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Chile Telefonia mobile

Mobile telephony plans in Chile emerged in the mid 1980s when the government of Augusto Pinochet permitted frequencies to cover the national territory. He was also, in 1988 there were three companies that provide the cellular communications: CTC Mobile (subsidiary of wireless providers the phone company of Chile) and Mobile CIDCOM ‘subsequently acquired 100 by BellSouth Samsung – and now in the Metropolitan Region and Region V Santiago, Mobile Telecom (a subsidiary of ENTEL Chile) and VTR Celular (VTR Telecom subsidiary), both covering the areas between the I and Region V, and VI of the XI cellular phones Region.
In the beginning, the mobile telephone market in Chile was reduced to large businesses, senior executives and government officials, the you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans product of the high costs meant to have this kind of services. Among the main obstacles to its expansion was cellular phones the all the plans include high cost of the terminals’ companies have a limited stock mainly supplied by Motorola, NEC and Panasonic ‘the fact of having to pay for calls made and received by customers and National roaming cellular coverage charging, if found in an area outside that covered the service provider.
In the mid-nineties, the mobile phone market changes were made: to extend the coverage of their customers and reduce costs, CTC Celular joins’ then buy ‘a VTR Celular, born the first cell phones cell phone companies in Chile coverage throughout the country: Startel.
It was this latter company opened the doors to the mass of your product, to market the first product of prepayment of cellular providers the cellular phone plans country: Amistar. The proposal was simple and direct: Everyone could have a mobile phone at low cost and national Nokia coverage. And that is supported in a figure little traditional advertising, by using the image of a Gasfiter (plumber) mobile phones who received calls at work everywhere. Was’ Faundes’ ‘The protagonist of the television spots slider phone of Amistar’ with every plan who was as popular as mobile phones, candy bar phone which already wireless phones had a larger stock HTC of terminals provided by Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and other companies.
Furthermore, Telecom Celular led to the birth of a new mobile communications company that sought to penetrate the market in innovative ways. ENTEL PCS Motorola emerged in 1997, being the first to offer GSM services in the country. Almost whole Chilesat PCS (Branch Chilesat) coverage offered by CDMA technology provided by the U.S. Qualcomm.
Currently, mobile operators in free phones Chile include: Movistar (Telefonica Branch ‘which it acquired from Bellsouth), Entel PCS and Claro (which has been owned by Chilesat, LEAP Wireless Endesa and Spain – under cell phones the name LG Smartcom PCS – and currently owned by America Movil).


Main article: Cathedral of Seville
Seville The Seville Cathedral is the cathedral world’s largest Christian church and the third in size, after St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican in Rome St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. In 1987 was declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Its construction began in 1401, staying on the site after the demolition of the former Mosque of Seville Aljama. The construction was carried out over several centuries and therefore have various types of architecture: Gothic (1433-1528), Renaissance (1528-1593), Baroque (1618-1758), Academic (1758-1823) and neogothic ( 1825-1928).
The monumental complex of the Cathedral complement the Giralda, Patio de los Naranjos and the Chapel Royal.
El Patio de los Naranjos is a rectangular space, as an inner courtyard, which acts as a cloister of the Cathedral. Today, (2008) the Patio de los Naranjos is one of the annexes of the most visited Cathedral.
The Chapel Royal of acting as head of the cathedral. In this chapel is located in the pantheon of the King Ferdinand III and his son, Alfonso X, along with the graves of some other members of the royal family of the time. It is the Gothic image of the Virgin de los Reyes, patron saint of the Archdiocese of Seville. Note also the treasures of the temple and a large number of paintings by Murillo, as portraits of San Isidoro and San Leandro tables as Santa Teresa de Zurbaran, or sculpted head of John the Baptist. The tomb of Cristobal Colon, Arturo Melida mausoleum work is in the right arm of the transept of the Cathedral. In 2006, a research team at the Laboratory of Genetic Identification at the University of Granada confirmed that the remains of Christopher Columbus are in the Cathedral of Seville.
The metropolitan council is the custodian of the Cathedral, allowing tourists to visit and maintain the daily liturgy and the celebration of the great feasts of Corpus Christi and the Immaculate Conception. It also handles ongoing devotion to the Virgen de los Reyes, Seville and patron of the Archdiocese of Seville.
Giralda in Seville.
The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville and the tower is more representative of the city. It measures 97.5 meters high and was built in the twelfth century as a minaret of the Almohad mosque now defunct, the image of the minaret of the mosque Kutubia Marrakech (Morocco). His coronation Renaissance work of Hernan Ruiz, was built between 1558 and 1568 commissioned by the cathedral chapter. It consists of three bodies and staggered 25 bells, each named with a name.
The lower two thirds of the tower corresponds to the minaret of the mosque in the old city, the end of the twelfth century, Almohad at the time, while the upper third is a shot in added time to house the Christian bells. the best song, Halo, by At its top is called a ball pitcher on which stands the Giraldillo, bronze statue that features vane and was one of the greatest sculptures of the Renaissance in Europe. In 1928 the Giralda was declared a National Heritage in 1987 and is listed World Heritage sites.
The history of the construction of the Giralda is initiated by the Muslim body. Built in 1184 by order of the caliph Abu Yaqub Yusuf. Was based on the minaret of the mosque Kutubia Marrakech (Morocco). Following an earthquake in 1365 the former area was lost original copper crowns the tower, which was replaced by a single minaret. Then in the sixteenth century, the body was added bells and also built an auction in the form of a statue representing Faith The statue was installed in 1568. The word comes from turning giralda and refers to “weather vane tower has shown that human or animal.” Over time, that name was renamed to the tower as a whole became known figure to the crown as the Giraldillo. At the viewpoint of the Giralda bell tower rises some ramps are designed to climb on a horse. Once you can see above an overview of the entire city.

