technological and hardware protection methods usually can not be realized, all of which contain software components. It should be borne in mind, contrary to popular opinion otherwise, that the cost of implementing many of the software system solutions for information protection significantly exceeds the costs of hardware, technology, and the more organizational decisions (of course, if we use license and not a "pirated" software).

The most attention from developers and consumers currently responsible for the following areas of information security and the corresponding software and hardware: 1. Protection against unauthorized access to information resources independently operating and network computers. The most acute problem is for servers and users' Internet and Intranet. This function is realized numerous software, hardware-software and hardware. 2. Protection of classified, confidential and personal information from being read by unauthorized persons and focused its distortion. This function is provided as a means of protection against unauthorized access, and with the help of cryptographic tools traditionally available in a separate class. 3. Protecting information systems from many computer viruses that can not only destroy information, but sometimes damage the technical components of the system: Flash bios, drives, etc., are being actively developed as a means of protection against information leakage on the supply circuits, the channels electromagnetic radiation of a computer or monitor (used screening rooms, the use of generators of noise radiation, a special selection of monitors and computer components that have the smallest radiation), protection from electronic "bugs" placed directly in the computer accessories, etc.

Cascading Style Sheets

In any case, restrict the use of session identifiers exclusively to portal areas where it is absolutely necessary. * Reduce waste code: simplify the code using HTML templates and opt to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) instead of tables for layout the content. The use of Cascading-style-sheets – News ResultsTop 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2010 Revealed PC World – 10 hours agoW3C narrows ‘HTML5’ logo meaning to HTML5 ZDNet Asia – 8 hours agoWestern Nevada College classes Lahontan Valley News – Jan 19 04:40pmSearch ShortcutCascading-style-sheets – Video ResultsPlay Video’>Cascading Style Sheets easier to update a Web design, significantly reduces the weight of the files (layout travels once the user server, then it is already available in the temporary memory or browser cache for following pages viewed) and gives more weight to the significant content of the page on the total weight of the same code. * Select the text option for the site navigation by avoiding whenever possible the use of Javascript or Flash menus, because your links are not followed by search engines. In many cases, we can achieve with the use of CSS-like effects of Javascript or Flash menus. If the manager content to create a trail of bread crumbs (breadcrumb) activemoslo. Improving the usability of the site helps to put you in the whole structure of the web and is a shortcut to excellent search engines to crawl all content.

* Do not forget that there are headings: the use of styles makes us forget the existence of a hierarchy of HTML tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.)