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A dispute charges

A dispute charges and The Walt Disney Company is accused of allowing exploitation and abuse in Asian companies that provide its plastic dolls. In early 2001, a consumer group critical of Hong Kong published a report on the terrible abuses reported in the Chinese plants that make products for The Walt Disney Company: up to 18 hour day, 7 days week, for months without interruption. According to the report, most of the workers at no more than 16 years received a salary of between 37 and 63 per month. This amount is below the minimum wage provisions of the law. In 2000 came to light similar irregularities in four other plants that supply from China Disney, The Walt Disney Company immediately suspended three orders the four factories, women workers lost their jobs and were thus doubly disadvantaged.

Early career Jake

Early career Jake Gyllenhaal studied for a time at Columbia University, left to attend the meeting because he decided to concentrate on acting. Picture of Low Memorial Library, the school library. During his childhood, Gyllenhaal had regular exposure to movies, because his family was closely linked to industry. At eleven years old made his debut as an actor playing the son of Billy Crystal in the 1991 comedy film City Slickers. His parents did not allow him to appear in the 1992 film The Mighty Ducks because the required production Jake left his home for two months. In the coming years, his parents allowed him to participate in casting tests for different roles, but regularly his son refused to accept the role if he is elected. Conversely, had the opportunity to appear repeatedly in some of the films of his father.Appeared in the 1993 film A Dangerous Woman (along with his sister Maggie), in “Bop Gun”, an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street, in 1994, and in the 1998 comedy Homegrown. Along with Maggie and her mother Gyllenhaall appeared in two episodes of Molto Mario, an Italian cooking show Food Network. Before his senior year in high school, the only film not directed by his father in which Gyllenhaal was given for permission to act in the film was 1993 Josh and SAM, a little-known children’s adventure. He graduated from the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles in 1998 and then attended Columbia University, where his sister was studying the upper level and of which his mother had graduated, to study Eastern religions and philosophy.He left the university two years later to concentrate on acting, although he has expressed its intention to complete his degree. The Gyllenhaal’s first starring role came in October Sky, an adaptation of Homer Hickam autobiography Rocket Boys, directed by Joe Johnston, in which she played a young man from West Virginia trying to win a science scholarship to avoid becoming a coal miner. The film grossed 32 million and was described in the Sacramento News and Review as the “interpretation revelation” of Gyllenhaal.

Biography Sergio

Biography Sergio Markarian, known as the Magician, was born on November 1, 1944 in Montevideo, Uruguay into a family of Armenian descent, as a child he moved to Argentina to live there between 7 and 18. After studying he was named Manager of Production and Maintenance and then General Manager in a fuel distributor in Uruguay. As a child he played as a central defender left until age 17 abandoned this practice, having never played football professionally. In 1974 the leadership of the Danube River Soccer Club, who had a great friendship with him, asks him to take over the club’s training division. At that time the title was not as technical director, and after a spectacular campaign decides to do the course and train as a soccer coach, starting as a professional in CA Bella Vista of their country. Throughout his long career he has achieved significant success with some of the teams he managed, especially in Paraguay and Peru.He was also coach of Paraguay during two distinct periods: the first in 1992, led by the under-23 champion earning the title of South American Olympic qualifying tournament played in Paraguay that was given a quota to participate in the football tournament of the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, and the other between 1999 and 2002, this time heading to the absolute that managed to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. Significantly, went to Sporting Cristal of Peru in the Copa Libertadores 1997 ion of which was runner-up. After directing Universidad de Chile for a semester, waiver of the institution justify not feeling well and the fact that he said would damage the referee constantly. Still, he managed with his team Apertura championship 2009 in Chile after five years without the institution achieved a title and the Panathinaikon of Greece makes it to semi-finals of Champions ligue.

Caprese Salad

It is for four portions and the ingredients are: 4 ripe tomatoes sliced. CHEESE 8 ounces low fat mozzarella into slices. 12 fresh basil leaves. 2 tablespoons OLIVE OIL. 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar. 1 / 2 teaspoon pepper. 1 / 2 teaspoon dried oregano. How to prepare: IN A PLATE ATTACHMENT ABOVE tomato slices and mozzarella slices Add basil and give them a BATH WITH OLIVE OIL AND balsamic vinegar, season with pepper and oregano. READY. It can be accompanied with slices of whole wheat toast.


