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Resveratrol is a

Resveratrol is a phytoestrogen plant the vine to defend against pathogens that attack the vines. Studies have found that resveratrol is beneficial to health investigations to date have shown to have important antioxidant properties better than vitamins C and E may reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases. Tianshi is currently the largest producer of resveratrol in China and is responsible for quality control of production throughout the country. He has developed strains with higher content of resveratrol and uses high technology for the extraction and processing.The grape plant is subjected to an alcoholic extraction with ethyl alcohol, the solution is evaporated and the residue powder in oxygen-free environment to ensure stability. It is made from Grape Extract. Resveratrol is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and antitumor so. Prevents cardiovascular disease by preventing platelet aggregation, which leads to the formation of thrombus or clot, and these in the presentation of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease.(Cerebral Infarction – Acute Myocardial Infarction). BENEFITS: Revitalizing capsules, prevent platelet aggregation, without side effects or adverse reactions Q PRODUCE AS THE PROLONGED CONSUMPTION OF ASPIRIN. Improves blood circulation, avoiding the formation of thrombosis. VARICOSE ill people, improves the elasticity of blood vessels. It recommends its use by HIV carriers, in order to be free from diseases related to AIDS. (must attach or treat in conjunction with calcium and zinc spirulina). CANCER: SELECTIVE promotes apoptosis, which is genetically programmed Cell Death, who have all tumor cell, accelerating the death of diseased cells and leaving healthy cells intact.

The Technology in Education

Educational technologies and their application to the class of literature, understood in the broadest sense of the term for what I propose can be applied to any subject matter related to general and any academic level.After a brief introduction to the didactic utility of some of the latest technological advances, I discuss a number of useful activities and practicable for the teacher of literature can do with the various means at its disposal, basically, I group these exercises into three different : media, personal computer use and the possibilities that Internet offers students of literature. As media, in literature class we can use the audio player or cassette format either as CD, to hear music.Sometimes it’s music, somehow related to the time or place that serve as context to the author or literary text being studied. The computer has become, without doubt, an essential element in the teaching-learning process of many subjects related to science and technology. In the field of humanities, and in the case of literature, the computer will be used primarily for specific activities and timely as the preparation of written assignments, preparation of oral presentations, etc..Internet is a window into the world of information, of course, is essential to know today. For the student of literature, the Internet provides countless possibilities related to their field of study as it allows you to access library catalogs, electronic journals, specialized pages or authors in the study periods and even the reading of original texts and complete from the monitor their computer. The email provides direct communication between students and the teacher, and monitor who gets more and more individualized job development and their students. Technology and education The impact of technology in the educational process has generated a diversity of approaches and concepts demonstrate the degree of interaction and dynamism of this impact.

A round with the 11-M

Greetings, Wikipedians. I bring this issue to the cafe because, after several reversals and messages in the discussion of the article, I have no more options to prevent what the user Antonio1979 (talk contr. Bloq.) Being perpetrated in this article. State: the user’s ion published in the March 11 attacks in 2004 is this, and anyone who reads it is clear that all this writing, besides having been denied by the judicial and police institutions, is part of the information with which junk media as “The World” and “Digital Freedom” are intended to communicate to the population base of repeat endlessly. In fact, along with (paginita another style) are the only “sources” it provides. The issue has been debated for months in the discussion of the article, so much so that there is a huge string of files in the same discussion.For some time, the article seemed quite calm, but this user seems to have entered with “renewed vigor.” Ignoring the miles of previous discussions, is determined to raise her without admitting text amendment. The quoted text violates at least the policies WP: NPOV, WP: VER and WP: NSW, since, in addition to telling the truth, seek to make Wikipedia a spokeswoman for a media that have long been discred for reporting this issue. Therefore, I urge you to exercise the necessary administrative action to prevent this article being used for political purposes, as the user Antonio1979 (talk contr. Bloq.) Intends to do. Greetings, Hispa 23:28 10 dic 2006 (CET) would have found the “Conspirapedia”! The relationship between Conspirapedia and Wikipedia would end up being similar to that between the Caf and the section “Consultations” xD. Gaeddal 23:34 10 dic 2006 (CET) Well, I do not care. I think a topic not encyclopedic.Concrete, not encyclopedic because it is impossible to include it as an article neutral. Fortunately, the articles that create controversy are very few in proportion, but most are related to a fact after all political. If I say I do not care is because I know very few people who does not know the topic (which is already low) and want to know more, go to a free encyclopedia where as in all human site is also discussed. I will certainly commend the work of Wikipedia and all, but what is undeniable (and this is said by any professor of history) is that if neither historians agree to chronicle things short to medium term, will you please Wikipedians agree that use disparate sources, contaminated, politicized and inaccurate Come on. I’m with Hispa, to be somewhere else doing politics. This is an encyclopedia. Only out of respect for everyone I would expect a few years to chronicle. May form the Conspiropedia be the best solution … Oh, if it were not for the humor.But putting serious, I would make a template that said something like: “Today this item is impossible to history because of the different views that exist regarding the content offered objective, hopefully a few years. Sorry for the inconvenience” or something similar . Upstairs in bold are my reasons. I also believe that such a move would be very good for that Wikipedia is better and more reliable … end up with some vandalism, we would reduce the discussions and wars. So preposterous is it Opinions – Alonsorgaz 00:23 11 dic 2006 (CET) Well, I’ll take only half in jest, perhaps 9/11 conspiracy theories know. I think the article section is at issue does have a place on wikipedia, it is certainly something historic. If there is not that part of history, whether real or not these contradictions, we will be leaving something in the ink. I think here we can maintain the usual style seamlessly. Maybe, just such a medium have denounced this.Police states that other. This judge finds it beyond. This is the position of this party, and that of these other parties. If there is an international body should decide, as it also takes its verdict. And if scholars / historians still disagree about something, because too soon and all have political bias, because it puts a little box with a warning at the beginning of the article, period. – 4lex 09:38 11 dic 2006 (CET) Man, I if the template should be placed in the headers of the articles themselves look good, but I do not know if you mean that instead of the article, people were only that template. If the latter, I am against. I think one of the advantages of wikipedia has been to offer current information quality (see Coup in Thailand in 2006) and without needing to download updates or upgrade purchase volumes, as other encyclopedias.

