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Chronic Walls

He is not rare somebody to appeal the language figures to try to say of form that finds clear what it does not want or at least she does not have courage to say literally. Perhaps for education, tato that is which will be the form to nominate the reason, has people that they create its imaginary barriers, does not lower the guard and they do not confide for a situation that, who knows, could be interesting. I do not want to say that all the people are thus the time all and that this is characteristic of this or of that human being. In the deep one, perhaps, all we are or will be thus in some situation. I confess that I exactly admire the certainty of who ahead of any fact or situation if keeps frozen as if icebergs inhabited the most recondite places where is given credit to be the sensitivity of the humanity, at least in what respect is said lay we, such as heart, eyes and smile. Stranger is that as many times these same people if move or melindram with, says, lesser things, as joke of in such a way duvisoso taste, word not understood, but that they use as horses of battles to aggravate situations that nothing had of uncommon. Who we are we stop judging the form as other people face definitive situation. They are as many subjective criteria to evaluate itself: the context where the fact occurred, the emotional load of the people who give or receive the notice, involved physical or emotional pains in that it would be plus a simple urban picture, at last as where it is more than evident the complexity human being, who can move better for worse or no longer other as. examples then? It has situation in itself that the proper emotional load is dense barrier and if the person wants to get worse the things can yes and this depends on its intellectuality.

Great Mysteries

The night brings in its bulge great mysteries, it can raise the state of spirit of any alive being. People mrbidas in its recondite ones wait the sacred hour, this are the moment where the city sleeps and the mind wanders in the sea of the tranquillity, in the subconscious mind. Seeing the yearnings to arise and the calm that as many searches to overflow. At this moment she has a levelling of desires, utopias, between that they search the calmness in the enigmatic dawn and taciturna. The day is very blinding, showing with clarity the image of a being, to put does not see moreover, that is, we only can see the rind of the people and this in the blind person.

However the night is the perfection of the nature, therefore with this our directions are sharpened, start to hear, to enxergar, to listen and I smell to feel it of what it attracts in them. We obtain to see beyond the corporal wrap of the people. The thoughts and the soul we obtain to touch them. For this reason the dark, mysterious and dissocivel night is my only friend, true and faithful, therefore always at the moments of ardor greater always I can count on it, and always she will be ready to help me, in any place of the world. When the moment of our meeting Arrives, sees my buried desires excited you distress and them of the day. I silence it that meeting at this glorious moment leaves me inert e, as already I mentioned, my directions are more refined, my concentration is so great that I can block all the directions, leaving only one, this in turn functions with great intensity. I obtain to hear the whistle of the nocturnal guard that finishes to pass in my quarter I sing, it of a owl that sobrevoa my house.

Real Marriages

Probably after the commented real marriage more, after the one of Kate Middleton and Prncipe William it was of the parents of the fianc, Diana and Prncipe Charles, in 1981. It enters the commented item more is the dress of fianc of Diana and its beauty and youth at the time. This was considered the marriage icon of century XX, that unhappyly it did not have a happy end. Different of the marriage of Kate Middleton, Diana had noble origins and was married well new than its future daughter-in-law. The dress of fianc of Diana was commented and well typical of the decade of 1980, with bufantes sleeves.

The dress of fianc of Diana did not save in the opulence, with a tail of 7,5 meters. This was made of Tafet of silk, decorated with embroidered income by hand, lantejoulas and 10,000 pearls. Bouquet also did not save in the size, volumo, sufficiently different of well small Kate that used more modest dress and with bouquet. The marriage of Sarah Ferguson was another one that did not have happy end. It was married Andrew Prince in 1986.

It is as the son of the Queen Elizabeth II and had legalized the divorce in 1992. With the marriage, Sarah Ferguson received the heading from nobility of Duchess of York and the prominence of the occasion was fofssimo page, William Prince to the 5 years of age. The end of the decade of 80 the royalty did not only have no marriage, having the next one in 1994, of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, son of the rebellious Margareth princess (already dead), sister of Elizabeth Queen and, therefore, Lady Sarah is niece of the Queen. Lady Sarah if married a dress of fianc of georgette that it made fame of the estilista Jasper Conran and marked time. Instead of daminha of honor, it preferred to use ladies of grown honors and that they used white dresses (controversial of label, at least here in Brazil). There it are does not have this rigid label that says that the white is exclusive of the fianc. Another real marriage of the decade of 90 was of the heir of Greece (even so the monarchy is extinct there) Pavlos, with Marie-Chantal. They had known in a meeting the dark ones conspired by a friend and two years later them had decided to be married. It became the Orthodox Church and gained one endows with US$ 200 millions of the father to start the life. They say that the marriage was one of most expensive of the history of the royalty, costing about US$ 1,9milhes, of wharves 250 a thousand only are of the dress of fianc, signed for Valentino. The decade of 80 and 90 had marriages that they had been for history as icons of century XX as well as also, of the opponent marriages and also most controversial than they had resulted not so happy.


