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Median Company

The TPV or Terminal Point of sale or POS (Point Of Sale) is without a doubt, after the calculator and the recording machine a software tool that has come to solve hundreds of problems of organization in the daily tasks of small industralist and of great organizations who commercialize products. An ample range of Software TPV in the market exists being most competitive those than they support artilujios of hardware like pocket computers, readers of digital, reading of magnetic stripes, reading tracks of touch screen, bar codes. They are also very successful those that are escalbles and allow the synchrony of data between multiple you soothe. A small industralist who begins to use a well administered system of TPV does not need to worry to have to count time and time again products to know that he must ask of each since each product can determine in the system a minimum of existence and just by to print a product report under minimums will obtain a detailed report than it has and than it is necessary in every moment. The Result, saving of precious time. The small industralist wants to analyze as they are the hours in which he sells more like the hours in which less he sells, in addition he wants to know as they are the products that sell more and if it works with several people could interest to know to him who are salesman or salesman stars.

The TPV can become a species of oracle for the small industralist where it can analyze the tendencies of his small company and thus to make decisions. Many are the TPV available in the market although some are only free and multiplatform. The importance of a TPV frees Already the cases of companies are numerous that at the moment that less agrees to them see practically forced to buy new licenses of software being the adjudicating company of the licenses suspended suporte for software previously acquired. A micro-enterprise needs like minimum that is guaranteed to him that accessible data that it generated today will be morning. A company cannot be allowed totally unnecessary expenses being able to enjoy software that it guarantees to him that it happens what always happens will be to its disposition the source code so that this one does not depend on a company for its maintenance but on an increasing community of programmers and users all over the world that works in the development and maintenance of that piece of software. The importance of a TPV frees and multiplatform One tpv multiplatform offers the simple guarantee that the user does not have to depend on a manufacturer of hardware by more infallible than this can seem and it does not need to put in risk the data of his company. The user can change hardware in all the organization if therefore he considers it advisable and without the disadvantage of licenses of software privative that can stop this type of developments retiring the support of software when it migrates to other platforms of hardware. A TPV frees generally is programmed on lenguages multiplatform like java, Perl or php what tpv of portable free software to almost any type of hardware platform does to one. Ejemplode a TPV frees and multiplatform is OPENBRAVO that is in openbravo.


More and more the Skateboarding is becoming a fashionable sport. Or it is common to see pass through the streets of the cities people walking in Skateboard or Longboard. And the reality is that it is a good form of transport, is economic and even ecological. But at the time of buying and choosing the suitable patineta, arises the doubts before the great veriedad from marks, models and sizes. The first recommendation that arises is that skate is due to really buy, in a Skate Shop, of wood of maple (preferably, so that it lasts and it has good ” pop”) and not one of juguetera. In order to begin we must know how which is the difference between a Longboard and a Skateboard (Shortboard). The Longboards is generally in the rank of 36″ to 60″. The Skateboards is general assembly signal ” Mini; and they are in a rank of 24″ to 35″.

Now that the companies have improved the quality of bushings and the sizes of trucks, Mini approaches more and more, in sensation, to the Longboards traditional. In which to Skateboards one talks about, it can buy a Complete Skate (already armed, which in English is said: Skateboard Complete) or to arm it by parts (Custom Skateboard). The parts of a Skateboard are: Deck (Table), Trucks (Axes), Wheels (Wheels), Bearings (Bearings), Risers, Hardware (Screws) and Griptape (It binds). Skate complete is going to be economic, mainly because a good table can come Navy with trucks, rulemanes, and wheels of not so good quality Nevertheless I believe that to begin to enter itself in the sport it is a very good alternative, even ideal (in fact there are marks like Mystery that sell complete of super good level but they are more expensive than a World Industries or Speed Demons, others very fashionable are those of the mark Girl and Chocolate). A Skate made Custom always is going to be more perfect skater, but probably he is just a little bit more expensive than the Complete one. Finally, good tip is that there is to choose or the size according to the height or size of the foot of skater this is something or important at the time of learning, because skate of the measurement correct makes but the learning easy. Like gold rule always to try to buy what one needs and not what they want to us to sell.