The Faculty of

The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Guerrero was initially established on 31 May 1974 when the H. University Council of State University approved the establishment of the Medical School and had the city gives way to Acapulco, Gro., Mexico. As the month of commencement of work the month of September of that year, all based on “SOCIAL MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE”. For many decades the curriculum of the university remained unchanged, it is noted that the curriculum was very comprehensive in regards to clinic. However the creation of that power came at a time of social instability within the state with its creation and what students were ground for opposition and persecuted by many social currents of the state at the time, so I conclude the consolidation of the same faculty, whose students had even more love for the arts in medical professional development.Moreover, the consolidation of the medical school resulted in increased demand for the race by reaching youth of that time in those days to have groups of more than 100 students of medical students today with the certification process by the evaluation COMAEM and place one by CIEES medical school has an enrollment of approximately eleven hundred students, who are taking the new curriculum that was established in 2003 as a reform to new trends and demands of the country in terms of education and quality of general practitioners. Top doctors who gave the medical school of the Autonomous University of Guerrero are: (1) Dr. Garzon Victor Hugo Barrientos (Oncologist, former chief resident of the I Century National Medical Center and former head of surgery at the State Cancer Institute) (2) Dr.Richard Toledo Arroyo (Cardiologist former chief resident at the Hospital de Cardiolog a Luis M ndez, “the CMN Siglo I) (3) Perla Del Carmen Palacios Hernandez (Ex-chief of geriatric residents National Institute of Nutrition and ex-Secretary of Federation of State Medical) Dr. Ma Alejandra Cueva S nchez (Dermatologist) Dr. Daniel Alvarez Sandoval (Neurosurgeon) Dr. Laura Sierra Lopez (Pathologist) Dr. Elva Veronica Labra Jardon (Pediatrician) Dr. Antonio Reyes (Anesthesiologist) Today day of medical school at the Autonomous University of Guerrero is in the process of changes in the curriculum refers to having as adviser to renowned pediatrician and professor of medicine Jose Venturelli, who is professor emeritus at McMaster University in Ontario , Canada-based medical education programs for skills. (1) File folder Siglo I, State Institute of Cancer “Dr. Arturo Beltran Ortega and UAG file(2) File folder Siglo I IMSS. (3) Files and records of the National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences.