, he will be something that will give to immense pleasure and joy to all the safe ones. 25-E its doors will not be closed of day, because it will not have night there., 26-E it will bring the glory and honor of the nations. In this time where we live the nations are contaminated by all type of sin and males do not exist none that has escaped, can less be contaminated but she is not pure. But in the new nations it will have entire pureness, no badness, total security that as much longs for the peoples today but peace in way to the sin does not exist, in the new Jerusalem and in the new nations the complete peace will reign. 27-E will not enter in it thing some that contaminate, and comet abominao and lie; but only the ones that are enrolled in the book of the life of the Lamb. efsios 1:13 – 14 All the ones that for the faith and desire of a new life transformed for Jesus, today can also have its registration for the new nations and for the new Jerusalem, is enough to repent itself of its sins, to accept the Jesus as its Mr. and Salvador and to have at this accurate moment its name written in the book of the life, are attitude simple to believe and to accept what the Word of God tells and guarantees for its allegiance, who to make its decision really will be awarded and will have the fulfilment of everything what it is written, you believes. It today wants to confess its faith.

It reads this in its Bible. Isaiah 66:8 – 11 Who never heard such thing? Who saw things similar? It could be made to be born a land in one alone day? Would be born a nation of one alone time? But Sio was of childbirth and already it gave to the light its children. Would open I it madre, and he would not generate? you says; would generate I, and I would close madre? your God says. You rejoice you with Jerusalem, and you cheer to you for it, you all the ones you love that it; you full you for it of joy, all the ones that for it pranteastes; So that you suck, and you are satiated of the chests of its consolaes; so that you suck, and you delight in the abundance of its glory. We are the people of the future the new people of the thing also wants to be part of this people today.?

Albert Einstein

It is, ages, and you have to come: Judgment in the gift, the past and the future, because the Human being did not understand that it generated it to GOD in Its Perpetual Gift. The Law of GOD shows what it is, was, and has to come, to the Human being through the mouth of Its Prophets, for it if to defend of its proper levities. ‘ ‘ The distinction between past, gift and future is only one illusion stubbornly persistente’ ‘. Albert Einstein German Jewish Physicist.

THEY HAD SPILLED BLOOD Inasmuch as they had spilled blood Dos Santos and of the Prophets, also blood has given to them to drink, are worthy of this. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:6. Or the ones that had made dirty waters if congregate to clean them, or will take its dirtinesses. The science that became the water in blood has to clean it.

IN the DESERT OF SUR 22 – Moiss Made to break the Israel of the Red Sea, and had left for the desert of Sur; three days in the desert had walked and not they had found water. 23 After all, had arrived the Mara; however, they had not been able to drink waters of Mara, because they were bitter; therefore, Mara was called it. 24 and the people murmured against Moiss, saying: What we have to drink? 25 Then, Moiss clamou the Mr., and Mr. showed a tree to it; it launched it Moiss in waters, and waters if they had become candies. There it gave to them to statutes and an ordinance, and it proved there them. Exodus of Moiss, CAP. 15:22 the 25. In the Old Will of the Sacred Bible, JESUS already sample that everything has skill, therefore the bitter waters if become candies, that is, ready to saciar the headquarters of the People The ANGEL OF the ALTAR I heard of the altar another Angel who said: Certainly, Sir true and right GODS, Almighty, is your judgments.


To the times I ask why it will be that the human being is so coward at certain moments of the life. Because it will be that we silence in them when we would have to speak and we speak when we would have silencing in them? Many times we criticize, we point errors, we cry out and we make alardes, but when our time arrives to give one is enough in everything, simply we silence in them. We keep silent many times in exchange for privileges, for conveniences, or not to harm the family, the children, the friends, etc. But it would not have thus to be! While we act in such a way, the empire of impunity if fortifies and the society if it becomes each more different and unjust time. Martim Luther King translated this concern in its perfectly celebrates phrase: ' ' It worries what me is not an shout of the violent ones, nor of the corrupt ones, nor of the dishonest ones, nor of the ones without ethics.

