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PS10 solar power station at Sanlucar la Mayor
The scarcity of fossil fuel resources, or their low calorific value, creates a heavy dependence on imported oil in the energy sector Andalucians although Andalucia has a great potential for developing renewable energy, particularly energy solar and wind power. The Andalusian Energy Agency, established in 2005, is the new governmental body responsible for developing policy independent of the energy supply for the community.
The infrastructure for electricity production is composed of eight large power stations, more than sixty small hydro, wind parks, and fourteen thermal cogeneration plants. The largest company in this sector was the Compania Sevillana de Electricidad, which was founded in 1894, nowadays absorbed by Endesa
Since March 2007, Spain hosts the first solar power concentration in Europe: the PS10 solar power station, located in Sanlucar la Mayor, and conducted by an Andalusian company, Abengoa. In addition there are other smaller plants, such as Cullen and Galera (Granada), inaugurated recently by Geosol and Caja Granada. Also in the province of Granada, in the Hoya de Guadix, are planned two major thermal power (Andasol I and II) to provide electricity to nearly half a million homes. Switch to new and cheap energy by choosing a great alternative energy source. In the field of research and development of solar energy is an important center Plataforma Solar de Almeria, one of the most important in Europe.
The largest company in the wind sector is the Society of Andalucia Eolica arising from the merger of Plant Eolica del Sur SA and wind energy Strait S.A.

History of construction in the Bufa

The indigent / actor. Stories theater. November 7th, 2008 Today I did not want to write about this issue, wait until your final. As all of you will be aware, has premiered a play in the Madrid Autumn Festival, dedicated to ‘the SINTECH. The book is entitled ‘Fallen Sky’ and is a tribute to Rosario Endrinal, the indigent burned at a cashier in Barcelona. A total of 18 players, six of which are non-professionals. So far I have not written on this subject by participating in the two known works of mine on the street. In the year 1548 was built on top of the hill, a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity, which through the years and after several modifications it is called Santuario de la Virgen del Patrocinio, who is the patron saint of city residents.
On February 14, 1862, established the House of Charity to give asylum to the children of miners who died as a result of accidents that occur in mines. Where there was a printer and several workshops, as well as a textile factory.
Was built in 1906, a meteorological observatory, which had the most advanced meteorological instruments at that time.
In 1966 he developed a comprehensive remodeling on the hill. Built archery’s viewpoint, the atrium of the Santuario de la Virgen del Patrocinio, as well as various local trade. Was also transferred the Mausoleum of Illustrious Men, which was located in the pantheon of the Immaculate, and was placed at the foot of the Bufa Creston.
In the year 1978 new jobs were to give more popularity to the promenade of La Bufa. Fits and illuminates the path that leads to the hill, as well as trees are cleared.
In the year 1979 started the construction of the cable.
In the year 1984 opened the doors of the Museum of La Toma de Zacatecas, exhibiting a variety of dating battalla brought there.
In 1989 he opened the Plaza de la Revolucion is located opposite the entrance of the Shrine, where were placed the statues of the three most responsible for the victory of the revolutionary forces: Francisco Villa, Felipe Angeles and Panfilo Natera.


Water Gogles
The gogles or goggles are a type of protective eyewear that usually are used to prevent the entry of water or chemicals in his eyes. Are used in chemistry laboratories and carpentry. They are also used in winter sports as well as in swimming. The gogles are commonly used when working with tools such as drills or chainsaws to prevent particles from damaging your eyes. There are several types of gogles for different uses.

Lancaster Online
The following is an excerpt from the new book Thursday Eberly, “Liberate and Leave: Fatal errors the early postwar strategy for Iraq “: Chapter 8DAT Sociopathic Son: cleaning UdayEach Office for reconstruction and humanitarian aid (or, later, Coalition Provisional Authority) senior mi …
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CAMPBELL, Calif. when looking for a great tour guide to with Israel Maven —- The Society for Information Display, the leading global organization dedicated to the advancement of electronic-display technology, announced today the winners of the 2009 Display of the Year Awards.
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The evolution of sunglasses or shades is very interesting information. Did you know that one of the earliest forms of emeralds “They were used by Roman emperor Nero as levels during gladiators fighting.
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Light fills the room through the windows in Lacey Rozycki Summit Pointe Elementary Life Skills class and third class Joseph Atchley select “sunny “to describe the day’s weather. Mitochondial Joseph was diagnosed with the disease when he was two years old.