Growth Matrix –

Growth Matrix – Participation or Boston Consulting Group Matrix Growth Matrix – participation, known as the Matrix or Matrix Boston Consulting Group BCG, is a graphical method of business portfolio analysis developed by The Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970, is a strategic analysis tool specifically for corporate strategic planning, however by its close relationship with strategic marketing, is considered a tool of the discipline. Its purpose is to help decide approaches for different business or Strategic Business Units (UEN), ie between companies or areas, those where: invest, divest or even abandoned. The method uses a 2×2 matrix for grouping various types of business that a particular company owns.

among them the

among them the most, his friend Henry Naranjo, Emeritus Professor of Typography native of Cali (Colombia). The Webs We must be united …! added in the next occasion I shall appear Logo Design THE FOREFRONT … stay tuned .. . .. A big salute . Ricardo Rousselot pretending to be something more than a website.It is a knowledge management project whose design objective is to promote interaction between people of Latin American countries from a broad perspective and participatory, using the language of design, creating spaces in which knowledge circulates, encouraging reflection, analysis and momentum to the process of creating, training and innovation. Via CDM Rousselot —- —- —- —- m tries to be something more than a web site.It is a project of management of the knowledge in design of propitiating Which target is the interaction between the persons of the Latin-American countries from a wide perspective and participation, by means of the language of the design, creating spaces so that the knowledge circulates , encouraging the reflection, the analysis and the boost to the processes of creation, formation and innovation. Updated: Site graphic

The second cycle

Except for the subject of Forensic Medicine, which is common and has its own facilities during the second cycle teaching of clinical subjects is divided into three independent groups by drawing lots among the three special hospitals in the city: Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena (Seville known as “University Hospital”, for being the first), Hospital Universitario Virgen del Roc o and Hospital Universitario Virgen de Valme . In practice, academic freedom means that there are differences between the evaluation systems for the same subject between different teachers, this being a situation that worries the students apparently injured.Typical of this campus is that the University has never provided to teachers of second cycle of its own infrastructures in buildings of the University (personal offices, library, archives, laboratories, secretarial services, room, meeting etc.) Taking them to settle physically dispersed offices, sometimes connected by telephone, and small enclosed area that management of each hospital gives the best. In this undergraduate course taught under its projection diseases medically or surgically. Some subjects (knowledge areas) are mandatory and are called core and others are optional, with which the student is advised by completing their curriculum. There is a tangled intersection of both the teacher competencies as equipment. Formal lectures (knowledge and scientific methodology) depend on the assets of the University (classrooms, animal care, , library, video library).Practical teaching is done dispersed healthcare facilities (hospitals, polyclinics) and with the consent and support of staff of the Andalusian Health Service. The University must meet annually to SAS a fee per student for academic use and enjoyment of learning material provided by the hospital. The faculty, accred by the College, appropriate (a) of the University (staff public doctoral degree): professor, professor, (b) engaged the Andalusian Health Service Officer (Regulations): Associate Professor CIS , mainly in charge of practical classes and field work (practical tutor). (c) is also absurd LRU foreign lecturers hired part-time regardless of the Faculty of Medicine whose work is complex location within the structure of the faculty teaching that, as mentioned, does not have its own infrastructures in the second cycle. No independent intermediate figures employed (vg. consultant, prof.Visitors etc.).. Teaching hospital for each unit explaining the program, test and final grades with the democratic principles of academic freedom and responsibility of a tenured professor in the Department integrated together. The sick and teaching on applied research (clinical trial) in the second cycle necessarily depend on updating equipment and facilities provided by University Hospitals Andalusian Health Service (SAS), in his opinion . For the calculation of suitability in the early agreements were used in his day the module number of students / hospital bed. But modern medicine has more technology than beds. The student, as well as posted his white coat, you should understand a basic technology in the public domain and see how measurements are performed and the data are judged on their books studied.Despite the academic canon, the allocation of new units or advanced educational technology assessment criteria due exclusively to persons appointed by the Ministry of Health . Some areas of knowledge of university hospitals have imported sophisticated equipment of high technological level that are aired to public knowledge. These oasis of innovation show the dependence of foreign know-how. The gap between the pace of industry developments and launches real absorptive capacity and filtering these by the academic sector accounts for the fragmentation typical specialist / superspecialists / technical environment that is so expensive . There is in the pipeline Andalusian Biocluster although 60-70 of clinical trials are conducted in Catalonia and Madrid. SASbeing created at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital Annex biomedical research center, funded in part by European funds Feder provided by the University of Sevilla , which has co-opted to prestigious undergraduate university teachers for basic research. 30 The university authority resides in Rector and Faculty level, the Dean, Vice Deans in his team, the Faculty Council and the Departments and comes from an elective system.

