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FB Emoticons

This short article aims to answer the greater possible amount of questions on the emoticons for Facebook to those persons who are unaware or are researching the topic. In addition to developing information related to the topic, like its origins, functions, installation process, advantages, among other points. The smilies are defined as small dynamic graphic applications (sometimes also contain sound) that have function to complement the written texts that are sent by the main digital media, these are: social networks primarily, instant messaging programs and traditional emails. The creation of these graphics applications have several decades, they began to use mass since the early 1990s when cellular mobile telephones and computers start arriving en masse at home to millions of people. In recent years, and thanks to social networks emerged the emoticons for Facebook, with a wide range of figures fun and entertaining. Now it has been thanks to its ease of use, diversity of options for sending figures graphics, etc. The smileys for Facebook are the latest and most modern utility that has been given to this type of applications, within this social network are used in the following ways: through the instant chat which is located on the corner of the page, the private and public messages on the wall of each profile. His popularity has grown since it breaks with the routine only send text, also figure graphic sent can be easily associated with a feeling of joy or fun: happy faces by removing the tongue, squinting one eye, smiling, giving a kiss, as well as objects of reality and imagination.

Among the advantages that you can purchase to install the emoticons for Facebook to your computer (computer) are: customization of messages to attach figures that complement the written text, automation of images with a single click, now won’t need to memorize you combinations so the emoticons appear as with the faces that come by default in this social network. Within the chat, to be instant and personal, at the time of writing is advisable to send from time to time during the conversation some of the emoticons for Facebook, since in this way the person who receives the messages will get a good impression of the original and funny it may be that talk, that it is visually appealing and elegant. The installation process of the smilies is quite simple and should not take more than a few minutes, you only have to download the main application page, close any web browser that you are using, run the program by clicking on it and expect to complete the process, once it is done, it is recommended that fits your preferences. Finally, we recommend that you download and install the emoticons to Facebook, you’ll be happy you and will see you recommend it to friends and other contacts that you have on list. It is free, only used by millions of users from different countries and endorsed by international companies of software as a product of quality.

Hairdressing Chain

leading chain of hairdressing and aesthetics in Spain and its artistic director, Marco Aldany, has collaborated with 505 Games in the launch of the game changes your LOOK, a study of portable styling for Nintendo DSi, with which you can completely change your style, a touch pen stroke and learn how to be a great stylist as Marco Aldany. To change your look, you are the protagonist of the video game, test on your image endless possibilities of hairstyles and makeup, without fear to see what their outcome will be. How? It is very easy! hazte a photo with your Nintendo Dsi and you can cut your hair, try colors and styles bold for your mane, get extensions, makeup up to 15,000 styling possible combinations until you find the image that more you favors and in addition, you can complete your look with different hair accessories. Accepts the challenge competing against the own Marco Aldany! Through an ambitious agreement of collaboration, Marco Aldany and company Digital Bros, in the coming weeks, they will organize a public contest that will have the game changes your look as the protagonist. Challenge Marco Aldany, thus called the contest will consist of compete creating different outfits with the game changes your look; the winners of this first test, will arrive at a final challenge: a test of makeover against Marco Aldany, artistic director of the eponymous chain, where will test his dexterity with the stylus and can win games, personalized look changes, bonds of beauty, etc. To participate, it is only necessary to sign up, completely free, in where will be soon more details of the mechanics of this contest as well as dates and salons Marco Aldany in Madrid and Barcelona where you have place the challenge. About Marco Aldany Marco Aldany, chain owned by The Chic Corporation group, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. .