CONSTITUTION OF THE NATION ARGENTINA sanctioned by NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on March 11, 1949 Preamble Part.Fundamental principles Chapter I Form of government and policy statements Chapter II Rights, obligations and guarantees of personal liberty Chapter III Rights of the worker, the family, old age and education and culture Chapter IV The social function of property, capital and economic activity Part II. Authorities of the Nation First Title. Federal Government Section One. Legislative Power Chapter I of the House of Representatives Chapter II The Senate Chapter III Provisions common to both Houses Chapter IV Powers of Congress Chapter V Making and enactment of laws Section II.Executive Power Chapter I Its nature and duration Chapter II Procedure and time of the election of the president and vice president of the Nation Chapter III Powers of the Executive Chapter IV of the Executive ministers Section Three. The Judiciary Chapter I The nature and duration Chapter II Powers of the Judiciary Second Title Provincial Governments Transitory Provisions Given in the Assembly Hall of the Honorable National Constituent Assembly, in Buenos Aires, on the eleventh day of March one thousand nine hundred forty-nine. Domingo A. Merchant, President Mario M. Goizueta, secretary Bernardino H. Garaguso, secretary Part Fundamental principles Chapter I Form of government and political declarations Art1 – La Naci n Argentina for their government adopts the federal republican representative form, as provided in this Constitution. Section 2 – The Federal Government supports the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion. Article 3 – The authorities in the Federal Government residing in the city to be declared Capital of the Republic by a special act of Congress, after an assignment made by one or more provincial legislatures of the territory to be federalized. Article 4 – The Federal Government provides government spending with funds from the National Treasury, composed of the proceeds of import and export rights, the fundamental economic activity performed, services rendered and sale or lease of goods domain the national state of the other taxes imposed by Congress, and loans and credit transactions Congress to punish the same case of national emergencies or for public utilities. Art5 – Each province shall enact its own constitution under the republican representative system, in accordance with the principles, declarations and guarantees of the National Constitution, ensuring its administration of justice, municipal regime, primary education and cooperation required by the Federal Government to enforce the Constitution and laws of the Nation enacted in pursuance thereof. Under these conditions, the Federal Government guarantees each province the full exercise of its institutions. Art

Hygiene is an attitude of life

Hygiene is the body of knowledge and techniques to be applied by individuals to control the factors that exert or may exert adverse health effects. Personal hygiene is the basic concept of hygiene, cleanliness and care of our cuerpo.Sus objectives are to improve health, preserve, and prevent disease.Hygiene is defined as: Cleaning, cleaning of sites or favoring personas.H bitos salud.Parte of medicine, designed to encourage healthy habits in disease prevention. Recognition, evaluation and control of those factors and environmental stresses that arise in the workplace and that can cause disease, ill health, welfare bankruptcies, discomfort and inefficiency of workers and citizens.