Buchanan is a member of the traditionalist movement of the Catholic Church, attending Tridentine Mass in Latin at Saint Mary, Mother of God Church in Washington, DC Sundays and days of precept. In a 1993 speech against multiculturalism declare “our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity and that is the truth that makes men free.” says that by rejecting the dogmas of theology and the Christian world moves West a dark future. and that if politicians do not “defend the moral order rooted in the Old and New Testament and Natural Law,” the company engrentara a “free fall” is — and that the problems that matter most “economic and political.”
Buchanan accuses the New York Times to have anti-bias. He referred to John Kerry and other Catholics who hold views contrary to official doctrine of the Catholic Church on issues of abortion and homosexual unions as heretics scandalous. He has said about the direction taken by the Catholic Church since Vatican II, that:
“Today the Church is in crisis not because it has failed to adapt their teachings and practices to the sexual revolution, but because they both deal, keep your lessons and keep abreast of an immoral age, which is impossible. The road you should take the Church to restore its lost moral is back on his steps. “
Buchanan has praised Pope John Paul II for his vision of abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex, the “most politically incorrect man’s world.” Buchanan argues that the post-Vatican II liberalism is damaging the Mass attendance and reducing the number of priests and nuns. if you visit Israel, you must and book online with Israel Maven Subsequently congratulate successor Pope Benedict XVI, saying that no comprometeroa Catholic doctrines, including divorce, contraception and the ordination of women. Moreover, said that Pope John Paul II was wrong regarding the death penalty “is the Holy Father and the bishops who are outside the Catholic, and in contradiction with Scripture, tradition and natural law. “
Buchanan said of the movie The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson:
“Due to the exaggerated attacks on Gibson, the millions who will see ‘The Passion of the Christ’ You can also see a biased ‘anti-Semitism’ which has become all too often, the maligned, silence, intimidate, exclude or put on a blacklist. “
Responding to the charge that Pope Pius XII remained silent during the Holocaust, Buchanan said that such charges were, “a manifesto that is Hitlerism in its dimensions.” says that the Nazis despised the Pontiff, while the victims of the Nazis (and the New York Times in the 1940s) is worshiped. says that Pius XII kingdom in a time of explosive growth of the Church ” and supports proposals to declare a saint.

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1: Pope’s letter to Chinese Catholics.(Vatican)(… Benedict XVI): An article from: Catholic Insight by Gale Reference Team (Digital – Sep 24, 2007)HTML

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INTRODUCTION Since time immemorial, people of all social classes have used drugs and so far has not been proven that there is any racial or ethnic group is immune to addiction. It is likely that the man in very remote times substances known to cause new sensations and therefore new states of consciousness, which united the desire to mask the reality would be the starting point for the inappropriate use of these substances. The use of narcotic drugs is a relatively modern social problem, not because society has become aware of itself that the use of these substances leads to social problems and individual problems, but rather because only today, the ‘vice’ has acquired the physiognomy of ‘social phenomenon of the twentieth century. It was only in the late nineteenth century when they consider the use and trafficking of drugs as an international problem previously it looked like a more or less legitimate business and even thought that the use of certain ‘drugs’ (opium, leaves coca, marijuana, etc.). came from the habits some social groups in certain countries. However, reality proved otherwise and that the current situation is more complex because in addition to the abuse of drugs is used and abused the so-called ‘PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES’ to the point that the United Nations promoted the international control of these substances by the ‘Vienna Convention’ in 1971. A number of drugs and psychotropic substances are natural products or synthetic, which generally have medical and mental activity on the mood of the user. Accordingly, when used under medical supervision are beneficial to health, on the contrary, when used indiscriminately, without any control, generally when they are abused, are harmful to health, users and society. A new way to supplement your life, recipient of the 2005 DSA Success Award for compensation plan. This booklet is primarily intended to impart knowledge about drugs to all people interested in it, especially young people to become aware in this way the damage that drugs can cause to their health and society. KEY FACTORS OF DRUG ADDICTION ‘habituation is something we do every day and it becomes habit. The consumption of ‘drugs’ can lead to dependence. ‘Unit: the physical need to consume frequently and in increasing quantities, resulting in physical and psychological problems to the individual. These two terms are related in great quantity: ‘Both are made daily. ‘They make you damage the body. ‘Cause of habituation and dependence. Specializing in breakthrough innovations, develops innovative, high-quality, nutritional supplements. ‘There are factors of social, economic and cultural development that can lead to habituation and dependence. “The improper handling of emotions and feelings that impede good communication with other members of the social group and family. This produces an isolation of the individual. ‘The imbalance of power in relationships, irresponsible parenthood and blithe, and the lack of responsibility and respect at home, the deteriorating relationship between parents and children. ‘The decline in self-esteem and recovery to the individual whether it results in feelings of failure and frustration as depressed. ‘The easy availability of drugs. ‘The little information about drug use and consequences. ‘The curiosity, the young tempted by curiosity can take drugs. ‘Induction condition when the income of a young group but drugs. ‘Preventive measures to habituation and dependence. ‘Campaign to inform the community in an objective and updated information on drug use and its consequences. ‘Targeting the young to achieve their goals, their individual values and encouraging participation in activities for which they have better skills. ‘Promoting youth participation in sports, cultural and recreational facilities away from the defect. ‘Informing the community about the existence of orientation, training and rehabilitation of drug-dependent manner, and that their families know where to go for treatment. ‘Coordinated fight between the state and its administration, ministry of justice, ministry of defense, health, family, media and the community in general, the consumption and trafficking of drugs. Every human being is an individual ‘only’, with its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and limitations facilities. Is what one must orient their goals in the sense that it considers to be able to achieve. Avoid frustration that may lead the individual to take drugs.