URLs Scientific

In this process they are developed and applied techniques and digital strategies addressed to the satisfaction of the prescriptive comprehensive needs of the physician, as well as for the pharmacist dispensing the pathological problematic of patient-related. MONITORING and CONTROL DIGITAL promoting certain products via ON LINE shall be subject to the interplay of criteria of specialists since the use of standardized in many cases information is insufficient for specialist seeking to expand their scientific knowledge. The advertising of products which do not require prescription may be based on basic information that can be fed to users in an interactive way, always under the supervision of specialists. Patients in the near future will be to interact with their physicians obtaining these last few immediate practical advice before a full prescription, in this way digital strategies will be in function to patients registered for a given pathology digital platforms for physicians should be different from those designed for pharmacists, promoting complete for the first medical and pharmaceutical scientific information and pharmacological information with certain medical information. (Contraindications) for the latter, both should be easily navigable. The ideal is that those who build the format have clear that it is not common but specialized information that should make content management, which must be the result of thorough investigations. The amplitude of this must take into account that the purpose is to inform and not tiring to the medical user who normally don’t have time for great readings and has the mind overstuffed medical information.

Much of the medical information includes irrelevant advertising that only has a commercial purpose which damages the image of pharmaceuticals arousing distrust in them. The URLs must be easy to remember including a description of the type of platform, for example the specialty of the physician information. The construction of a box of balanced scorecard through cyberspace whose indicators must be in function of the pathologies versus sales. Investments in new strategic formulations, benefits in different international markets. Niche monitored digital markets, acquisition of medical opinion leaders through the implementation of digital platforms for exclusive specialty for doctors, where you can socialize professionally and get updated information about scientific work related or required by pathologies.

Marketing Manager

WTO, sae re-emphasizes with novel KIP Color 80, more productive printing system in the world LED color for sizes ISO/DIN A0. His outstanding performance presents an impressive low-cost per impression that allows a company to position itself as a leader in inkjet printing before exclusive markets. KIP Color 80 is a large format printer LED color which was designed for the realization and economic signage printing in large format with this equipment, WTO complements its portfolio of digital printing solutions. Our agreement with KIP for the distribution of the KIP Color 80 perfectly complements our innovative proposal of machinery and equipment for digital printing. We cover digital printing on sheet, congran versatility of media and format, UV Flat Bed printing and, thanks to KIP COLOR 80, signage large format printing, says Michel Madoz; Marketing Manager of WTO. It is the ideal and natural alternative for economic signage printing in large format.

Until recently, for formats A0 only could count on inkjet printing. KIP COLOR 80 comes to fill the gap that currently exists between the small print runs made in Plotter, and big Chuck, made in Offset. In addition, together with its professional RIP boiler, printers may have an excellent solution to the needs of large format graphic arts printing concludes Michel Madoz. Highlighting an operating speed of 210 meters per hour, is the only printer color production of large-format LED the world. With four automatic coil feeders ensures a continuous supply and constant productivity.

Its high speed of 210 meters per hour and productive power of up to 700 linear metres of paper or other material capability complement your glossy production. In addition, all of this at a very reasonable price (Kip Color 80), significantly lower than that of a printed page in an inkjet system. It is able to print a maximum of 91.4 cm wide, by a development of several meters, and can perform from posters, up billboards at competitive prices. KIP COLOR 80 supports several publishers, among them Matt paper of 120 to 160 grs., glossy photo paper, paper gloss 130 grs, Blueback, adhesive polyethylene white and translucent woven Vlies, polyester for backlight and self-adhesive materials. KIP Color 80 is a comprehensive solution for many large format printing tasks comprising all from architecture, engineering and construction documents, posters, signs, and photographic enlargements without sacrificing the quality or characteristics. Ideal for the realization and printing of small and medium-sized chucks of posters in large format, as hitherto, they being made with conventional ink technologies, but at higher costs (from 4 to 8 times more). The KIP COLOR 80, works with an ultra-fine Toner, which ensures exceptionally clear and detailed lines on prints full color CMYK. There are many graphics the copiers, printers, writers and professionals that you already want to benefit from this innovative printing equipment.

