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Educative Computer

The Technologies of Information and Communication (TICs), had been to the few enclosing a bigger space in the society and had finished becoming necessary changes also in the education to adjust it its time. Knowing the process that suffered the education in relation to the new technologies in countries as France and United States, educators of some Brazilian universities had felt themselves motivated to also develop applied computer science the education in Brazil. They had passed then to receive in decade of 70, according to Brave (1999), representative educators of these countries in seminaries and conferences, in order to more know a little on the uses of educational computer science in these countries. They had been produced softwares of instruction diverse, however its use was made it difficult for being used computers of great transport, what it restricted its use to the universities. But it was with the proliferation of the microcomputer, that the use of computer science in the education can truily be spread out, used in schools in all the levels of the education in the United States. This fact was given in the decade of 80, in accordance with Brave (1999). In the same period, according to Brito and Purificao (2006), in Brazil they had had beginning governmental projects EDUCOM (Education and Computer), with objective to create research centers on computer science in the education, being formed professional qualified to use software SOON; TO FORM (Course of Specialization in Computer science in the Education), that it formed specialists in the area of computer science for the education, so that these promoted the formation of other professors, becoming then, multipliers; the PRONINFE (National Program of Educative Computer science), that it created laboratories and centers for the formation of professors and the implantation of the CIEDS (Center of Computer science in Education), that among others, it describes the performance of the Ministry of the Education in the area of computer science in the education.

The Organizations

In such a way, as Chanlat (1992) only the directed ideas and information the productivity circulate freely in the organization. In this direction, the communication exists, but it is seen in the way missed for the company, where everything is seen as production and time wastefulness. According to Aktouf (1996), the bureaucratic, dominant structure in the majority of the organizations, can be seen as one of the biggest barriers to the comunicacional system. This because the bureaucratization imposes the communication channels and its interlocutors, defining them from the hierarchic level. Another great obstacle to the organizacional communication is the organizacionais structures based on the authority and the normatizao, beyond the excess or of the lack of objetividade in the processes of the organization. The objetividade excess, when the rebuilding of the communication process is tried, causing the reduction of the communicative process to the instrumental reason; the objetividade lack, where if it creates a false democracy, where all is disclosed without arriving at an agreement. Also it can be seen as one strong barrier to the communication, the prevalence of the ideas preset that the collaborators have of the manager, the calls definitive truths, treated for Aktouf (1996, P. 122).

The first one of these truths is the notion of private property, based in the detention of the power and the exercise of domination, natural and instinctive sight as something, when in the truth it is fruit of the social relations. To another truth if it relates to the rights of the head, as: the power, the privileges, the right to use the word in first place, to give orders and if to make to obey, the power of decision.

Administrative Excellence

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry does not have to surprise to us that it comments constantly on the importance of which the management does that the company that it has under his position it reaches an excellent administrative management. We know qu this one must be implicit in the philosophy of the company, because it constitutes the more essential motivational factor of his objective. There are some who dare to emphasize it like their catchphrase publicly. nevertheless, when the organizational behavior of the institution is analyzed and/or company we realize that has not been obtained or simply it has not been understood, is no shared commitment, there is no interest neither it exists motivation or it is lacked organizational culture, or the modern administrative tools so that it is pronounced. The administrative excellence is conquered by means of constant actions and daily focused towards the quality of all and each one of the areas of the administration, of course, definitively this is obtained, educating, motivating the personnel, not making use of threats, divisions of preferred minority groups. In other terms, the success it bases on the culture, in the commitment, tradition, dignity, loyalty of people because the person is important, significant, carries out an important roll within the company. Of there, the existence, that stop to obtain the management in the management, in the effective leadership, not only it is required of tools, like the finances, systems, planning, structure of the organization, but of a good dose of aptitude to suitably handle the diverse resources on which it is counted; in other terms, the gifts with which one is born, intuition, ability to direct and to treat people, charisma and positive the personal energy, capacity to inspire and to give enthusiasm; that is the dose of art that locks up the management, being constructed this way, the technique and the human in two indissoluble elements to achieve the success that is inhaled.

Al Qaeda

Connections of Al Qaeda began when He traveled to Abdullah Sungkar afgani rules and met with Osama bin Laden sometime in 1993-1994. In the coming years, the two organizations which are engaged in a series of activities that have benefited both of them. Key benefits for joint implementation is access to Al Qaeda’s training services, financial support, and the ability to plan and carry out joint operations, which increased their operating knowledge. JI have also requested approval of their plans of leaders of Al Qaeda, an action that caused both technical advice and a sense of legitimacy for companies. Some analysts believe that organizational learning and more tangible benefits than joint implementation of these relationships acquired occurred at the price of being slowly co-opted for supporting Al Qaeda in its agenda global jihadist in ways that are similar to the relationship of Al Qaeda with several other local terrorist groups before 9 / 11. As a minimum, Jl became a subsidiary of Al-Qaida through joint activities that benefit both organizations. These ties were driven by a strong doctrinal compatibility between the two groups.

