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2 October the

2 October the 2nd of October is the 275th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and number 276 in leap years. There are 90 days to finish the year.


Portrait 1 Sharp micro-contexts. Everything inside is turned. Calls on the Protection of Light Inside that at this time to stop the claims. Investigate relationships, only that you want.And then sit still trying not to make noise, thinking of scenarios, in choreography. Ways to make world. “I know what I do but not what I produce” Subtle resistance, quietly fierce, timidly violent rebel intimately. Try me.

Big Brother

She participated in the 2007 ion of British celebrity Big Brother (Celebrity Big Brother, is its official name in English). In one of the days of living at home, Indian actress tone was serious racist insults and bullying behavior by the television star Jade Goody, model Danielle Lloyd and singer Jo O’Meara. Shetty insults received from his companions as “bitch” or “Paki bitch” (derogatory adjective used to describe the British Pakistanis), as well as mocking her accent, her way of cooking or doubting their regular hygiene, among others.Shetty, who reacted calmly to prvocaciones and eventually won the program, if even prompted the intervention of Tony Blair’s government to the protests from viewers and the national and international condemnation. The case provoked, too, protests in his native India and the Indian Minister for External Affairs Anand Sharma, demanded explanations from the British government. Goody, one of the inhabitants of the house, ended up being evicted from Big Brother by controversy before leaving racist and apologized Shetty ensuring that their allegations were without a racist. Shetty, meanwhile, said he never felt discriminated against and that was only “a clash of cultures.”

Art in the street in Madrid

A group of artists such as ours, but in the community of Madrid, held every Sunday an art fair in the Plaza del Conde de Barajas. Our intention is to do the same and together we can. I put the video so you can see them.


The more than 1,100 supervised entities may submit documentation to the CNMV in XBRL. This is a reality since July 2005, with over 12,000 XBRL reports received and distributed, transmitted by 441 entities. XBRL entities can send directly or use an Excel template that incorporates, in addition to the validation rules of the XBRL taxonomy, semantic checks and additional formulas that validate the content of reports, reporting quarterly and biannual for XBRL Four types of entities and print the report in the standard model. The Bank of Spain receives from July 2005 statements of cr institutions on public financial statements under the XBRL standard. It has expanded the international IFRS-GP Taxonomy, creating taxonomy ES-BE-FS.Have been provided various tools and services to entities with a view to facilitating their first approach to the XBRL standard, although the ultimate goal is that these entities are self-sufficient in relation to the generation and validation of XBRL instances. In May 2006 completed the integration of domestic and foreign banking and finalized in January 2007 with financial cr establishments. Taxonomies concerning the General Accounting Plan 1990 (ICAC), general identification data (Registro Mercantil), Corporations and Taxation Services (Bank of Spain), Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC), local accounting instructions (Public Sector) Structural Statistics (INE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (AECA) are completed or in various stages of development.XBRL Working Group of the European Committee of Banking Supervisors, which is coordinated from the Bank of Spain, has released information taxonomies COREP common European solvency of financial institutions (Basel II) and FINREP financial statements of cr for agencies supervisors (IFRS / NICI). These taxonomies are to be used in Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden. Also from Spain is pushing CBSO-RF taxonomy of European Central Balance Sheet, taxonomy FLIPA Cr Insurance for the International Cr Insurance, and academic research on XBRL for the proposed Enhanced Business Reporting.

Jan 24 (Chapter 4): Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives

CHAPTER FOUR OVERVIEW Efficiency and Effectiveness IT metrics are two ways to measure the success of strategic IT initiatives -Efficiency IT metrics – measure the performance of the IT system itself including throughput, speed, availability, etc.


CMS: Content Management System (Content Management System in English, abbreviated CMS) is a program to create a support structure (framework) for the creation and content management by participants mainly on web pages . The environment of hardware and software designed to automate and manage the development of training activities is known as Platform Teleformaci n or LMS (Learning Management System). An LMS registers users, course catalogs, organizes, stores user data and provides reports to management. Often also include communication tools to serve the course participants. The improvements in usability (navigation easy and intuitive) and accessibility (accessibility for disabled people) can bridge the digital divide and extend training opportunities to more people, overcoming one of the biggest barriers to e-learning: the technological barrier.There are currently vast majority of platforms, both commercial and open source. At the college level is the most widely used platform WebCT, followed at some distance from the platform Edustan ce. It is beginning to implement the force-free license platform Moodle. It is also used in several universities open source platform. LRN (read in English: dot learn), Blackboard and eCollege. At European level, particular importance is the open source platform Ilias, widely used in Europe at both educational institutions and corporate training environments. Training is an alternative that does not necessarily replace the teachers and student teaching, but a space that develops learner autonomy.