DocPath Document Solutions

Madrid, 20 July 2010 75% of Spanish workers claims print personal documents in place of work while only 25% of them do not. This is one of the main conclusions of the study by DocPath, leading company in manufacturing of software documentary, between the months of April and June 2010 for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises printing habits. While the majority of workers recognizes print documents of a personal nature in the Office, 43% of those polled would support the installation of a printing control system in the company for which you work. 24% Of respondents would see regular use of these applications while 22% would receive it as something negative and 11% considered it unnecessary. These percentages are a faithful reflection of reality.

Increasingly there are more organizations that are implementing systems that allow them to thoroughly examine what their resources are intended for printing, thanks to which manage to save costs, gain in productivity and develop a policy more respectful with the environment. Sustainable consumption policies which Yes makes it clear this report is that the Spaniards are gaining greater ecological awareness, which leads them to apply all kinds of paper-saving methods when they are printed. Specifically, 85% of respondents says use these mechanisms, especially the recycling of paper and double-sided printing. The average number of printed documents is quite variable, while 22% of respondents stated print about 10 documents per day. Figures ranging from 1 to ten document are the most quoted by consulted employees. This trend in the reduction of the impressions helps that incidents or problems with printers are minor and are placed in low numbers.

32% Of the participants in the study States not having any incidence per month with your printer while a % 24,48 acknowledges having only one. Although there is still long way to go and we must reduce to the maximum consumption of paper in offices, the truth is that the results of this study tested reliably greater ecological awareness in the Spanish employees. It seems that a good number of them are taking appropriate measures to save paper, having more controlled impressions and achieving a more sustainable environmental environment concludes Julio Olivares, DocPath founder and President. About DocPath DocPath is a venture capital firm one hundred percent Spanish, leader in document technology software manufacturing. Founded in 1992, it has its headquarters in Madrid, has two centres of development and is present with its solutions in companies around the world. Its international clients include renowned banks and corporations of frontline, which facilitates the complex and difficult task of design, generate and distribute their critical business documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to r & d, area destined that a good part of their income and in which lies one of the keys to your success. For more information, visit: DocPath and the DocPath logo are trademarks of DocPath Document Solutions. All rights reserved. Other trademarks may be property of their respective owners.

Miguelez Monroy Periodista

Animals non-rights holders and may not defend himself in the courts does not grant people unlimited rights on the nature or patent of corso to inflict unnecessary suffering. Some currents of neuroscience and psychology argue that the suffering is printed in the genes of the animals. If this were true, we could suffer consequences in health if we consume in excess products that come from animal suffering. The cruel death of animals is not only due to commercial interests. A few months ago, in Madrid, a political party expelled one of its members when it came to light a few images in which posed smiling with dead cats and bleeding, apedreados by him and a group of friends. Beyond of the anecdote, one might wonder about the moral dimension of a person who lacks empathy with living beings and have fun with their suffering.

Who does not care plants, its environment and animals, could really value human life? Much of the suffering of the animal species is caused by unsustainable development models that alter the natural habitats at speeds that prevent to the species adapt. Such is the case of the frog, the most threatened vertebrate animals of the world by deforestation, the disappearance of ponds where they live and by climate change. Or have also circulated by the world Power points with images of polar bears who see melt the little solid ground that is them. In the background lies a conception of life that places man against a hostile nature against which has to fight. After so many advances in science and technology, along with the demographic explosion of the last century, are a few places on the planet to conquer. Now that is celebrated the day of environment, should be repeated that it is not promoting an ecology that consider nature as an object outside of us when in reality we inhabit and we are all part of it. It’s an Ecosophy that future generations would appreciate.

Honda Electric

However, this car here described, does not yet exist or Tesla Motors is the manufacturer of this car. Even when Tesla Motors produces the car 100% electric, only 150 vehicles it sold in 2008, and plan to produce 1200 in 2009. The vehicle that they manufacture is two-seater sports and sell it at 109,000 dollars. In addition, even not using wind turbines to recharge batteries. Will note that the orientation of Tesla in the utilities that produce, and not precisely to serve the neighbor, nor to the planet. On the other hand, the strategy established by the automotive traditional manufacturers like GMC, Ford, Chrysler and Asians as the Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, is the enter with hybrid cars, they have internal combustion engines, in addition to the electrical part.

