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Construction with Bricks

Specifications which are considered when choosing a decorative bricks, is no different from any other characteristics are: size, weight, density, frost resistance, strength, thermal conductivity, water absorption. Of the particular characteristics of the decorative bricks to mark the correct shape, smooth and glossy surface of the outer walls. But its application is somewhat different. Decorative brick used for performance of critical activities that have high demands on the quality of masonry. Typically, such a brick is used for the facades of buildings, but the quality and appearance can apply it to interior masonry buildings, even without further finishing of the walls. Modern technologies allow to produce bricks with decorative top layer. Applying technology ofakturivaniya create bricks of different colors. Except providing broad decorative possibilities, this method of treatment of brick and performs a protective function, so that even after many decades, the building retains its original appearance.

Just to increase the protective water repellency is desirable to cover a special water-repellent decorative brick liquid. A special polymer coating bricks (it is matte or glossy) will further expand the decorative features a brick, allowing him to put on different colored drawings. This decorative brick often used in masonry fireplaces, since the polymer coating is not destroyed by a big drop temperatures. Decorative brick can be of different shapes, for example, with rounded corners. Shaped bricks are indispensable for the design of window openings, decorative walls, parapets and perform a variety of ornaments. For finishing buildings (from the city's public buildings to country houses) make good use of brick with a bonder and Stretcher bond faces, which can simulate the laying of the stone. These functions are carried out decorative brick.

Home can get kind of an old castle, and will undoubtedly attract attention with its originality. From the same brick, you can separate decorative architectural elements. Prices decorative brick depends on several factors. First, from where this brick is made. bricks produced in Europe, will be more expensive than domestic. In this case, not only in his capacity as (with a strong desire to be found sand-lime brick is not worse), but also that the price of European brick and include transport costs. Second, the brand (higher quality, more expensive it is). Third, the size of a brick. Increasing the size of one and a half to or double leads the directly proportional increase in the price. Fourth, the cost of bricks depends on its density (the higher the density, the higher the price). The use of decorative brick – it is very laborious and responsible, so great attention should be paid and for work. Look for a real master!

Russian Production

Each type has its own characteristics, because we consider them in more detail. Russian windows. This type of window is called even carpentry. As stated above, the Russian windows are those articles of domestic production, we're used to from childhood. Such wood windows were installed in "Stalin", "Khrushchev," in panel and brick houses. For the production of such windows applies only solid timber and flat glass. In some cases, by separate order instead of the stele is installed windows. Russian leaky windows, formed during the production gap sealed with rubber rezinoplastika and other materials.

In view of the integrity of timber is a window may fail. This helps to avoid drying of material quality, as well as the application of some other methods, described in the production technology. Eurowinows (German window). The most important difference from the Russian eurowindows windows – no glass panes and application. But the window in the windows still can be made.

It is simply not required due to the fact that the frame can be opened and locked in the vertical plane. Euro windows are made in contrast to the Russian windows are not made of solid wood, glued beam, consists of three fused between a layer of wood with different grain direction. Such frames are not terrible strain. They are very strong, and thus will last for years. Also used for bonding glue is waterproof, which creates additional protection for the windows from moisture. Double glazing can be two or three-chamber. Plastic window is not required to seal the winter because the production technology ensures that no gaps between the doors and window frame. Finnish window. Finnish windows distinguished by the presence of two sets of wings held together with special fittings. In one such leaf is placed flat glass in the second glass. This design makes opening valves in the vertical plane, although in some cases still are made Finnish windows, and that it can. To ventilate the dwellings in these boxes specifically designed window and transoms. Finnish manufactured windows mainly from natural wood, sometimes of a double laminated veneer lumber. To eliminate the gaps between doors and windows are subject to special contours seal. Norwegian windows. In this type of windows are aligned elements Russian windows and eurowindows. With Russian windows similarity lies in the fact that for the production of Norwegian windows also uses solid wood, but choose it in a special way – make sure it has to be high quality wood northern pine and larch. With evroooknami Norwegian windows have in common the use of glass, but their production technology, there are significant differences. In Norwegian windows instead of the sealant used strip of rubber, and the glass is attached with screws and glazing beads that, in some cases, greatly simplifies the replacement of damaged glass. In addition, not unimportant feature of the Norwegian timber windows is the presence in their construction of the molecular sieve capable to absorb excess moisture during temperature variations, thereby preventing fogging of windows. It is mandatory window of this type are impregnated composition, which prevents decay, which is also excellent protection against moisture. On top of this infiltration is applied a special coating tinting. Norwegian windows can be opened in two directions: horizontal and vertical. The choice of window type depends on your preference. Each of the types of qualitative production can be very long to please his owner, functionality, reliability, excellent appearance.