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Scholastic Forms

No longer it is considered that the reading capacity is something that is acquired in the childhood during the first years of schooling. Rather she sees herself like a set in evolution that includes a series of knowledge, abilities and strategies that the people are constructing with the years, according to the diverse situations that live and by means of the interaction with their companions and the most extensive communities in those than 9 participate (PISA, 2003, p 108). the clarity of intentions in this matter will allow to align the different elements from the educative process: the curriculum, as much in the restricted sense of specific curriculum of the language area, like in the amplest sense of the opportunities of development of language and architectural that require the other disciplines, the training equipments including text books, the books of support for the teachers, the classroom libraries. The forms of organization of the educative system including the scholastic libraries, the centers of technology and means in the school, the forms to educate and to support the professional development of the professors including the opportunity at the same scholastic centers of which the professors meet for discussing the performance of his students and to examine its own practices pedagogical, the forms to administer to the schools and the educative system, the forms to evaluate not only the advantage of the students, but also the impact of the training programs, and the forms in which professors Facilitan the learning of the students, that is to say, the instruction and the pedagogy. The interest in the learning can improve if it exists a change in attitude on the part of the educational ones in front of the process, but that is a well-known change, where it moves away the negative idea that that the students do not want to learn and to formulate a plan of personal improvement of car reflection that contributes positive results in the development of its practices pedagogical.

A Reason To Dream

Today I walked for a obscure place, a dark and empty street. I always had fear of walking alone in dark places, more today I I did not feel, therefore I know well that he folloied me to an angel. Walking in this dark and desert road, I looked at the sky and was pretty, with few clouds and very covered with star. Today the moon did not appear. Vi some shining points walking, something as stars taking a walk, but were simply the consequence of our technology. I looked at front and vi more shining points blinking, vacant-fires demonstrating that still something exists true, a consequence of God in our lives. More the front, I walked, even so the street she was still more dark, it continues exactly thus and without fear.

I did not stumble, does not fall, nor I hurt myself in plants, animals or any thing that were in the way. When I folded the esquina of that empty road and dark, vi something esplendoroso, the biggest star that has in the sky smiled pra me. I was magic with that art of God, seemed that it to hug wanted me attracts, me strong, seemed that it wise person who needed one hugs. I continued walking and the star shone so strong that at that moment I felt that was a signal. The dream does not finish while the life is not gone.

In the deep one of the soul I perceived that it to say wanted me not to lose the hopes in some points of the life. It had never seen something so pretty and so playful. A true lumen of the nature. To the times the truth is in the eyes of who more almost always sees we looks for to hear other people, to ask for an advice, as a way to alliviate the weight of the guilt for our proper acts. God said people not to give heard what many say for there, why it to them always will walk with us. In this small instant where I only walked, I saw of some form that always will have a reason to love, to dream and to have hopes, although the dark quo is the road for where you walk. He never believes God he will only leave you, he is enough to trust it and you never will stumble, never go to fall, only leave yourself to guide and you will reach that shining star great e, that dream that she searchs so vigorously, you only need to turn the esquina and to move route of its way.

The Theory

The Theory of the Company The company, or better, theory of the company were initiated in 1942 in Italy, when a new system of regulation of the economic activities of particular appeared, widening the scope of incidence of the Commercial law, passing the activities of on rendering of services and to the land if to submit to the same commercial, banking, securitrias applicable norms to and the industrial ones. It was called, therefore, the new system of disciplines of the private activities of company theory. ‘ ‘ Thus the commercial law, in its third evolutiva stage, leaves to take care of of definitive activities (of merchandise) and starts to discipline a specific form to produce or to circulate good or services, empresarial’ ‘. (RABBIT, 2008, pg. 5) 2. Concept of Entrepreneur ‘ ‘ Entrepreneur is defined in the law as professional exercente of economic activity organized for the production or the circulation of good or servios’ ‘ (CC.

Art. 966). Therefore, he will not be entrepreneur, that one that episodicamente to organize the production of certain merchandise, destining it exactly for sale in the market. The entrepreneur in the exercise of the enterprise activity must contract employees, therefore they are these that produce or make to circulate goods and services, this materially speaking. If the entrepreneur is exercente professional of an organized economic activity, then company is an activity, and enterprise activity is, therefore economic, in the direction that it searchs to generate profit for explores who it. The company also is activity organized in the direction of that in it if they find articulated by the entrepreneur the four factors of production: capital, man power, insumos and technology, therefore who is not entrepreneur explores activity of production or circulation of good or services without some of these factors. 3. Public company A company is considered opened when it promotes the palcement of securities in stock exchange or the over-the-counter market.

School Of Management Thought

Carlos Mora Vanegas The dynamic behavior of the current economic scenarios, present very proactive, where many of them are threats, weaknesses, strengths, but also great opportunities, which should be used by business schools, especially national those concerning Venezuela, the case that concerns the University of Carabobo. For several years, has been in the school a significant decline in their academic excellence, and where poor performance is noted that there has been in favor of training, training of graduates in management, that have no knowledge required to meet the challenges, threats and opportunities that presents the national stage, especially with all the actions of government willing to institute the XXI Century Socialism, as well as global economic performance, which in the present, shows a very significant crisis in finance for many countries, so as not to be affected seriously, are looking for ways on how to cope. Commitment has been neglected, the role that the school should play with the professional training of academic excellence backed with modern knowledge has created administrative science and the tools to make way for changes, changes required to face the great challenges, turbulence that constantly manifest themselves on the national stage. Have you noticed the absence of authorities proactive, visionary, committed to maintaining a school with the support of an academic quality of the modern self. Improvisation is noted by the authorities in giving direction to people who are supported more by friendship, commitment, power groups, academic family. This represents a significant cost on academic excellence.