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The Transference

Moreover, this work presents a method that allows to evaluate and to compare different strategies of preservation. The narrative focus of the text is on preservation and longevity of the digital material, therefore it loads obtains a structural problem that at risk places the longevity of the digital information. It leads in account that the digital document can have some copies without losing the quality. But, for having the technological dependence each more necessary time, it becomes also vulnerable the digital document the fast obsolescence the one that the technology always presents although to add new forms of demonstration. The main chapters are divided in subjects as: the main strategies of digital preservation that if subdivides in sections on technology preservation, cooling process, emulation, migration/conversion, migration for analogical supports, update of versions, conversion for competing formats, normalization, migration the order, distributed migration, encapsulamento, the rock of digital Rosetta. It has other chapters as directories of formats, authenticity, goal preservation information, evaluation of preservation strategies, and synthesis and conclusion. On the technology preservation, it consists of the conservation of the technological context, through the conservation and maintenance of all the necessary hardware and software to the correct presentation of digital objects. It is treated, over all of the creation of technology museums.

The cooling process section is the platform change, that is, the transference of one information physical support of storage for the other most current one before the first one if spoils or if becomes irremediably obsolete. In the Emulation, the author if relates to the use of a software, assigned emulator, capable to reproduce the behavior of a platform of the hardware and/or old software, in the one other most current one. In this technique, installs a emulator-software in the current computer that has current and new architecture, so that the current machine reads and works the old platform.

Human Disturbances Reflected in Art

This is because – as is already recognized by science – any disease or illness that occurs in humans is reflected in the first place changes in the points and energy flows in the affected person , and then be reflected in the art. Thus, one can observe a result of these imbalances, the emanation of light manifests with certain colors or greater force prevails over the other, allowing you to identify the type of stone disease and diseased organs are to be found, being such colors located in the themselves. But not only has medical utility, can also be used to see if the status of a person is upset, if you lie, or do not profess to have so much love as he says his partner, and it is possible to know through the color of the aura, that will be altered with respect to normal.

So using the Kirlian camera, it is possible the continuous monitoring of the human aura, and therefore know its exact evolutionary state, in its different facets: spiritual, emotional and physical. This is so because the color of the aura is not permanent, that is, changes according to mood of the person, so a given color at any given time, such as purple, does not indicate that the person in question is highly elevated spiritual level, but if your mood is undergoing major changes to the spiritual theme. This is how you can track all the different levels of the human aura, to be compared through Kirlian photography, different aura color shades.

Surviving Work

1. Diversify your portfolio An agency, unless you only work with you, not all customers. And almost all agencies have peak workloads and customers. Send your CV with sample translations (be careful with confidentiality) to multiple agencies and make your doors. 2.

Notice one time "I'm at home, work when I want" yCuantas times we say this? So many ears hurt already. yQue problem? You just being in front of the computer more hours and less productive. Remember not to be more hours in front of a computer or going to work harder going to translate more words. 3. Plan your day to day: Once you have managed the scheduling, Plan ahead a day to day with their hours of translation and its minute break: From 10:00 to 11:00 answer email from 11:00 to 11:15 cafelito and cigarette …

4. Rest between tasks. Only you know your rate of translation, but requires breaks your rhythm. Make them. Do not smoke while you're in the middle of a document or do not take coffee at the computer. If you are pause, do it, rest your eyes and mind. You can take the opportunity to do small chores, which are always welcome. Ojo, we are not talking about being 20 minutes of rest, but five minutes at most. 5. Check your work before sending it, review it again. Keep your checklist prepared for the translation is 100% reliable and definitive. Some points you should include whether or if: Monitor does not contain spelling mistakes.

Prodigy and Invention

It is also known that at 19 years of age, Rimbaud, lose-no one knows why. Two powers were attributes his great genius, one, the loss of the ability to see. It had been a seer who perceived reality with eyes that are not ours. It actually says that transmuting universal for anyone that was merely an ordinary sense. It seems that unfolded, it depersonified at will.

The other, to discover a language find a language that is clearly understood in the paragraph of his extraordinary letter from a clairvoyant, lets assume humanity and even animals, to feel, touch, hear their inventions. Bear in mind also that Rimbaud had dreamed of a language we all understand, that say it all, that is a universal language and preternatural. This creative source, in the course of five years stopped and it appears that their gifts have disappeared, and Morand said the poet has begun to see a tree as a simple tree, the boat is just a boat instead of a school of drums made by the archangels, is a factory. Everything then seems to indicate that Rimbaud has preferred silence and leave us with a mark as a testimony to his resignation. Jesus David Curbelo gives us the respect that the paradigm for the surrender of what is Rimbaud's poetry: the child prodigy that between twelve and twenty years he wrote poems that shudder the foundations of Western opera to collapse and then left the literature to find the freedom to be normal, something he was forbidden from the position of genius, a visionary and prophet. In several previous articles I discussed the case Rimbaud, especially in addressing the issue of exile ("The Exile and the Kingdom"), the prose poem ("cursed caste) and the need to break ('With the Devil the body), so refer to them not to repeat the argument of silence as a self-annihilation, as imitation of the original fall, as a holocaust of the poet who longs to meet its delivery the absence of God. An excellent example of the dichotomy-silent pride. And a flood of speculation: what would the Western poetic expression without the contributions of Rimbaud? What would have happened if the young fool not withdraw completely to the literary life and writing?, Did appear one days previously unpublished the dealer Rimbaud in Abyssinia, or does will end up to learn on good authority that it remained a fevered ephebe whom he Verlaine drafted, so that his signatures and thus achieve his side keep feeding him the vanity, that disparate pieces, go contradiction, were infinitely superior to the old poems that Paul wrote under his own name? A novel character of the novel of the Poetry.