In the years before the 9 / 11 attacks that senior leaders have benefited from people having like Hambali and Abu Jibril, who had acquired experience in Afghanistan, within the J1. These leaders share with Al-Qaida the idea to carry out Jihad against Western interests, in particular the United States, sooner rather than later.

Real Madrid

The Argentine recognizes that there are several teams interested in signing him. Not belies his possible arrival at Real Madrid: possibilities there are several. Already I communicated my decision, they respected it and hope to continue respecting it. The Argentine striker Sergio Aguero has insisted this Wednesday, on his arrival in Buenos Aires, that his decision to leave Atletico Madrid responds to his intention to change air and said that there are several teams that want to sign him. Upon arriving in Argentina from Spain, Kun reaffirmed that it has decided not return to Atletico Madrid and stressed that the leaders of the club from the capital of that country have respected his decision. The only thing I want is go team, but go well.

Already I communicated my decision, they respected her and I hope that continue to respect it, he said. Asked by his commented move to Real Madrid, the Argentine international said: possibilities there are several. Aguero was happy for the money than After being traded to another team, you would enter in the coffers of the Argentine Independiente, the set which debuted in the first Division at the age of 15. Hopefully left you money to the independent, because it is where I was born and where someday I will return, he said. He also said his desire to play in the America’s Cup to be held in July in Argentina, to consider that the Albiceleste is the most important thing. Source of the news: Kun Aguero: “all I want is irme Atletico, but go me well”

Barbados Resorts

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Foreign Ministry

Everything indicates that the so-called opposition has no or the most remote chance of winning that query. Firstly, because dictatorship does not lose elections. It is second place because all conditions are, absolutely all of them, that the Government would be left with 75 per cent of the Assembly and oppositionist blockbuster faces that we will present will make the same histrionic and paper facade that now we can. Opinion columnists cry out for the perfect unity, meanwhile, again faking reality, selling the so-called unit as a panacea when in truth no it is more than an empty shell, a flatulent odorous air. Meanwhile, Antonio Ledezma walks around asking for money to shame our – for activities that is not capable of performing and Europe taking photos in what is nothing more than a preparation, a varnish outside, an opinion in the face, a makeup of presidential candidate. That is the only thing of interest to Mr Ledezma. His Adviser of Foreign Affairs Milos Alcalay, who few days before the carmonazo He called his colleagues diplomats to talk about the virtues of the revolution and the day in which his beloved regime fell rushed to catch up that supposed incoming Government, order – the flips are paid – has become the large operator in the guise of Ledezma as presidential. Of course that will not be the path of militant abstention and its consequences.

It is already described because not. The emaciated jugadores would do anything as displaying the buttocks, as they managed at the time to reduce the student hunger strike paseillo to the Foreign Ministry to deliver a horrific document-by having its members making floats to the democratic image of the regime, which the regime appreciates with abundance. They Iran elections without exerting any resistance, without protest, without taking action of any kind, without demanding fair conditions, without even making opposition that exceeds the statements in the media. It should be noted that these parliamentary elections are extremely dangerous. Its outcome may be sung the the 2012 election that Chavez would win dead of laughter. If that is what you get and the country does not react as an enraged tsunami and take to the basket of trash at these imitations of leaders, because it would mean that the country does not exist.

Holy City

The cross campaign, more than one year of launched, entered a franco dead process. In December of that year, in their search for food, they conquered the city of Ma ma’arrat al – Numan after a siege in which came to produce cases of cannibalism among Crusaders. Being so scarce food, directed their IRAs to the settlers, which was savagely killed. This situation very soon became unbearable. The Knights of lower rank, who were the majority, were impacientando and threatened to continue alone toward Jerusalem, leaving behind their leaders and their internal disputes. Finally, at the beginning of 1099, renewed the March towards the Holy City, leaving bohemond behind as the new Prince of the city. From Antioch, the Crusaders marched as towards Jerusalem, which was disputed between the Fatimids of Egypt and Turks of Syria, conquering some places more along the way.

In June 1099, finally, they besieged the capital, which fell into the hands of the Crusaders on July 15, 1099, unsuspected thanks to Genoese troops led by Guillermo Embriaco, had been directed to the Holy land on a private expedition. The capture of Jerusalem ended with one of the most appalling massacres that will remember. Fanaticism, or convinced naive to fulfil a duty killing others, He did not respect women, children, elderly, and even Christians who inhabited the city. One of the men who participated in the massacre, Raimundo de Aguilers, Canon of Puy, left a description for posterity that speaks for itself: wonderful spectacles shoulders our sight. Some of us, the most pious, cut the heads of Muslims; others made them white of their arrows; others went further and dragged them to the bonfires. In the streets and squares of Jerusalem they did not see more than piles of heads, hands and feet. Spilled so much blood in the mosque built on the Temple of Solomon, that the corpses floated in it and in many places the blood we came up to the knee.

