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Affiliate Marketing

Finally, the third reason why having your own domain is because you can use something called a redirection. In Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing typically replicated web sites are used. They are generally long addresses that are not easy to say by phone or remember. Example: (988345 is your number of ID in the system).(Yourname) if you’re promoting a product in an affiliate program, it is very likely that your link is visible in the following manner: the important thing in these cases is that in any way you’re losing prospects, sales, and hence money. I explain the reasons: 1.

When you give a person a link with additional information such as, only out of curiosity the tendency of the majority of people is go to the main page, which in this case would be. 2. Promote a link like or means NULL results. People won’t remember your affiliate number. In addition, a person who bother to invest money in advertising pay and not upset by redirecting your link has obviously no idea of what is doing. 3. If you are trying to say your link at a conference or in a phone call, you have many chances to say it wrong or that the receiver does not understand correctly. To avoid all these negative effects, in the next post I’ll explain your web page REDIRECTION or URL. Until the next! Carlos Bazzanella l.

Original Training

Rich and Schroeder (1976), conclude that all the training that they orchestrate to develop the assertive conduct, must anticipate the acquisition, reproduction, moldeamiento and fortification, cognitive reconstruction and transference of this conduct to the real life. Other authors who have contributed in direct or indirect form to the techniques used at the moment in the assertive training, between which we mentioned next: – Brown J.L., (1946-1955), Founder of the Psicodrama, that implies the dramatisation in scene of the attitudes and conflicts of the real life of the participant, accentuating spontaneity and the improvisation, elements that it emphasized Salter. The Psicodrama is similar to the conduct test, particular type of role-playing, one of the main assertive techniques of Wolpe. – G. Kelly., (1955), contributes with the practices of the assertive training with the therapy of the Fixed Roll, in which the therapist composes frequently with the aid of the client, a short drama that includes the landlords of wished conduct. This therapy keeps similarity with the technique already mentioned and used in assertive training: Test and conduct. It is important to take into account the following aspects before applying a program for assertive training: 1. – As a result of the confusion that usually becomes enters aggressive conduct and assertive conduct, it is necessary that one settles down the limits between both forms of behavior.

2. – Since many people stop expressing opinions, feelings, criteria, etc., under the pretext to fulfill a norm social, ignoring their deficiency of abilities to do it, become necessary that it is understood for want of assertiveness. 3. – When developing a program of assertive training, is necessary to consider the meaning that they can have the cognitive and affective factors in the manifestation of assertive conducts. 4. – The training in assertiveness requires of good creation of structured situations, in which direct experiences are put in practice.


I do not have reason to hurry me, what more it lacks to me is motivation. As a reason to waste my anguish, eye for that meeting for the front; faces, signboards, cars, machines, smoke, people more people; for where go as many people? I always had the craze of looking at for everything. I feel a little of hunger and I smell I inhale it good of hamburger that comes of a dirty and crowded snack bar. I feel that my stomach already got used to the lack of food in the alias process. I do not feel fatigue, but an agony that corrodes. A sensation of failure, a migraine that never seems to have end. I finished to come back of some workmanships.

It does not have vacant at the moment. I received the reply from the person in charge, who did not condoeu itself with my arguments? five mouths to treat? ‘ ‘ I cannot manufacture empregos’ ‘ it said me without fondness to be rough. I remember now of what the candidate said in the television: ‘ ‘ The dismissed man does not have dignidade.’ ‘ I do not know well what it wanted to say with dignity, but I do not have dignity, as I do not have clothes, food in house, moments of joy, days without the pain of the defeat, the easy sadness. Way without will to come back toward house. There I will find the looks indagadores of the Matilde and the children as to ask to me? there? It swims – I go to answer constrangido. They would lie for, saying that I received a fast one I wave of the person in charge in a workmanship. Tomorrow, perhaps! Already I thought about almost everything.

To kill me. To be run over, death almost without pain. The shepherd of a church, which I do not remember the name said, me that for the law of God the life does not belong to me. I agreed to it and I took off the idea of the head. I think now as it would be easy to practise an assault. One of these weapons of toy? how if they seem the true ones, is not same? a dark night, I arrive in the closed and ready sina? ‘ ‘ it lost, it lost, pass grana’ ‘ I learned the words in the television. A neighbor who touches the life with small assaults said me that difficult he is the first time. Later people he loses the fear and if he accustoms. Not if he can is to be greedy. To the times trainings in front of the mended mirror of adhesive ribbon, cmoda there of house; pointed finger as if was a weapon? you the crazy one, Z! it recriminates the Matilde. I find that I would not be a good assailant, lack principles. Ah! those programs of television that take people in return for our land! It could be good for me. Television filming, the Matilde of new clothes, the family all demonstrating a joy that has very not has, the airplane trip. Bobagem; I only find that dumb the address of the misery. I look a place to seat and not meeting. I fix it of the shoe was an excrement. Preguinho is hurting the dedo! Somebody that I do not know, I do not know for which reason, asks my name and I answer without thinking: – Unemployed!

Google Buzz

The launch of Google Buzz has had negative consequences in a multitude of users with respect to their security and privacy. This service of Google has exposed the private messages of many users, enabling all followers of a user of this service to view content private, i.e. that persons with which more postal exchanges a user look deprived of this content. Many consider that this is part of the strategy that has the service for her biggest hit, and Google as expected has been sued by many users, by compromising information private and by other security issues such as the exposure of the contact lists of users, images apart from these security flaws Buzz has other problems of vulnerability regarding the attack of dangerous programs, phishing, malicious cookies, which implies an incentive more for unknown people to impersonate real users without being detected. We have to wait to see how everything just this and how it affects the development of Buzz. A company as large as Google is This type of failure, should not be allowed since now confronted with fairly substantial demands taking into account that there are millions of users affected to a greater or lesser degree.

In the end, this can be described from pifiada in the attempt to seize control of a social network that would generate many benefits. For more information check the website:, where there is a link to another article describing a little more cases that have resulted in the violation of privacy of many users. There is much indignation towards this service by all users of Gmail of America (some million people) as I have seen. Google Buzz with this boot is far from what was originally thought with all this series of problems and millions of people claiming a violation of their privacy rights.