Old Toronto (Old

Old Toronto (Old Toronto) view of the skyscrapers of the financial district (Photo taken from the CN Tower). Old Toronto covers the area commonly known as Downtown (in Spanish: Centro). This is the historical heart of Toronto and the most densely populated city. Toronto’s financial district is the place where there are more skyscrapers in Canada: First Canadian Place, Toronto-Dominion Center, Scotia Plaza, Royal Bank Plaza, Commerce Court and Brookfield Place. From that point, the Toronto skyline extends northward along Yonge Street. Old Toronto there are also many historic residential enclaves such as Yorkville, Rosedale, The Annex, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Moore Park and Casa Loma. In these areas generally feature luxury homes. Moreover, in the neighborhoods close to downtown, live a high percentage of immigrants and low-income families living in social housing and apartment blocks, as St. James Town, Regent Park, Moss Park, Alexandra Park and Parkdale.In the east and west of Downtown, neighborhoods like Kensington Market, Leslieville, Cabbagetown and Riverdale are commercial and cultural areas and home to many artists. These neighborhoods also have a growing percentage of middle-class professionals and high that interact with the situations of poor people living there. Other neighborhoods of Old Toronto retained an ethnic identity, including two Chinatowns, a Greek neighborhood and other areas like Little Italy, Portugal Village, Little India and others.

Advantages Avoid unnecessary

Advantages Avoid unnecessary transfer of patients that can be addressed on the site of origin with constant advice of the specialist physician. Reduces the costs associated with patient transfer (costs of basic ambulances or other transportation). Reduces the risks associated with transfer for both the patient and the medical and paramedical staff. Increases safety and confidence of the medical staff in hospitals to support the conditions and characteristics of referrals. Consultancies enables physicians support hospital in relation to the management prior to shipment and on the proper way to do it. Optimize the use of technical and professional resources in all hospital levels of care to enable proper classification of the severity of the pathology of a given patient. Allows enabling virtual completion triage prioritizing the most urgent cases, especially in situations where resource availability is very limited. Provides comprehensive patient care and promotes universal access to all levels of care. Fosters academic training and retraining of health personnel at all levels of care, through the implementation of videoconferencing on medical matters done by professionals from their workplace. Promotes the improvement of the situation when contrarremisiones proficiency level of patient care has been settled. Improving the quality of care. Promotes equity drawing attention to isolated areas and promotes universal access to all levels of care.


After the stage set in the previous film, Night of the Living Dead, the film depicts an America overwhelmed by a plague, where the symptom is the reanimation of dead human beings whose primary goal is to feed on living flesh . The cause of this plague remains defiantly inexplicable. Despite desperate efforts by the U.S. government and local civil authorities to control the situation, society has collapsed and the remaining survivors seeking any shelter they can find. Although several scenes show rural citizens and the soldiers to effectively fight the zombies, cities with high populations are essentially death traps. It implies that chaos finally comes to the provinces, as the television and radio become less frequent.The plot focuses on four survivors of Philadelphia: a local television star named Francine, her boyfriend, the pilot of traffic, Stephen, one of his friends, Roger, SWAT team member, and Peter, the ever inventive, the team also SWAT Philadelphia. As in the first film, the black character, Peter, is the main hero. Roger is increasingly reckless, while Stephen is incompetent and dependent, in a true style of the horror genre, they succumb because of their personality defects. The film begins in WGON television studio, where confusion is rife. After some exposure, the plot turns to other actors in the film, Roger, like the rest of his SWAT team are starting in an apartment building (probably because the residents, especially Hispanics and blacks, are doing ignore the martial law). It is during these scenes when Roger does his friendship with Peter, suggesting that they abandon the SWAT team, as well as Philadelphia.Later that night, the four escape from Philadelphia in a helicopter stolen from the television station, with the intention of reaching the safety of Canadian wilderness. After several stops for refueling, the group lands on the mall, they decide to turn in your own private sanctuary, blocking the large glass doors with trucks to keep the dead out. It is during this operation that the impulsive character of Roger makes this bit, sentenced to die painfully (and back to life again). After clearing the mall of its inhabitants zombies, all four are installed inside each indulging their own material desires. Eventually, Roger dies from his wound, and is released from their misery by Peter. Time passes, the dead are gathered at the entrance and the company behind the doors of the mall continues to plummet. When the novelty of his materialist utopia disappears, they begin to realize that their shelter has become his prison.Finally, his “liberation” comes in the form of a motorcycle gang who enters the mall, and the process by allowing thousands of dead creatures enter the mall. This part is a dominant theme in each of Romero zombie movie, portraying other human beings and their inability to cooperate as a greater danger than the dead themselves. During his plunder, Stephen absurdly start a battle against motorcyclists. In the end, the only real winners are the hungry zombies that feed on many of the riders, and the same Stephen. Following the revival of Stephen, this leads to a large group of hordes of dead to Francine and Peter, who are awaiting the return of Stephen. After killing Stephen, Peter realizes that the escape and does not help, making the decision to stay in the mall to die, then change your mind and Peter and Francine rooftop escape into an uncertain future, flying to away in a partially loaded fuel helicopter, ending the movie.