2 – potential

2 – potential economic impact on Panama. Map of the Central American Network of SIEPAC a) The export of energy by the SIEPAC. SIEPAC Project has two main objectives: (a) support the formation and gradual consolidation of a Regional Electricity Market (MER), and (b) establishing electrical interconnection infrastructure (transmission lines and substations compensation equipment) that allows electricity exchanges among the participants of MER. The initial infrastructure, along with reinforcements from the national transmission system, makes available a reliable and secure capacity transport of energy of about 300 MW between the countries of the region in 2007 distributed as follows: limited network 2005-2007 In addition to the six nations participating in the SIEPAC, the Puebla Panama Plan originally included Mexico and Belize.Another related work, the electrical interconnection between Guatemala and Mexico, began in June 2006 and should enter service in 2010 with the start of Mexico’s energy export to neighboring Guatemala. In January 2009 the Commission Federal de Electricidad of Mexico (CFE) purchased 11.1 shares of SIEPAC paving the way for internationalization. The CFE expects the project, which allows you to sell excess energy Mexican, to reduce costs in Central America. Electrical interconnection open the Colombian market for that resource to Central America and Mexico and will be conducted through the binational company formed between the Colombian and Panamanian ETESA ISA, called Electric Interconnection Colombia-Panama SA b) The production and export of biofuels. Western Hemisphere countries like Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina are betting heavily on the export of biodiesel to Europe, America and other Latin American countries.A nearest country as the Republic of Nicaragua, began the research and exploitation of biodiesel with jatropha (locally called tempate) in 1993 when, it was estimated that Nicaragua could save tens of millions of dollars planting and harvesting tempate diesel. In the example of Argentina, with an investment of close to 6 of global market for biofuels, biodiesel exports reached in 2008, 600,000 tons worth 584 million dollars. In Panama, if favorable legislation to drive the production of biodiesel from products that do not compete with human food or animal is adopted, it could create an important export market and domestic consumption for replacement fuels fossil fuels used in the country and also give effect to the rural populations who are at home and concentrating the lowest wages. c) The industrial exports from Panama.The proper support of renewable energy by Panamanian law would boost the creation of a renewable energy industrial base in Panama promoting the development of specialized companies, such as consultants, such as exist in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile that could provide specialized services across the continent with revenues. The manufacture of wind turbines in Panama could also give a boost to the market unimaginable outside the country especially when you consider that the investment to be carried in the wind sector until the year 2020 are estimated only for the European markets, between 10 and 16 billion per year.If we take into account the geographical position of Panama, the existence of the canal and the presence in its territory of consulting firms and wind turbine manufacturing industry (a situation almost unique in Latin America except Brazil and Mexico), Panama could become in the future with a global market share, however small they were might even match the revenue today by the Panama Canal.

Total work of

Total work of art The German term Gesamtkunstwerk (translatable as total artwork) is attributed to the opera composer Richard Wagner, who coined it to refer to a type of artwork that integrates music, theater and visual arts. Wagner believed that Greek tragedy fusing all these elements, which are then separated in different arts, in fact, Wagner was very critical of the prevailing type of opera in his day, which he accused of focusing too much on music, which other elements were subordinated, especially drama. Wagner attached great importance to environmental elements such as lighting, sound effects or seating arrangements, to focus full attention of the audience on stage, thus ensuring their complete immersion in the drama. These ideas were revolutionary at the time, but soon came to be assumed by modern opera.Since its coinage, the term has been used to describe various artistic expressions that combine elements of various arts. In architecture, for example, uses this term to describe a building in which every part is designed to complement others within a whole. In recent times, the art of film and other popular visual manifestations have been described as “total artwork” for his combination of theater, music, image, etc.. The term was also used by artists belonging to the “Vienna Secession” in the early twentieth century to describe his aesthetic goal.

Founded on 19

Founded on 19 June 1973 from the Autonomous Institute of Science and Technology of Aguascalientes (IACT), established in 1967, in which only taught middle and high school studies. The institute started in 1968 to provide races Public Accountant and Business Administration. Conducts several races now Senior Technical University (TSU), degree, engineering and some postgraduate courses, both humanistic and technological areas. Began its work in an old building downtown, facing the outcasts in the center of the city of Aguascalientes.