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And as for mp3 players, application my favorite from wifi the year 2005 was the iPod, my email first iPod was the Blackberries iPod shuffle, then I had a second generation Blackberry phones iPod Nano and Blackberry cellphone the latest free phones I have is that almost released fourth generation iPod cell phone plan chooser Nano

General elections in South Africa 2009

“Remember The Time” with Michael Jackson and the one and only which you can see on YouTube The national and provincial elections in 2009 South Africa held on 22 April 2009 aim to elect a new National Assembly, as well as in various provincial assemblies .
The National Assembly consists of 400 seats elected by proportional representation through a closed list. 200 seats are reserved on the national lists of the party and the other 200 are elected from provincial lists of the party in all nine South African provinces. The President of South Africa was elected by the National Assembly after each election and the Premier of each province are elected by a majority of each provincial assembly.
These are the fourth general elections since the end of apartheid.

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Places of interest

Sigillo: Gift shop and Antigen ages, gifts personalidad.Cuando the gift is an art becomes magic, … Mosaic Leaves. galleries 129.00EUR … Antiquities
The Cathedral (XI century, with major reforms in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) is the principal monument of Rossano. It has a nave and two lateral, and three apses. running one of the most successful art dealerships, is the head, together with his brother, Hicham, of the antiquities galleries and dealership of The bell and the font are from the fourteenth century, while the remains cultures of furniture belonging to the XVII and XVIII. The church is famous for an old image of the S. Madonna acheropita ( history “Virgin not made gallery by hands humanas sculptures ), currently located in the Diocesan Museum, dating probably between 580 and the first half of the eighth century. In 1879, the sacristy was discovered in the famous Codex Rossanensis. It is a parchment manuscript of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, civilizations written in silver on purple parchment had, exhibits and is one of art history artifacts the oldest known illustrated Gospels. Geneva and New York are the two cities that serve as the bases for who can teach you all about ancient history, Mesopotamia and Egypt, for example, through the antiquities in his galleries Codice scholars date the end of the century andalusia V VIII or IX century, it is probably from the Alexandrian.
The Church of Panaghia Santa Maria (Santa Maria de Todos los Santos), an example of Byzantine architecture, with traces of frescoes representing St John Chrysostom.
The Oratory of San ancient Egyptian antiquity Marcos (tenth century dedicated to St. Anastasia) is the oldest monument in the city and one of the Byzantine churches of Italy Brothers Ali and best preserved. It was built by San Nile Youth in the tenth century is exhibiting to the withdrawal of ascetic monks who lived in the caves New York City and Geneva Switzerland which are below. It is a Byzantine-style building with in 1968 a the Near East rectangular floor of a Greek Mesopotamia cross with five domes and cylindrical drums. Remains of the original frescos.
The Abbazia of Patir (siglos XI-XII), an abbey located in a forest on the outskirts of the city, with some Egypt arabic style mosaics, a Norman apse and old porches. in: Art and Old Age . Guide 1. under: Autos, Motorcycles OtrosAutos. 1 Guide … The origin of Venetian glass mosaic Mesopotamia is dated to 1500. C. …
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Buy MOSAICO Photographers, antiques more original your post in the category Art and Old Age , Rugs, Carpets eBay Australia.

