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Central State

He walks slowly aiming always ahead. He observes some men and he thought that he was my companions, when one of them saw shout me: " " Chulo" " and I go off, by instinct it reacts and it unloads another one trafagazo that it gave him completely to two of them in the chest. I ran desperate and at that moment I felt that it flew by the air. A new explosion shook the forest. When I woke up was tied and they guarded several guerrillas to me.

Then I included/understood my sad reality: He was one of so many kidnapped that the guerrilla had and who thought to exchange with the government, the evil called " " prisoners military " ". As of that one moment I thickened the long list of the kidnapped ones of the CRAF. A chill crossed all my being. The vision of enjaulados men change before my eyes of violent way, now was I with chains in the feet, around my neck and in my hands, enjaulado like a rabid dog that it had terminated to several of his men. Now my life hung of thread, was at the mercy of which the Central State of the CRAF decided that to do with us.

My mind I become paralyzed like my body. My dreams had been truncated in the first day battle. I remembered friend and to so many that we had arrived at those places and that already were dead; knowing the luck the kidnapped ones it wishes to be dead. Today I turn six years locked up, gaged, being delirious, speaking in the nights only, seeing shades, to my companions who have revived inexplicably. My companions have isolated to me, say in low voice that I am crazy. I have spent nights and whole days obstinate to near wire, because that my friendly, those that died with me in combat are plotting a plan to remove to me from here and that soon he will recover my freedom.

Disseminator Eduard Punset

EP Conversar with Punset on the life and science. It will be emitted in November in the Catalan chain. The Catalan humorist Andreu Buenafuente will return to the east television autumn with a special program of two chapters in which she will entrevistar to the scientific disseminator Eduard Punset, and that will be emitted in November in autonomic chain Catalan TV3. Buenafuente, that recently put aim to its program of humor and interviews in lSexta, has announced that returns from occasional form to the television with a special program in which it will talk with Eduard Punset on the life and science. The Catalan comedian has made this announcement during the presentation of the new programming of Televisi de Catalunya (TVC) in which his return to the television has become the surprise of season 2011-2012. Meanwhile, the Catalan presenter, who soon will return also to lSexta, kept awake at the end of August that has in hand " several proyectos" , including " comedy program that is around ours espectadores" , according to personal Web wrote in its page showman published then a information in which, after going to his followers with his habitual sense of humor, it gave some detail of his return to the national television after the march in June of ' Buenafuente'. " We in hand have several projects (in which I am implied), that they will see luz&quot next; , Andreu Buenafuente kept awake to continue adding between jokes that " you will not get rid so easily of me. I feel more in form than ever ".

In fact, after the announcement in May of the cancellation of its famous one it annoys show, lSexta also informed that the Catalan presenter will continue bound to the chain for the next season in a new format in which already was working. It will return Indeed to the Sixth with a program comedy, the humorist made specific in its Web that is immersed in " comedy program that is around our spectators " in order to count " by where one abre to step the life and gente". " Because the comedy, as always, continues being the best key abrir to doors and minds. And, of step, rerte a little that good lack does &quot to us; , it emphasized the presenter, who made some references in his information to the present crisis. The program of humor and interviews ' Buenafuente' , a symbol of the chain, the past took leave of the spectators month of June after four seasons to lSexta and, previously, other two in Antenna 3 Source of the news: Buenafuente returns to TV3 next to the disseminator Eduard Punset

Graduate Area Faces

In Cuba, my gratitude and solidarity, he said. Emotional moment of the Special Summit of ALBA was listening to Evo, President of Bolivia, who came to this event after winning a war in his country, for his people. Although the occasion was propitious to recall the days when he was to strike and to denounce the assassination attempts against his person, devoted most of his speech to talk about the great challenges that lie ahead for the member countries of ALBA, which do not can afford the enemies of revolution and our people to endanger the construction of a different society, rather that worry and deal with the great majority excluded for years. Drawing on what happened in Bolivia, Evo proposed the creation of Human Rights Council to denounce such actions ALBA and defend. Another of his proposals was linked to Cuba.

With the humility that characterizes him, he asked permission to give a kind reading of the Declaration of the Friends of the Island to participate in the Summit of the Americas, which require the immediate lifting of the blockade imposed by successive U.S. administrations. If Obama said, wants to have the support of everyone, as does Cuba, has to respect the UN resolutions, have to lift the blockade. It also mentions the statements of Fernando Lugo, president of Paraguay, l special guests of the Summit, who said that in America we are in a new era, ESOMAR genuine authors of our destiny and no country in the world we can judge . We believe in the integracionu. The fact that the first day of the Special Summit of ALBA, which was last held in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cumana, adds confirmed, first, that only unity among our people making further progress in building the great country that Bolivar dreamed of, and second, Cuba has not only with the support and solidarity of the member countries of the mechanism of integration, but also the vast majority of nations in the world.