What it worries more me is the silence of bons' '. On the other hand, many times the good ones if are silent, not for cowardice, nor for convenience, if they are silent for shame. Rui Barbosa, in a simple phrase, obtained to express of form fantastic what it is happening in our society, it reflects on what it said: ' ' Of in such a way seeing to win the nullities; of in such a way seeing to prosper the dishonour, in such a way seeing to grow the injustice. Of in such a way seeing the powers at the hands of the bad ones to exaggerate, the man arrive to discourage themselves of the virtue, to laugh themselves at the honor and to have shame of being honesto' '. One of the innumerable lies left by great Mestre and Salvador Jesus Christ, was of that never we would have ahead silencing in them of the lie and the injustice.

Insensato Soul

the Word of God shows to us perceivable distinction to it between both: ' ' Because the Word of God is Alive and Efficient, and more cutting of what any sword of two gumes, and penetrates until the DIVISION OF SOUL AND SPIRIT, and meetings and marrows, and is apt to discern the thoughts and intentions from corao.' ' (Hb.4: 12) As if he sees well, in this text the sacred author shows to us with clarity the distinction of the soul, the spirit and the body (as here together and marrows). The Word of God, for being Alive and Efficient, penetrates, passes, arrives until the DIVISION, the dividing line of the three elements. It still writes the Apstolo Pablo: ' ' the proper God of peace you santifique COMPLETELY; your spirit, and soul and body FULLY are conserved irreproachable for the coming of ours Mr. Jesus Christ. ' ' (1Ts.5: 23) To using the adverbs COMPLETELY and FULLY, Pablo knocks down for land the barren belief in the soul equality and spirit, as well as in the superiority of these on the body, because when Mr.

Jesus Christ to come back, in the Inefvel Event of the Parousia, It in them will find SANTIFICADOS COMPLETELY, and also FULLY CONSERVED, for its holy ghost To be able, our spirit, and soul and body. E, for the reason of the body to be substance, therefore subject to intempries of the life, that culminates in its death, does not mean that it is inferior to the soul and the spirit, therefore, exactly with all sensitivity and susceptibility, our body is temple, sanctuary, habitation of God (Rm.8: 9,11; 1Co.3: 16,17; 6:19; 2Co.6: 16; Gl.4: 6; Ef.2: 21,22; 2Tm.1: 14; Hb.3: 6; 1Pd.2: 5). when we die, what it happens with us, that is, with our body, soul and spirit? I believe that each one of us already witnessed the least a funeral and a burial, of form that we do not have the lesser difficulty in knowing for where our body goes: ' ' Of the sweat of your face you will eat your bread, UNTIL YOU BECOME the LAND, BECAUSE BY IT YOU WERE TAKEN; INASMUCH AS YOU ARE DUST, AND TO DUST TORNARS.' ' (Gn.3: 19) The body came of the dust, and toward it will come back there; however, before it being kept in the viscera of the land, the soul is asked for by God: ' ' But God said to it: Insensato, this night will ask for your soul to you; what you have prepared, for who will be? ' ' (Lc.12: 20).

Final Judgment

– She leaves to say me to it a thing, Alzira owner, is clearly that the Evil exists, because to deny the existence of the Evil, us we would have that to deny, also, the existence of the Good, that is of God. Only that the evil is not fruit of a external influence that a demon any inserts in the heart of the man. The good action, as well as me the action, is fruits planted and harvested by the proper man in its interior orchard. Each one uses the free-will in the way that to agree it e, if somebody decides to use it for the evil, this somebody starts to be a demon, therefore will propagate the disaster, will magoar the people and it will not measure the consequences of its> attitudes. But, God is not policing nobody, It waits that let us ripen and that good fruits germinate, therefore was for whom was created.

– But, its Joaquin, as justifies that a boy of fifteen years is so perverse, having generous and correct parents? – Alzira Owner, Mrs. alone goes to understand my explanation, if she will be able to admit that we are immortal beings. – Clearly that we are! Since that let us have a correct life. Because, thus being, we will revive in the day of the Final Judgment and we will be chosen to live perpetual to the side of God. – Ah, then, if we will not be correct, we will be destroyed? – This exactly. The mpios will be lead to the fire of the hell and the right ones will only inherit the Land. – Then it says a thing to me, Alzira owner. Say that either in the Final Judgment acquitted Mrs. day of and inherit the perpetual life, but, for questions that today it are unknown, its condemned husband either to the fire of the hell and, together with it, also its son.