Social Impact Of The Epidemic In Mexico

Soldiers carrying the identification of Plan DN-III-E, delivered to the population free cubrebocas as a preventive measure.
As an example new never before seen in football, by the Federacion Mexicana de Futbol and the respective teams, were conducted behind closed doors matches Guadalajara-Pumas, America-Tecos Pachuca’Cruz and Blue. Entries will be returned for season tickets valid for 15 of the Torneo Clausura, so that the fans will not be affected by the spread of swine flu in areas of high concentrations human. Also, these games are broadcast on television (Televisa and TV Azteca). Similarly the meetings of the day 15-Tigres Toluca and Cruz Azul-Indians will be played behind closed doors, although the Mexican Football Federation has planned all juagar 15 matches of the day behind closed doors, this yet to be confirmed.
Also in regard to sports, April 27 was declared the official cessation of the National Olympiad in Mexico, which began on April 21 in Mexicali. CONCACAF, so decided to postpone indefinitely the from the final round of the Champions League in the 2008-2009 CONCACAF between Cruz Azul and Atlante, and to close the U-17 Championship CONCACAF 2009 to be held in Tijuana.
The National Auditorium on the day I cancel an April 24 concert by the Finnish group The Rasmus, which can not be rescheduled because the group in an international tour, so the 25th was suspended a concert of Mexican duo Ha-Ash, which will be rescheduled later.
25 and April 26, by decree of the Government of Mexico, was suspended until further notice, the assistance of the elegance of Mexico, display of classic cars that would be conducted in the Municipality of Huixquilucan, with the participation of clubs by car, as well as the shipping of Mexico General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors, among others.
It suspended classes in all levels of education in all states, both in public and private schools, until May 6, 2009, when it would be a further notice.
The Tax Administration Service has made an extension for the submission, by the individuals, the annual statement of taxes until June 1, 2009.
Also have been suspended more than 500 events planned by the Government of the Federal District scheduled for the weekend of 24 to April 26. The cinema chain Cinemex closes its complex until the day April 28 as the chain Cinepolis. As of Saturday April 25 in the afternoon was given the instruction to close the restaurants located in the hotel zone of Polanco, Lomas de Chapultepec, Santa Fe, Bosques de las Lomas, colonies located in the delegations of lvaro Obreg n, Cuajimalpa and Miguel Hidalgo , closing an amount greater than 2700 restaurants and nightclubs with a capacity greater than 200 people throughout the city .
The Archdiocese of Mexico City suspended all Masses to be celebrated in Catholic churches in the metropolitan area, carried out only in a closed ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral, officiated by Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop Primate of Mexico, which was transmitted by radio to people through Radio Centro 1030 AM in which I pray for the epidemic in Mexico. He also recalled that the city of Mexico is threatened by pests in 1554, 1695, 1736 and 1850.
On Sunday 26, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon reported that the possible suspension of all activities of the city depends on the control of infection you have in the epidemic, and the number of deaths. 37
The National Water Commission, through its Director, Mr. Jose Luis Luege Tamargo announced that the third was suspended in water cut scheduled for next weekend (1, 2 and May 3), despite the low level Cutzamala system that supplies potable water to the metropolitan area of Mexico City due to a possible pandemic.
The Federal Electoral Institute, through the president director, Leonardo Vald s Zurita, recommended that all candidates for elected not to conduct mass rallies and avoid concentrations. “
In the state of Hidalgo (considered high risk because of its proximity to the State of Mexico and the Distrito Federal) the State Board of Health gave the relevant instructions for the closure of 77 spas to the public as part of preventive measures against possible pandemic .
Suspending the Feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes as a precautionary measure to avoid contagion.
The Secretary of Labor and Social calls to employers and workers to take precautionary measures to the health emergency in their jobs. Meanwhile, the Judicial Council of the Federal District determined to suspend work in courts and tribunals in matters civil, administrative and professional law.