Emotional Intelligence

"When you feel an emotion that we dislike, such as fear or anger, we want to control it to disappear. But that only intensifies. The road is to help you mature. " Levy Norberto Control is one of the strategies we use to deal with the emotions with which we feel uncomfortable, such as anger, fear, helplessness, frustration, insecurity, among others. When we silence the voice control of our emotions. There are many ways of controlling emotions. We rationalize, repress, deny or simply trying to turn them off, in case we become too threatening. But the result of this "disciplined effort" to control the emotions, is the emotional insanity, loss of contact with the self, the inauthenticity, the disintegration of the soul.

To deny or repress "unwanted emotions" like fear, sadness or anger, will not disappear, even "discipline and control" is used up. Continue this in our lives, but speaking to other forms, such as body stiffness, insomnia, addiction, lack of spontaneity, uncontrolled eruption of the traits and feelings under control, compulsiveness in some of our actions, functional degradation of the vital sequence of our communication (perception – feeling – expression). Emotion is energy generated by our body and which by its nature seeks to express. Now the energy, physical principle, is not destroyed but transformed. So it is with emotion when avoiding repress expressed through tears, words, laughter, etc.

.., is transformed into diseases such as gastritis, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, cancer, among other diseases, insanity or psychological as guilt, depression, anxiety, etc. The key to expertise in managing and expressing emotions is not to deny them or control them, but to allow flow, which does not mean that if, for example, are angry (a) your spouse, give vent to your anger hurt him, or transgress boundaries and rights, but rather to let you report your emotion is going on with you, and then decide how to treat it as more secure and productive. The implicit idea is that of "emotional judo" which is to see emotion as a force that seeks to express a need for the body and try to absorb the energy or force (flow with what you are feeling – to acquire full consciousness) and help (not block it, control it) to complete his move, using his strength to continue his way, instead of blocking it, causing us to lie down or overwhelm. On the other hand, release the energy that usually use to suppress emotions cause a huge flow of vitality which is manifested in the form of relaxation, creativity, satisfaction and personal power. There are three metaphors that can serve to illustrate the handling of emotions. One is to compare the excitement with a water well contained, repressed, no movement, which is equivalent to control / suppress emotions. What about the water in such conditions? Naturally rot, lose vitality. The second metaphor is that of an tsunami, whose violence of water, destroys everything in its path, causing death and devastation, which is equivalent to give free rein to our emotions without measuring consequences, so that we become servants of our emotions, hurting others and ourselves and interpersonal conflict saturating The third metaphor is that of a hydroelectric dam that allows water to flow, yet to be channeled for productive purposes. This is the image I want to make fresh emotional when talking about judo. Bibliography: Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Javier Vergara Editor, 1996 Martin Doris Boeck and Karin, What is EQ Emotional intelligence, Edaf, 1997

Inventions and Dedication

Throughout our lives, we have used many objects that often do not know what has been its origin, there is a lot on the market, sia cualesa slab we start to list them would never end, but it is worth to mention a some of these inventions that one way or another we have made life easier for product A as a star this category are a disposable diapers, upon which date a la World War II, is that this ends soon after a woman from Indiana, a he got the idea to sew a type absorbent material (paper) to A plastic cover from a shower curtain, this invention patented it and called float, because the child stay dry without rash. a invented this woman was not supported at first, and it was not a Victor Mills, who found it useful if appropriate, creating a la Pampers diaper brand, which belongs to the companies to Procter & Gamble, is currently a label has a 31.5% market share compared to its closest competitor Huggies brand company Kimberly Clark, who has a 22.3% market share. a The second innovative product is for the shampoo and hair conditioners, tile cualesa cosmetologoa were created by a named Jheri Redding, who owned a beauty salon, and it occurred to create a line of products for hair care , his invention was much more beyond a since dedicated himself to creating complete product lines that today the market leader, this is the case of Redken Laboratories, who was acquired by L'Oreal, Nexxus a, among others. .