They seem to lack social politics and you provide necessary for its stability. The action of to age is part of the biological cycle of the life, constitutes a set of modifications in the functional structure of the human body taking the individual to a systematic succession acting only in one alone direction, that is, the organic desestruturao. It is a continuation that surrounds genetic, determinative inheritances hereditary as the destruction of the environment, the age of the individual, type of feeding, workstation and habits of life. Beyond these aggravations, exist other conditions given the social context where the individual belongs affecting its health and its life. The process to take care of of the elderly in family is subordinated to the incorporation of the linkings stops with the proper family, to be able to make use of the proper goods, at any point or different situations perhaps even in the proper way of if relating with the aged one.

To take care of of aged in the context of the family is presumed changeable partner-demographic. One knows that the society passes for metamorphosis in its forms of disposal weighed in the familiar organization, because where the family contemporary restricts each time more the woman, husband and children, even excluding any kinship. who suffers is the aged one that it is felt dismissed of good substances and the affection of the family. Oliveira declares that in the proper social context in which the aged one is victim of discriminations, it she also passes if to feel acuado e, as consequence, loses the initiative and motivation. Valley to stand out that the main subject that involves the Statute of the Aged one is the protection to the individual in its process of aging, the support and the assistance. The articles of the Statute of the Aged one inform and guide on all the familiar duties, of the government, the institutions and each person for attention to the support and the cares of the aged one.

American Association Phonographic Industry

Over the past two months, a group calling itself "Anonymous", associated with the forum 4chan, a distributed denial of service (DDoS-attacks) on the website of the Association of American cinema, the American Association Phonographic Industry, the magazine "Hustler" rocker Gene Simmons, the British Association of Producers of Phonograms and other organizations in France, Australia, Spain and other countries. DDoS-attacks carried out by directions to the site of a large flow of traffic, which leads to overload servers. Although the last attack of 4chan was held last week at the site of the Office for the Protection of the U.S. Copyright, the source alleges that representatives of the fbi seems to have begun to ask questions before the event. However, after the attack on the site of the Office for Copyright Protection, fbi agents began working closely with numerous organizations, whose websites were attacked.

At one time, attacks group "Anonymous" was subjected to the Church of Scientology. This happened in January 2008, after which one of the participants a 20-year resident of , Brian Thomas Mettenbrink was sentenced to imprisonment for one year for taking part in attack on the site of the Church of Scientology. Later, another participant, Dmitry Guzner, 19 years old, from Verona, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to hacking into the computer system, was convicted of involvement in the organization of a distributed attack Denial of Service (DDoS-attack) on the site of the Church of Scientology to imprisonment for a period of 366 days and two years probation after his release from prison. The court also ordered that the Church Guzner paid 37,500 dollars in As compensation for the damage. Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, is a worldwide religious movement with more than 8,000 churches, missions and groups in 165 countries. The church and its members dedicate much time and effort many humanitarian programs that Scientology has become known around the world, including programs to combat drug addiction, immorality, illiteracy, and human rights violations. When Using materials /

Perpetual Life

YOU HAVE THE WORDS OF LIFE ETERNA’ ‘ (id.v.68) Here it is the abismal difference: While the multitude searched the Jesus to-somente to receive from it material blessings: ‘ ‘ Jesus answered to them: In truth, in I say you to truth you search that me, not because you check signals, but because you ate of the bread and you saciastes. You work, not for the food that perishes, but for the food that remains for the Perpetual Life, which the Son of the Man will give to you; therefore in this, God, the Father, printed its selo.’ ‘ (id.vv.26, 27); while the multitude searched the Jesus to-somente to receive from it material blessings, to the true they searched disciples to hear it the Words of the Perpetual Life. Here it is the abismal difference! Perhaps it is not thus in our days? The religious megatemplos are not pressed together of people to-somente in search of miracles and material blessings? However, without the stamp of the legitimate evanglica conversion, these milagrentas and sequiosas multitudes of material prosperity slide in tobog of mercenary the education leavend of its guru..

Interpersonal Relations

Such we can to refer you human beings and to their interpersonal relationships. Key words: interpersonal relationships, human being, educator and student. Introduction> Ahead of the complexity of the social relations, in a world where what it matters many times are to have and it not to be, one creates difficult barriers to be tranferred for the human being in the construction of a better, more human being and less conflituosa society. We are born, we grow and we die compromissados ones with the others.