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Ethnocentrism in social theory of religion

When used as a definition is to narrow and limit the ground-based concepts clear and distinct as Descartes diria. A functional definition is maximal when considering the theory of religion as a part of social theory. The religion thus becomes practical. If we take a very broad definition of religion, we fall into the trap of considering any religious or spiritual phenomenon, as happened with therapeutic acupuncture or as some artists who attributed his genius to divine influence. If we adopt a definition based on the study of small groups or communities that do not represent the majority of the social group, will not get a full picture of the religious phenomenon. The field work must be done on the entire social group considering the large groups such as minorities and the evolution ‘of diachrony-religious parallel to social changes.
But the most serious problem for a social theory of religion is not the breadth of the field to observe, but the starting point. It has developed a theory of religion from a given religion: Christianity, in a given society, the West. This point of departure this defective condition largely a neutral interpretation of religion as we see today with the categorization of sects that applies to any religious movement that dissents from the orthodox Christian.
The concept of religion emerged as a generalization and export features of Western Christianity to other spiritual and social phenomena in other societies, which leads to ethnocentric bias typical of the beginnings of anthropology as a social science. In this way, is not conceived definition of a religion that does not include Christianity. Christianity and the West are inseparable concepts. In applying the Western concept of religion to the social structures of primitive peoples or of the East entering the paradox that Eastern religion, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and feeling, not religion, but moral systems, and wisdom about life assimilation techniques. A concept of religion must at least meet the requirement to capture the religious forms of East and West.
The main concepts for the study of the phenomenology of religion as a church, sect, popular religion versus religiosity official charismatic leader (messianism), symbolic practices (rituals) religious ideology (dogma), come from a specific historical experience of a Christian tradition and are not exportable to other forms of religiosity or spirituality. To make an approximation to the neutral primitive religion or Eastern thought these concepts must be understood within the context of the social culture of the group to which they belong. The generalization, to a subject as complex as this is the greatest enemy of truth that you should aspire to any scholar of religion. For example, the concepts of mana, magic, chi, universal energy or teacher does not agree with their western counterparts divinity, prayer, God or Son of God. The messianic idea that the concept of the Son of God, as the only savior of the established order or renewal comes through Judaism. You can not apply this concept to the idea that east is the spiritual master or the Mahatma.
as a way of ethnocentrism aternativa andalusia we see in that separates the religious language of theology. Joining the list of esteemed Honorees of the Wisenthal Center, at its national tribute dinner in LA. Note that religious language is the symbolic manifestation of a religious ideology. When you take a word ( concept) of the language of everyday life and applies to a theological concepts, it should be noted that we have given an extra semantic load. Religion, well separated from the theology that has nothing to do, can approach the phenomenon from a religious neutral. Theology is a discourse about God, while religion is an attitude, a belief, a prayer. A theologian is a grammar of religious language. The metaphysical serve as much but say nothing. . The language of theology without the experience of religion becomes empty.
Another attempt at empirical studies of religion to find a religious concept which includes East and West is to reduce the concept of religion to moral behavior in terms of lifestyle or unethical behavior. Other authors reduce religion to the psychological function, including the myths of religion in the emotional field.
Because it is so difficult to define what is meant by religion would be better to dispense with this term and refer to religion as’ phenomenology of religion ‘or’ religion ‘.