Tugg Speedman (Stiller) is an action movie actor who has lost their popularity and still longs to win an Oscar, and is jealous of Kirk Lazarus (Downey Jr.), who has won 5 Oscar and shall be co-star in the movie Tropic Thunder, film based on the eponymous book of Sergeant Four Leaf Tayback (Nick Nolte), a former fighter of the Vietnam War, which tells his story and he lost his hands in the war, so it uses a hooks as hands. The cast is completed by the comedy actor heroin addict Jeff Portnoy (Black), rapper Alpa Chino (Brandon T. Jackson) and rookie actor Kevin Sandusky (Jay Baruchel), and is also produced by mogul Les Grossman ( Cruise). The filming of the movie is very bad, and when about to be canceled by Grossman, the director Damian Cockburn decides convinced by Tayback, to bring those players to shoot into the jungle, allegedly Vietnam.Once there special effects coordinator Cody, Four Leaf and leave in a helicopter leaving Cockburn and actors in the jungle where there are many cameras previously placed by Cockburn. Cockburn they removed all their cell phones, but Speedman keeps a secret. Damian takes a few steps and explode accidentally stepped on a mine. All are confident that Cockburn is dead, except Speedman, who believes that everything is a trick. However, the explosion warning to an armed group that will investigate East while communicating with their leader. The eastern attack players who are convinced by Speedman that this is part of the movie, so they respond to attack with fake guns and eastern recede a bit. Cody warning heard the shots and blows loads are placed on the trees, causing the attackers to flee. This only causes Speedman feel more confident that they are still filming the movie, but Lazarus is not so convinced and she tells Speedman.Lazarus is convinced by everyone and keep walking in the jungle. Four Leaf Cody and go in the helicopter to where the others left, but they are trapped by the Orientals. Cody accidentally remove the hooks and discover Four Leaf still has hands and that he had lied. The actors arrive at a river Speedman who is guided by the map, but Lazarus takes it and gives it to Kevin, who could read a map if they had done military service, and communicates to all that were due to Speedman in the opposite direction, so that all turn around to go home, but Speedman, Tropic Thunder as he considered his return to success, would not leave the film, and continued her walk alone. The Orientals are Cody and his Four Leaf Four Leaf barracks where Cody confesses that everything in his book is nothing but a lie, he calls a tribute to the motherland. Overnight Speedman has a fight with a panda and kills.In the morning you receive a call on the satellite phone he kept his agent Rick Peck (Matthew McConaughey) but Speedman is kidnapped by the East before we can talk more with Rick as well take away the cell. Portnoy begins to go mad for not having taken heroin. After drinking dirty water from a river to throw away, and sees in the distance a base of the East, who are drug dealers, and others see with binoculars who captured Speedman. Traffickers take Tugg with their leader, the group identified as The Flaming Dragon. Kevin informed everyone that they probably are not even in Vietnam, but are probably in Miyanmar or Laos. Flaming Dragon leader appears to be a small but mischievous child, who admits to ‘Speedman as the actor of his favorite movie “Simple Jack” (which, presumably, is considered in the U.S. as one of the worst films in history) and puts represent all people living in the barracks full movie.Rick will talk to Les Grossman about Tugg contract clause specifying that have installed the TiVo, but there, receive a call asking Flaming Dragon 1 million for the release of Tugg. I refuse to paythis ransom, saying they won more money in life insurance that film Speedman. Lazarus, Kevin, Portnoy and decide to rescue Speedman Alpa with a technique from the original book called “The Jeta Offensive.” After it discovered Cody and Four Leaf Tugg and convince to leave, because this was happy there because there if they valued as an actor. After fleeing to convince dealers in a truck, but the leader being shot with a bazooka. All leave the vehicle, minus Kevin, who is seriously injured. They all run toward the helicopter that was crossing a bridge, but Tugg tells Kirk that the stay, since it has a relationship with them.

Senegal, day 1

Then I will put the excerpts from the little diary I wrote during my stay in Senegal, and that for logistical reasons it was impossible to go hang. Day 1: This is very rare. It does not seem real. Wherever you look, something catches your attention. Dust from roads made, literally, there is little asphalt among some people, not that I’m in very good condition for us to say, the people made entirely of straw and wood. This is tremendous. I left NY at 5 in the afternoon to get me a flight of nearly eight hours under his belt.It was quite comfortable as the car was only half full, so I could move my craving for between the seats and even lie on the center row. That does not mean that rest, and that for some unknown reason, I can not sleep on airplanes. Before I could, not now. I will be doing very old. And it was a pity that most of the flight we did at night, he could well have used that time to rest. If I had known that I expected to get to Dakar, I take a thousand sleeping pills. And is that the arrival was somewhat curious. The airport, even international, such as Menorca is very tiny. The arrivals area is a pair of police booths you passport control (no vaccine) and a guard who picks you up the paper without looking at immigration in the face.In my case I looked, as it was not one of the data needed to enter the country, which was none other than the address. Not idle told him that knew not, but a guy was supposed to come for the airport and surely the know. Since he had no operating phone, the guard grabbed his and I call my contact. Very sooo nice. I finally leave the airport with my suitcase rose a thousand kilos, and as the door step I rush a lot of guys with huge wads of banknotes in their hands, asking if I wanted to change currency. I had been advised of the calico, so I decided to pass and wait for the type of project was with me, so I will not cheat, more than anything. It did not help. I am presented with a type well-dressed, saying something funny (speak Wolof), and I know a little about a project, so I think it is.But no, after a minute I realize my mistake, and I find myself in a back room of the area “commercial” airport, with a little light, and with more people with money in hand. Well, nothing, basting touch. I tell him I just want to change 50, and type a little disappointed, I change about 5 Tima. That FAREM. We left the airport together to search for my driver, and as we walked towards the guy did not ask more than a gratuity (tip, if I cheat just Mamon) to give him a ticket. Since I came to realize where the shots were going to go this month. I finally got in the car with Harouna, one of the drivers of the project, which led me, even with dark, a walk through the suburbs of Dakar. I had to pick one thing. I got through streets of sand and dust, with half-ruined houses and hardly any lighting that was scary to see them.The house they were not bad, but I also needed a thousand reforms. Here, too, made as in Melilla, not steel cut waits in anticipation of continuing to build apartments in the future. After a while, we went to Louga the most dangerous road I remember (this was the first I had seen, so this assessment is updated every time).