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Edit Quick Tip

Modern cameras are capable of many things. They can focus for you, work on exposure for you, select a suitable shutter speed or a proper opening among many other functions. However, so useful that they can be etas functions in a camera, there is one that can not do this apparatus: composing the image for you. They have no idea where these pointing and not have idea you are trying to achieve. Composition if you are using a camera auto-todo then your main area of control is to make the composition of your photos. Sadly I can not tell you how to take a great photo to a certain extent reduces your ability to see a picture or the potential to create it. Having said that, there is an amount of rules and techniques that you can use to best the final appearance of your photographs. We will see a few of the techniques popular, effective and easy to implement that you will be able to use them right at the start.

Edit Quick Tip: until you show any hundreds of vacation photos, edit them. Discards all the repeated, all the out of focus and in general all the garbage. Only shows people the good things and your photographer status be increased automatically. Professionals can take a bunch of garbage like any other, only that they do not show to anyone. There are three basic ways to organize items within your composition: physically move relative to other objects. It only really works with photographs of dead nature. I tell people which moves relatively to other people or objects.

Only function with people who can hear you. Move. Usually the most effective way to control your composition is to alter your point of view. The latter is probably the easiest and most important. How often have you thought this would make a good photograph and then takes the camera and you take the photo. Lots of times, you see people doing this all the time. All the time you do that, but just after doing so give a turn around and see if you can improve the composition original by changing your point of view. You can surprise you the great difference that can make walking a few meters. Fill in the chart sometimes your mind tends to exaggerate that you see through the viewfinder of the camera. Sometimes you perceive things a little bigger than they really are and you also tend to notice slight distractions. You end up with photography with huge areas of space wasted around the edge and people with things growing from his head. Make sure that your goal fill the box. The best way to do this is to hit you. Until you press shutter take a quick look to the edges of the box and behind your target. Make sure you do not have large spaces filled with anything interesting and revises intruders in your masterpiece. In our wonderful world of three dimensions that telephone booth this in the background, in our photographic world in two dimensions the same booth this next to someone. Now we will review some techniques that you can use to help you compose your pictures.

Practical Board

A man realizes that like the woman and begins her less appreciate. It is for him no longer a prize! He does not want her to win, she is looking for approval from his side. As a result, the prize becomes man himself, and his interest is for the woman gradually cools down! What to do? Practical Board number 1. Always think "What am I doing to a man wanted to bring me?". "What can I do to ensure that he wanted to fight for me?" Even if you know nothing – think so. It is already very well! In your head will be such a setup, and even some of your actions will change! Practical advice on number 2.

Often show him that you, your communication must still earn what you have yet to achieve! For example: He: You're coming with me to the movies? She: Let's see your behavior, how are you going to! Practical advice to number 3. Create around competition. For example, tell him not so obsessed with: "I love when I give flowers?" What is clear from this sentence: first, that you give flowers, but secondly, that give you flowers a lot of men. For example, you say: "I drove one today. So I did not like him to go. The next time you go to the other.

" You do not care what he thinks, but he will make his conclusions: first, that you have friends with cars, and, secondly, that these are indeed many friends. So you're a girl who likes men, and therefore he too wants to please you! Practical advice to number 4. Just throw the challenge. Yes, yes it is these girls pets male accidentally throwing challenges. Known as all that "forbidden fruit is sweet!" Say among men, for example, "I'm not in love with men." The result – many will want you to love. Or tell me casually "You did not turn out to seduce me" – and he will make every effort to tempt you. And there is a strong phrase (used here and the techniques of NLP) – "Even if you strongly want to, you have not turned out to seduce and make me! "particle" no "here plays a big role – a man really wants to seduce and fall in love with a woman! This phrase, as a call to action! Practical tip 5. Never make excuses. Shortcomings need to show correctly and rare! But the show needed! Take and criticism and praise equally. You're a prize! He: You are so arrogant! She: Yes, I'm such a He: You are so beautiful! She: Yes, I like that! Shows that you are loved. What do you coveted prize for many people. That many people want to have a relationship with you. Spend time with you! It does not matter whether this is really! If you think that men really love you, you will soon you will have to fend off countless the number of your fans! Site there are many interesting articles on how to seduce a man how to please a guy like fall in love with a guy, etc.

Distance Learning

So, what distance learning is better than full-time? Let's make out in this Distance learning has its niche optimum application, which must be well understood. In this niche, there are certain boundaries. Within these Borders, the usefulness of distance learning – no doubt, but its effectiveness and efficiency – is much higher than full-time. ("Efficiency" – the ratio obtained results of their efforts. "Effectiveness" – the ability to produce results.) It is difficult to train remotely, such as swimming, driving, or driving nails, but the vast number of skills, better all just to teach remotely.

Development of distance learning technologies began with the development of computer technology, and communications. Modern technology allows the instructor and the student the opportunity of free communication, without personal meetings and trips. Such communication is carried out as in the "online" (with the simultaneous presence of both the Internet), and "off-line" (in the mode of correspondence). Distance learning saves much time and effort, and money trainees. This is convenient for both students and for teachers. This increases the effectiveness of training. It is the harmonious combination of modern technology and the efforts of teachers – provides a significant increase learning efficiency. Therefore, people enrolled in e-learning programs (remotely) showed better results achieved in the lives of more than a trained full-time in the classroom. Comparison distance learning with full-time for each of the parameters allows us to obtain a complete picture of all the features and advantages of distance learning: 1.UDOBSTVO training classroom training: Often people do not have opportunity to choose their desired program of study from full-time options, because they simply do not or they do not fit the place, time, schedule, cost and quality.


We can perceive the generality for the propagation of the trends of the groups for the society, for example. A time identified and characterized the social facts, the concern of Durkheim was directed for the necessary behavior to the scientist, so that its study it really got scientific bases. For Durkheim, as for all the positivistas, he would not have scientific explanation if the researcher did not keep certain distance and neutrality in relation to the facts, protecting the objetividade of its analysis. She was necessary that the sociologist left of side its personal values and feelings in relation to the event to be studied, for not having scientific text of and allowing the distortion of the reality of the facts.

Looking for to guarantee to Sociology a so efficient method how much the developed one for natural sciences, Durkheim advised the sociologist to face the social facts as things, exteriors. They would have to be measured, to be observed independently and to be compared of what the individuals they thought or they declared its respect. These formularizations would be only opinions, individual judgments of value that could serve of pointers of the social facts, but mask the laws of social organization, whose rationality alone is accessible to the scientist. When choosing its method of research, the sociologist must select a group of phenomena whose common exterior characters previously are defined, and analyze all the correspondents to this definition. When knowing that one same cause of the origin to one exactly effect, the explanation of a complex social fact requires the knowledge of its development through all the types of society. Inside of the positivista tradition of which Durkheim was part, the society could be understood in the same way that the phenomena of the nature.