If the automotive plant in United States change every 10 years, then doesn’t make much sense enter hybrids then again switch to electric, since this very expensive resultarian for the planet. Even when he began to produce electric cars, there would be no sufficient production to eliminate internal combustion cars and will require 10 years of production to go growing electric population and decreasing the population of internal combustion. Currently required of employers and/or Governments that can develop wind turbine, to place it in a car or motor boats or sailing, to recharge batteries. It also requires that automotive factories changed its strategy to produce electric cars as more soon possible. Electricity-based automotive technology has very powerful enemies, as it is Exxon-Mobile, Chevron and all other multibillion-dollar oil. Also has the backing of the leading politicians in the United States, and probably in many other countries… By eliminating the energy cost of personal transportation, and inroads to eliminate the cost of terrestrial and maritime cargo transportation fuel, could boost the cost of products, freeing up resources to the inhabitants and Governments to improve other human aspects of health, education and improvement of food and raw materials producers. A social support strategy could also be established to mitigate the re-training of workers wishing to change to new industries.


The curriculum that is this by applying continuous framing traditional teaching, with efforts still bureaucratic, low times, forms spaces and set periods, flexibility seems to be on one side and the institutions responsible for the implementation of the curriculum continue turn a deaf ear to the requests of society that wants a change complete and widespread in all social aspects and under the paradigm of sociocultural with focus on flexibility, if we take into consideration to this educational event, will give us account that we must form a student critic, creative, reflective, which effectively to achieve their learning at the same time developing its capacity of understanding and expression, therefore the attainment of these objectives require the application of a consistent curriculum that differs from the one used in the past and let be theoretical to practicalcritical and social. From our point of view, as an educational asset we believe, that it is very important to consider all factors involved in the elaboration of the curriculum, such as the educational institution, the classroom, the teacher, etc. but particularly students since, is the link in our chain of social knowledge, farm Castro (1992) is one of the researchers who have thought about this situation, says that “while the student is the natural interlocutor of the teacher and the school institution recipienthas not come to constitute a field of study in its own right, as Yes it has happened with teachers, the curriculum, or the school as institution’; However, still need to know the student not only as receiver news content or educate student, but as a member and social subject of family with physical, psychological, economic and cultural characteristics that influence largely in their academic performance. The function that the primary school as socializadora for a society full of technology, science and industry and also around the curriculum has been investigated formal informal, similarly on how on how takes place everyday in the classroom and the guiding meaning of the Organization of the work by the teacher in the classroom.

China Companies

American hegemony in this time this in between said when China looks to international markets and as example of that are 1300 of appliances Chinese companies which it says that if they decide to merge until reaching only a number fifteen, serian the more of the world’s largest and hardly there would be competition for them. Today there are agreements between Venezuela and China which has allowed to venture into certain areas of technological development, one of them unprecedented was the launch of a space satellite built in China with training of professionals and technicians is this area, which if well managed and operated, insurance provide great benefits to Venezuela. Agreements like these open up the possibility that Venezuela has greater possibilities of access to technological development. These are the implications more direct we can observe to see as a developed country, with deep technology expertise and at the same time developing their culture, they can impact so positive in the development of other Nations. However in this order ideas mentioned in the article we can identify what are the weaknesses, opportunities, threats, strengths and possible suggestions for case analysis.Weaknesses in relation to China as to what business and politician, there is still the ghost of the bureaucracy, which has its roots well placed since the beginning of the Qin dynasty to Mao that lasted until nearly 2200 years and has been able to contain private initiatives. He is needed to reform the entire political-economic framework, due to that despite the economic boom, several of the most important banking institutions so far have been unstable. Chinese companies have made enormous progress, especially in areas of manufacturing, but progress has been limited in terms of developing their brands, intellectual property and distribution networks. Some Chinese companies get very small benefits locally because there is many markets trash that leave no added value to the country.