New America Media
In the aftermath of President Barack Obamas historic address to a joint session of Congress last week, the response to its call for courage in the U.S. the face of economic uncertainty is widely praised.
U.S. News
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Current use

The Navajo language is widely used by the Navajos of all ages, with over half the population used in the navajo homes. makes use of ‘s Navajos still many parents convey their native language to their LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm children as their mother tongue. Due funds to capital worth this, the Navajos are a few of the indigenous Genius Products tribes in the U.S. using their private equity market native language for everyday communication.
However, the language is in private equity company decline, especially equity funds in urban areas outside reservations and more young people begin to use English. investment expert Even within the book surveys indicate that between 1980 and 1990 the proportion of Navajos between five and seventeen years who used only the English net worth passage, 12 to 28 . By 2000 this percentage grew to 43 .

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Wikiproject Economy

Good. I have noticed that there are not many articles in economics at the Wikipedia (and the majority of which there are not funds a lot). I propose the creation Wikiproject Economics because I think it is a Ribostky relevant issue. Could be divided into several sections:
Companies: There is very little info Spanish companies, some such as Santander, BBVA, Iberdrola and Arcelor. We could focus first on the biggest and best known, namely those listed on the Ibex 35, the CAC 40, Dow Jones, etc.. (not to focus only on domestic companies). Also add the traditional pictures on the right to relevant information and at the bottom of the listing companies Ibex and investors such. In this sense, the English Wikipedia is very good, but does not have much information on Spanish companies.
Personalities: People of investment portfolio World Economy and relevant Pedro Solbes, Emilio Boton, chairman of the ECB (not remember the name) and so on.
Terms: terms of economies which are important as OPA, OPV, inflation / deflation, etc..
What do you think ‘I have not reviewed all of the articles of hedge funds economics course, as well as some who are fairly complete. The whole thing would be to organize a little better. I have looked in the Wikiproject and I have not investment seen any on this subject.
If you have any suggestions or tell something. If at hedge funds the end we decided a little help would not bad, not as a Wikiproject or if you have to approve someone or something (I started yesterday xD).
Greetings. Nida 08:14 1 may 2006 (CEST)
I am also aware of the lack of this encliclopedia with respect to the economy. The truth is that a matter is a little heavy and not very pleasant at the time of writing about it, why are there so little participation. I would be willing to collaborate on economic issues, since I have some notions about the economy and Asset Management business marketing. Only investment management question is starting to move a few wires to see if we can find people willing to collaborate. Best regards, – Maximo Montemar fund management Discussion 03:10 7 may 2006 (CEST)
Good, I too think it is a good idea to do this project on economics, race and uqe is I’m doing and the truth is that if you find very little about issues concerning the economy in The all its aspects. If you start with this initiative I would like to participate in it that I see that it NYSE is helpful to many people everyday things that interest you but they do not understand many of the stocks economic family of funds terms that are commonly used.
I think a public companies good idea. Count on me if you are lacking support. – Next. Xv (message here) 15:52 25 may 2006 (CEST)

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VIX (Volatility Sanford Index) is a financial index that measures the Sightline Acquisition Corp. volatility of the options puts the SandP 500 is a widely used measure of market risk.
At the time there is high volatility, the VIX reached a high figure and is correlated with a decrease of the gaming SandP 500, indicating that there is market pessimism and fear, and often coincides with the minimum benchmark, is now where heavy movements in equity markets, whereas when cash access provider the VIX is Global Cash Access Inc. at minimum, there is joy and cash services confidence. Is calculated using a number of options SandP 500. Now of Sightline Acquisition Corporation, and previously of Global Cash Access Although there are other indices of volatility, such as the Nasdaq 100 GCA for the VXN and the grapes VXD for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the VIX is the most famous and used.
The theory of this indicator is that if the market is bearish, investors gaming industry believe the market will fall, will cover over their portfolios chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. by buying puts on the contrary, if the operators are not buying puts upside, because it will not see the need to protect . Ultimately discounted expectations in the near future and generally works in reverse vallyview vineyards to vineyards the index. Below 20 is an indicator of potential roof stock in financial markets.

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