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Blogger Platform

In previous articles we skimmed the section on the most important settings of Blogger. Now, as you can see I also have a process redesign, so the theme templates for Blogger blogs on the service for me doubly relevant. In general, the design of the site – something It is important, but more importantly to make sure that all this stuff to function properly, Georgia, and created content for months, but disappeared in the blink of an eye. I will not give any recommendations on the choice of design for the blog, it all depends of his subject and personal preference, but at least it should not be wild and suitable for the visitor. With templates, we have 2 options: 1) Use the standard template. The choice of course is not very large, but in general it is enough to choose for itself something decent. Obvious advantage of the pre-defined template – it is fully compatible, as a consequence of complete absence of bugs and potential problems.

On the downside can be attributed, again not a very large selection is not particularly fashionable choices and lack of three columnar patterns. 2) Use of third-party templates. Here the choice is already posuschestvenney. There are a bunch as a 2-and 3-columnar options for every taste and color. Several sites, where they can watch and download for free: This is a plus. Disadvantages can also block all, and you curse that was contacted. Because the correct operation and full compatibility is not guaranteed by anyone.

Can put a cool pattern, resulting in some of the content will be gone forever, part of the curve will be displayed, in general, the trouble. The process often painful, that's my second day on the blog chaos and ruin, gradually navozhu order and quote everything back to normal. Tips for using templates: 1) Start with the classic template and see how everything works, start to fill in the blog content, if satisfied with some of the standard, and it will stop. 2) Before you change the template, and in general to make any other major changes, ALWAYS! Back up the CODE. You can do it in the tab "Layout". 3) If you want to use a custom template is better not to wait 100 posts so far accumulated. 4) If there is a "left" is not the main blog, where you can experiment – it is better first to try in experimental. 5) Some sites have reviews of patterns, sometimes worth a look. 6) If Blog instructed bunch of widgets and you decide to change the design, expect problems. The bulk of the widgets will simply disappear, that the process was easier, as I do – save the text file code for each desired widget, then will easily return everything back into place. 7) Do not change patterns frequently. There is no good what. Web site design (the blog) – a part of your personal brand. A Coca-Cola logo redesign every week does not. 8) Naplyuyte in all directions except the number 2, if normally versed in CSS / XHTML. Although in this case, you probably do not need other people's templates, you can make your own. In principle, all the tips. Some may think that "hell worse than he is painted," in fact it's not so bad, but if this thing started, usually have to tinker. The most important thing is to make backup copies, in principle, one that is enough to not amass great adventures on your ass. Successful experiments you!

Lamps and Lighting

To determine the useful life of the lighting (irradiation) lamps using light-decay curves (Radiant) flow in the combustion process. In order to reduce the time trials mean burning time of lamps is defined as a burning lamp, which occupies a middle position in the order of a blown bulbs this group, such as the lamp burned-sixth, with 11 tubes in the group. Among the many different types of test tubes in, terms of service and stability we note the bench and running. Posters are held in strict installed. and controlled conditions, performance – in order to detect or monitor the effect of individual factors and environmental conditions (stability and resistance to mechanical and climatic influences, stress network, switching frequency, the cooling conditions, the provisions of combustion, etc.) on the parameters of tubes and their change in the combustion process.

An important indicator of reliability is also the probability of failure of the lamp within a given time, which is often governed by a minimum duration of combustion. The fitness of the source to the conditions of the installation by the following factors: the dividend stream of the source radiation, ie, the possibility of manufacture of tubes for various power – a necessary condition for a rational pattern of distribution of lighting systems in space radiation and the size of the luminous body, on which the the possibility of rational distribution of the light source to install and rational redistribution of the radiation flux in space, the degree of adaptation of the source to the normal elements of lighting installation allows use of standard elements, adaptation to the regime of standard power supplies universal light source, allowing its use in many areas of lighting hygienic, which is determined by the requirements relating to hygiene of view, as well as general occupational health and safety agencies of Hygiene makes claims to the stability in time of the luminous flux distribution energy spectrum and density or intensity of the radiation. General hygiene requires a security light sources in use, as well as the absence of radiation, gases or other emissions during operation of the source is harmful acting on the body. Economy. In the development of light sources, especially mass application, you must seek the highest possible all operating parameters, including the economy. The parameters of the light source and install a number of interconnected relationships, and usually can not be achieved simultaneously improving all the necessary parameters and the light source and lighting installation. For create the most advanced lighting systems should be in each case to develop an optimality criterion, taking into account the restrictions imposed, allowing quantitatively compare the fitness different light sources in certain cases, to choose the best conditions for its operation.