Web Andalusian Ombudsman Chest

Consequently, due to the high demand for many services of our Community Fire to perform Course Method Chest, directly affecting the establishment and operational maintenance of the necessary and essential Canine Rescue Units, which would require the Department of Government, through the ESPA, is involved in the knowledge of the Method Drive Chest in all instances related to the rescue in both domestic and international disasters, especially in programs of cooperation set Andalusia. After studying the report submitted by the Directorate General on the matter and the allegations raised by the interested party recently, coinciding with the preparation of this Annual Report, in accordance with Art. 29.1 of the Act 9 / 1983 of 1 December, the Ombudsman of Andalusia, we decided to make the one to “Tip administrative organ in the sense of having the competent organs of the Ministry, is adopted as soon as possible initiative rules proposed for processing and approval in due form, for the approval referred to in the proceedings. This as stated in Art. 37.

j) k) of the Law 2 / 2002 of November 11, Emergency Management of Andalusia and the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia. And, according to the resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalucia for the non-legislative proposal relating to approval of Chest Method for training rescue dog units (BOPA No.. 378 Andalusia, 15 February 2006 Page No.. 21 243). At the time of preparing this Annual Report we have not received a reply on whether to accept the suggestion, reason why it will realize the outcome of our actions in the coming year. a Sources:, Andalucia24horas.TeletipoSurAgencia News Andalucia, official Web Andalusian Ombudsman. Jaime Parejo Garcia, Firefighter, Seville (Spain), scientific research on learning and search dog’s behavior is also considered an expert and instructor at prestigious international specialty canine rescue in disasters, awarded by examples with the First Prize for Research by the Royal Canine Society of Spain 1998 or Certificate of Distinction Award by the United Nations Sasakawa in 2005, recognizes the important global research and international teaching and scientific progress Chest Method for the reduction of disaster victims, in both cases the first Spanish man who is as relevant grant awards.

To date he has taken part in numerous incidents involving the burial of persons (earthquakes, landslides, explosions, structural failures) in Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan, El Salvador, Spain … conducting search operations in both exterior and interior of a confined space in collapsed structures. Formed, tested and officially certified to date, numerous police officers, firefighters, military … with or without dogs, a total of 17 countries with some seismic risk.

Santa Catarina

How much to the technological rendering of services and innovation, the Law authorizes to the ICT to give to the public institutions or private services directed to the innovation and the scientific and technological research in the productive environment. In this in case that, the server, the military man or the involved public officer in the rendering of services it will be able to directly receive pecuniary repayment, of the ICT or institution of support with that this has firmed agreement, always under the form of additional 0 variable and since that defrayed exclusively with resources collected in the scope of the contracted activity How much to the establishment of partnerships for the development of products and innovative processes, the Law affirms that it is authorized to the ICT to celebrate agreements of partnership for accomplishment of joint activities of scientific and technological research and development of technology, product or process, with public and private institutions and that the parts will have to foresee, in contract, the title of the copyright and the participation in the results of the exploration of the resultant creations of the partnership. 4. FINAL CONSIDERAES the regulatory landmark for technology transfer of the ICT for the companies are constituted of a set of norms, which, most excellent they are the Brazilian Civil Code, the Law of Industrial Property and the Law of Innovation. The norms, as well as the proper society, are dynamic and must advance in the direction to propitiate optimum environment for the integration between government, university and companies.

In this direction, a joint effort fits (in such a way of the companies, how much of the universities and government) to verify which is the gargalos staff to be loosers and which are the manifestations of resistance to this new way to see these relations. The knowledge cannot more confined being in the academy. It must esparramar itself in the fabric industrial productive and generate new products, processes and for consequence, development for the Country. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL. Law n 10,406, of 10 of January of 2002.

It institutes the Civil Code. Published in the D.O.U of 11 of January of 2002. Available in BRAZIL. Law n 10,973, of 2 of December of 2004. It makes use on incentives to the innovation and the scientific and technological research in the productive environment and of the other steps. Published in the D.O.U of 3 of December of 2004. Available in BRAZIL. Law n 9,279 of 14 of May of 1996. It regulates relative rights and obligations to the industrial property. Published in the D.O.U of 15 of May of 1996. Available in OAK, Peter E. of. Contract course of technology transfer slide. Florianpolis, 2009. Course presented in the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 12 jun. 2009. Available in INTERNATIONAL IT CENTERS WILL BE TRADE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (ICTSD). Climate change, technology to transfer and intellectual property rights. Trade and Climate Change Seminar, Copenhagen (Denmark), June of 2008. JONES, Charles I. Introduction to the theory of the economic growth. Rio De Janeiro: Elsevier: Campus, 2000 SBATO, Jorge. & BOTANA, Natalio. There future science y there technology en el desarrollo of Latin America.