We need the interaction to search our accomplishments personal, what it also finishes influencing the other in such a way of positive form how much of negative form, therefore we are social beings. The quandaries and paradigms of the current society, involving human behavior, vehicles of communication, ethics and technology are boarded in this article of form to reflect on the necessity to use to advantage with wisdom the resources offered for the world, mainly in the technological questions, to keep our relations social healthful and worthy to be lived. At as a moment, this work approaches the relations and the learning interpersonal. For if dealing with a subject that will not be depleted with this reflection, article analyzes on the urgency, each bigger time, of a change in the look on the educational process. The principal actors: professor and pupil, together in a relation based on ethical, moral values and over all responsible, allow in them to believe a better world. This look differentiated in the based educational process in the diversity, but over all in the proximity pupil/professor, creates a dynamic action and communicative capable to construct a society of the knowledge that has taken in consideration the human being as it is: he exempts and capable. The human being Leaving of the idea of that we are social beings and that we need the conviviality with other people to construct our identity, as well as interacting with the world to ours, is observed that this exercise, of sociability is much more dynamic and complex of what is thought.

Brazilian Flag

It was the first constructed building to spread out to the world the call Religion of the Humanity. It organized knowing human being, established in science, without theological or Metaphysical chimeras, it distinguished the abstract knowledge from the science of the concrete knowledge of the technology, classified sciences: Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology and Moral or Positive Psychology, completing the enciclopdica scale, by means of the foundation of the two last ones. (CHURCH POSITIVISTA IN BRAZIL, 2010). The pretension of the positivista speech found received in the Militarism, that if it used of its proposals to legitimize to the dictatorship and wars in which Brazil participated. In the height of the military civilization the estimated one? Itself vile they pacem for bellum? if you want the peace, you prepare you for the war, based the nationalism, celebrates it phrase ‘ ‘ It loves it or it leaves-o’ ‘.

Amongst the illustrious adepts of the religion if it finds Benjamim Constant, that in day 15 of November of 1889, was recognized as founding of the Republic of Brazil. You already if asked why you are written Order and Progress in our flag? The author of our Flag was apstolo of the Humanity Raymond Teixeira Mendes, based on the religious principles of the Humanity in the formatting of the Brazilian Flag: Its basic motto is ‘ ‘ The Love as a matter of principle and the Order for base; the Progress finally ‘ ‘. Its basic rules are ‘ ‘ To live for outrem’ ‘ ‘ ‘ To live to claras’ ‘.

Air Force

The Chinese have, have years, attemped to get an aircraft carrier. After frustrated attempts to construct one, they had opted to buying the incomplete Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag that, in turn, he had removed before the sales all sensible technology that already had been installed, what it limits the operation possibilities. The boat was bought to changed itself into a park thematic floating platform. It is improbable, therefore, that the Varyag comes if to become operational at least before 2018. India, for example, in contrast of the Chinese, already operates has some years an acquired aircraft carrier of the United kingdom and is acquiring another one of the Russia, that will have to be operational in middle of the next decade. The Chinese also do not make use, in contrast of the Russians, cruisers of missiles, boats that would be capable to make front to the force-task of aircraft carrier of the navy of the United States.

In the last few decades if he has become latent the incrementao carried through in the capacity of amphibious landing on the part of the Chinese forces. This if must mainly due to eventuality of a war in the Strait of Formosa, what it would request extensive landings. Consequentemente, the capacities of regional projection of the navy are being developed. The missiles of cruise in operation in such a way in the navy, how much in the Air Force or the army Chinese they are, in its majority, of inferior capacity to the operational ones in the Ocidente or Russia. The cruise missiles anti-ship, although to possess characteristics of flight in low altitude, are slow and possess limited reach. Moreover, some possess inefficient systems of orientation, as well as the missiles developed for attack the targets in land. Being thus, as much the missiles anti-ship how much the anti-surface can be intercepted with bigger easiness for the modern existing systems of defense in such a way in land how much on board military boats.

Text Translation

Therefore, the Committee would have to treat the data to which it only has access according to the dispositions of article 64,1 of ET, since it used in case them for any other purpose different from the correct unfolding and control of the labor relation it would harm article 4,2 of the LOPD. The spreading of the corresponding information on the part of the organs of the representatives of the workers by any means would not be authorized either since the publication of the information could imply the cession of data protected by the arranged thing in article 11 of the mentioned Law. In addition, it would have to take responsibility in adopting the necessary measures of technical nature and organizativas that they guarantee the security of the personal character data and avoid his alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to that they are exposed, or come from the human action or of physical or natural means it conforms establishes article 9 of the LOPD and its norm of development. move..