For light sources, the massive use of such generalizing economic criteria can serve as cost of operation, referred to one lumen hour, or other similar reduced value, and, more generally, given the costs. Given cost is called the cost of operation of the plant per unit produced product. Cost is the cost of electricity supply installation, the cost of changing lamps, replacement cost depreciation and ongoing maintenance costs of parts and installation. The optimal option would be to lowest cost of operation per lumen hour for other conditions being equal (eg, lighting, lighting quality, etc.) or, more generally, a variant with the lowest cost given

Underwater Lights

In this article we consider the latest underwater lights from St. Petersburg Dive Electronics. A unique digital control scheme for a microcontroller maintains constant brightness throughout the entire running time. In addition, these underwater lights only on the date of underwater technical lights, which have multi-level indicator of the discharge. Indicator of the three LEDs allows you to monitor battery level. Each LED in the discharge changes color from green to red. Therefore, the diver always know how much more will be enough light.

In addition, LED displays and flashlight modes: Full power – the light is continuously Energy-saving mode – all three LED indicators are flashing at the same time Automatic power-saving mode – two outer LEDs are flashing red, the middle LED is off. Emergency Mode – the average LED flashing red, the others are off. Underwater lights from this manufacturer have a few more features, "smart" control circuit monitors the battery discharge and discharge with a strong flashlight will automatically translate into power saving mode, which will allow the diver to surface using light. . In lamps used a powerful lithium-ion battery with double sealed canisters and electronic protection against short circuits and overdischarge. Lithium-ion batteries Unlike the nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal does not have a memory effect, so they can be recharged at any time, regardless of their degree of discharge. In the lamps used most effective to date LEDs. Optical systems that are installed in conjunction with LEDs provide viewing angle from 4 to 6 degrees, depending on the model lamp. To date, canister lamps can be purchased two models: Alpha-1800 with a luminous flux in 1200Lm and an angle of 6 degrees and Photon-1500 with a luminous flux in 1000Lm and angle 4 deg. All information on this underwater lamps contained in the manufacturer's website

High-Altitude Work

First, define some concepts. High-altitude works – works that are performed at a height (if briefly). Rope – it is actually high-altitude work, but using the technology of "Rope." AND promalp – the same rope access, only briefly. Thus, promalp – a run of high-altitude work using rope access technology. Yes, high-altitude work – work at heights and on the ropes … but always be possible to use the rope? Undoubtedly, the promalpe movement on the ropes – is the foundation, but before they move, we must get to the anchorage points.

To get to the structures on which to be binding, you can own (two samostrahovochnyh end and two belay points, belting as it moves alternately) or two (one by one becomes a climber, the other fears). The intermediate means may be stairs, brackets, tabs, friends, bolt. For movement on the wooden structures can be used long screws from 80 mm and 8 mm in diameter. The distance between the elements of the belay shall not exceed 1 m. Moreover, we note that in Russia there are no specific requirements, but the climbers are based on the rule of climbing insurance. Now you know what promalp use ropes everywhere, but the value of ropes specific conditions are different.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 – the word with which we so often see on various pages of the Web. What does it mean? This article will try to give definition to this term. Why do we need to understand the intricacies of these? Let these unintelligible words versed professionals and developers of sites. But, oddly enough, at this stage to develop a network of sites by developers and we are a part – ordinary users. Now, the creation of websites – it is difficult and a lot of effort and money the process, which involves not only neposredsvennye developers and users. Already at the stage of development of the concept of the Internet project is important to know the current trends of contemporary Internet technologies.

With the concepts of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 even attempt to give an overview of the stages of development of the Internet. In this article, to explain the concepts we use the definition of the W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee) concept reading and writing on the Internet. Web 1.0 – 'Internet for reading. " At this stage, the Internet allowed us to search for information and to read it. The content Internet sites formed small group of professionals. Most users online Interenet are simple 'readers'. Currently, at the end of the second decade of development of the Internet network, we are in the stage of Web 2.0 – the stage of 'read-write'. The creation of content sites are actively engaged in all users network, which can also communicate with each other through Internet technology.

Mnogoie often mean by 'Web 2.0 application' site, which is built using certain technologies (such as Ruby on Rails), or because he uses Ajax in the interface. It is not. Basis of Web 2.0 – the users themselves can vzaimodeystovat with each other and share their information. The third decade of the Internet network, or Web 3.0, is already a stage 'read-write-execute "or Semantic Web (Semantic Web). Semantic Web (Semantic Web) – part of a global concept for the development of the Internet, aimed at realization of the possibility of machine processing of information available on the World Wide Web. Main emphasis is placed on the concept of the metadata that uniquely characterize the properties and content of the resources of the World Wide Web, instead of the current text analysis of documents "(Wikipedia). Semantic Web represents the communication between the Internet user (the person) and computerized programs. One of the biggest organizational challenges of information on the Internet is that web applications are not in able to provide a context for the data and, therefore, can not figure out what is relevant, and what is not. With the help of a semantic markup or data exchange formats, data can be placed in forms not only with help available to people of a natural language, but also can be well understood and interpreted by software applications. The term 'performance' we mean, and formatting data understanding of software agents, web-based services. In the end it must be said, if your site uses features of the concept of Web 2.0, it does not make it obsolete. It is important that the site posed to satisfy his goals. But not stop there, follow the latest trends, otherwise your project may be uninteresting to the modern internet-user!