Core Duo

In the PCs, they are used processors x86, as 2 Core Duo and the Phenom. They are Chips optimizados for the performance, who include a brutal volume of transistors, with great caches L2, dedicated units of descodificao and agendamento of instructions, circuits of branch-prediction some units of execution for nucleus. It puts example, 2 Core Duo E8200 based on Core Penryn (that one is chip relatively small for the actuais standards), it possesss nothing of what less 410 million transistors and has 65 a typical consumption of watts. A manufacturer of smartphones that she was interested in using it, would need to find a form to place to cooler inside of 80 mm with copper spendthrift and a battery of 6 cells of the device. Exactly that he was possible, would not have acceptance according to investigating. For this reason not yet they exist smartphones established in processors x86. Exactly processing of low consumption, as Intel Atom, they possess a high electric consumption excessively for one smartphone, what it would make with that the battery lasted only one or two hours. The restrictions with regard to the size and to the consumption had made with that the hardware of smartphones evolved of well different form of the PCs, with the use of processors of low consumption and Chips highly integrated.

The change more notable is the use of processors RAM in Chips place x86. They present a optimizada architecture extremely, with few transistors and extremely low an electric consumption. The integration of components, folloied for the use of dedicated controllers for diverse functions; different of what we have in a PC, where almost everything is made by the main processor. The advantage to use dedicated controllers is that these execute functions directamente saw the hardware, instead of executing a destined software to execute the same function. With this, they obtain to execute its tasks with little transistors and little cycles of processing, what if she translates a lower electric consumption.

Web Camera

If you have a computer with camera Web and it would like to take to a registry of the time of arrival and exit of people, this article explains to him how to do it. A biometric control system is a set of software and hardware. This system when being based on the recognition of the face is called Control of Face Biometric Attendance. Hardware is in charge to obtain the biometric readings. In this case, webcam, that one is in charge to capture the images of the face of the person.

For this Control of Face Biometric Attendance we needed the possible clearest image we will obtain that it with one webcam of 1 Mega Real pixels of Resolution (without interpolation by software), the majority of the portable computers of average range that incorporate webcam fulfills this requirement. Software is in charge to read and to process the biometric reading. In this case, it detects when a person is against webcam, locates its face, reads and looks for the unique characteristics of the face (the distance between eyes, size of eyes, width of the mouth, distances to eyes – mouth, etc.), that are really those that differentiates a person from another one. These unique characteristics keep in a data base and are those that allow software to identify the person and to register the date and hour in which I am realised the biometric reading. A software that realises these processes is i-Phase Planigrafo, can find major information in the Web site of in the following Link. The traditional systems of attendance control with track reader sometimes they present/display problems when the tracks or the reader are dirty, the tracks are of low quality for the reader or the fingers are droughts. With the control system of Face attendance these problems are eliminated, it is only needed that the person watches at the camera after seconds and ready. This system for being of easy implementation, economic and not to require the direct physical contact with the people, it is a real alternative for the small ones and medians social companies and surroundings of average traffic. Carlos Alberto Quijano Professional Acevedo I.T.

UEMA Science

The proper situation of use of the computer takes the pupil to assume the challenge to read, to know and to understand the digital world, becoming a citizen of ciberespao. Objective also to relate the technologies of the information and communication to the development of the societies and the knowledge that they produce. The activity ‘ ‘ The city in foco’ ‘ to be developed by pupils of Average Ensino it considers: interaction between the groups; research, reading, production of text and the knowledge of the history of its city in all the aspects and try that some available resources of computer science in the school are used in the development of the process education – learning of significant form. One understands that the resources technological elencados for the development of the activities suggested in this work they cannot be classified as softwares and applicatory properly educational, but one gives credit that the all most sophisticated and modern simplest tool of can be considered educative since that it is coherent with the methodology and the objectives considered for the pedagogical action and that its use is articulated by the professors. Giraffa (1999) ‘ ‘ all program that uses a methodology that contextualize in the process education learning, can be considered educacional.’ ‘ This is a vision each propagated time more in the community of educative computer science. It is important that, in the use of the technological resources for the education, the professor is enabled to not only handle them, working with applicatory texts, sounds, images, videos, softwares and, but also to go beyond the agreement of these. The professor must have the understanding of the use of the same ones, in the process of construction of the knowledge.

This will only happen when the educators if to acquire knowledge of the importance and the necessity to invest in its professional formation in this area of the knowledge in order to acquire basic abilities and abilities for the professional of the education in the current days Is important still to stand out that, in pedagogical making, the professors do not only have to be seen as who uses computer science while instruments of education, as that one that knows the equipment, programs, operational systems, concepts, softwares and applicatory that allows the development it of its work, but, over all must be visas as who promotes the development of the pupils in the context of the virtual society.