iPod Sales

There are already 100 million iPods sold in about five years, more or less Aque awful! … You should see her face to sell 100 million units of a music player in such a short time, why are so happy and proud Apple a even more proud because that was their prediction when the product launched and sold the first in late 2001, if I remember correctly, presenting it as a sort of extension of the Macintosh computers that allowed the recording and playback of songs. I have to clarify that I do not have neither the oldest version of this machine that by now you have multiple versions or generations, plus a few additions such as software and music and virtual stores is that the fewer things you have to watch for I feel calmer because I'm very confused. The only way to imagine the 100 million units today are music filling the lives of its owners is to think, to say a lot, 100 million Chinese people filling the square Tien An Men (and possibly its neighboring streets, which is not so large square), each dancing to their music at a private party and individual … and yet it is difficult to imagine, (or it will be more?) . To get an idea of the magnitude of this figure, in more prosaic terms, (is that really impresses me) for 12 years I managed a bakery, from the wide range of bakery products it sold, which we call here in Venezuela a pan than lochaa , was the most popular and inexpensive, this bread is made and sold about 2400 units daily so after these 12 years were sold …

What Every RSS Site Needs

RSS or Really 'Simple Syndication "is not just for blogs and news sites. Every website can benefit from this newly popular technology. Syndication The term is what throws a lot of people off the track. Syndication items is as news, right? It may well be. But think so.

If you had a brick and mortar store and decided to lead a new product line, how do people know? You could advertise of course, but with no alternative better is to send a press release to the local newspaper. The business section can lead to your ad for free. Now back to our cyber-shop in the virtual space. If you add a new website, or make substantial changes existing pages, how to let your customers (both former and future) know? You can send an email to their old clients, but the spam-blocking software will prevent half of them to get your message. And track mailing lists, unsubscribe requests and address changes is nothing less than a nightmare.

Instead, send a press release through RSS. Interested customers will have their observation programs newsreader for your ads, and receive the news as soon as you send it. The announcement will include a link to the new or changed, and your customer can click on it if interested. It is true that unless you click through that could read a message from you – but those who do reach your site in a more receptive frame of mind. And email readers still need to access your site to see the new page anyway. If you make additions or frequent changes in your site you must have its own RSS feed.

Head Company Quality

This is one of the important elements of quality: make sure that all employees at their places of actual use regulations and other documents, and the degree Documentation should be such that an employee in the workplace had all the necessary information. Requirements for documenting a lot. The main thing to ensure the use of relevant information, even after the changes and prevent the use of obsolete documents. Developing at an early stage a similar procedure in the future all the descriptions of the remaining processes should be carried out in accordance with it. Further, we assume the introduction process approach in the Company. Drawn map of the processes determining the owners of processes, metrics, and in turn, each process is described in the Company. Simultaneously, implemented and mandatory requirements iso 9001 for each process.

According to the results obtained by the introduction that virtually the entire management system is documented, implemented a process approach, implemented almost all of the required quality system elements: this requirement in the planning, documentation, analysis, procurement, design, requirements for manufacturing, etc. When all the requirements put in place, the final stage is to set a framework for continuous improvement quality system. One of these elements – these are internal quality audits, regular inspection activities. The results of the audits help to see "where" and "that" in the Company is not so, to identify bottlenecks and understand where you want to send efforts to improve quality. Even those elements are concepts such as "corrective and preventive action." These are the elements that aim to ensure that undesirable actions are not repeated again after their identify either never appeared. As a result of Head Company receives an integrated management system of the Company, which laid the foundations for its constant improvement and aimed at Preventing the spread of substandard products or services to consumers. The key to successful implementation of management systems at the 95% is the desire of senior managers. A self-introduction is carried out in several stages and usually takes from six months to a year.

The History Of The Creed

Creed is a North American band grunge formed in 1995 in the Tallahassee city. After in such a way touching in local bars, the band it decided that it was in the hour to record a record. ' ' My Own Prison' ' it was launched in the year of 1997 and had its production defrayed for the proper members of the band and its relatives. Thanks to this ousadia of the Creed, them they had obtained a contract with a recorder. Since in less of one week the independent album it vendeu about 5000 copies. Recorder Wind-Up Records was made an impression and relaunched the COMPACT DISC, now reconstructed digitally. In one turn North American the band emplacou in first place musics ' ' Torn' ' , ' ' My Own Prison' ' , ' ' What' s This Life For' ' ' ' One' '. Musics of the Creed contained thematic a dramatical one, arriving even though to be depressive at some moments, therefore perhaps called the attention as many young.

With the success, ' ' Human Clay' ' , as the album left in the year of 1999, two years after the first one. Plus a commercial success of the Creed, ' ' Human Clay' ' it earned diverse prizes and are considered by good part of the fans optimum album of the band. Some musics emplacaram in some countries of the world, however &#039 was single; ' With Arms Wide Open' ' that it obtained to conquer the Grammy of ' ' Better Song of Rock' '. After a success album, it is always difficult to launch the next one. In 2001, the Creed showed that its success was not sudden and brought wonderful ' ' Weathered' '. The band considers this, its better album.

She is not difficult to understand the reason, since it contains the classic greater of the band. ' ' My Sacrifice' ' , its main hit, still today is touched in the whole world radios. The last album of the Creed, ' ' Full Circle' ' it was launched in the year of 2009. Although to have done success, nor if it approaches to the previous record. If you like the band, you use to advantage to confer the letters of musics of the Creed in the site ' ' Which is the letter of msica' ' , a site repleto of letters of musics. Thus you can leave singing without none sacrifice.