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Stepmother (telenovela chilena)

The mother was issued by a Chilean TV Channel 13 between April and September 1981. Arturo Moya Grau written and directed by Oscar Rodriguez.
Tuning indices reach ever seen on television in Chile at the time. It was the first telenovela chilena color.
His final chapter, issued on September 18, 1981 produced by national psychosis know who was the murderer of Patricia and the streets of major cities were empty. That day, the soap was a historic landmark rating, surpassing the 80 points, according to the measurement system of the time (door to door surveys).

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History official firmwares

The first version of the 1.0 firmware was only distributed in Japan. It was found an exploit to load homebrew, it would be quickly remedied by Sony in the next version. Access to the kernel was fairly comprehensive, allowing the hackers to work with more comfort on this version. However, the downgrade to download this version (only possible from a firmware 1.50) would be unnecessary for the average user, since the version 1.50 the 99 allowed uploading of firmware written for the console. Moreover it can not be assumed with certainty that all the PSP with firmware 1.50 or greater is native to function under the version 1.00.
Version 1.50 (firmware to the PSP native American and European) would be made famous by the exploit that allowed homebrew to load. Until the appearance of the first custom firmware (the 2.71 SE-A), is the only version on which you could run backups.
Later versions show 1.51 and 1.52, which corrected the security flaws that allowed homebrew to load from version 1.50.
2.00 From the menu there is a network with an internet browser (requires Wi-Fi) and the LocationFree player. You are allowed to save an image as the background (the image will reside in flash1: / and the PSP format BMP)
In the 2.01 version was corrected a bug that allowed to use an exploit in a TIFF image, which allowed us to believe that the PSP version was 1.00 and the “update” to 1.50, was one of the most famous downgraders.
In version 2.60 was introduced RSS feeds into the Red
In version 2.70 integrating the plug-in to display web pages with Flash, using the Internet browser. Either way, their inability to work with the latest versions of Flash, and the lack of power of the browser to load web pages with Flash content correctly, would make the update is not worthwhile.
In contrast, you can run 2.71 Homebrew (homemade programs) using an exploit. In this updated version came out when many of the LocoRoco demo, and at that moment was when they first got the PSP downgrade 2.50, so that many users of 2.71 PSPs were very frustrated.
Later, in the version 2.80 introduced new changes.
2.81 was corrected in a security breach, which allows the 2.80 load certain EBOOT. PBP unsigned and not 2.81. Also makes the PSP can recognize and work with Memory Stick PRO Duo, 4 and 8 gigabytes.
In version 3.0 introduced the ability to override the sometimes annoying autoarranque from UMD to make a restart of the console.
Are also options Camara, unit certificate, Using Distance Instruction manuals and online menus Photo, Game and Red respectively. It also implemented an emulator of the PlayStation video game classic, with those downloaded from a PlayStation 3 connected to the Internet with payment.
Now you can put videos in the folder ms0: / VIDEO / (where ms0: / is the path to the Memory Stick), MP4 format, with any name, and not just folders ms0: / MP ROOT/XXXMNV01 and ms0: / MP ROOT/XXXANV01 depending on whether they were encoded in AVC or MP4
In version 3.03, was added better compatibility with PSX games emulated.
In version 3.10, among other improvements, will fix the bug that allowed homebrew appeared to be at 3.03 and the previous version.
In the 3.11 version was corrected a bug that made the video game does not respond when using the R-Type game on firmware 3.10. In addition, some improvement has been added to the PlayStation emulator system, improving the compatibility.
At the end of March 2007 was released the firmware 3.30, with the advantages of being able to display thumbnails in the ‘RSS Channel, also supported in the Video folder, extended support for PlayStation Network games, as well as the possibility of changing the speed of the virtual disk to emulate games from the original PlayStation (normal or fast).
On April 19, 2007was launched by Sony firmware 3.40 with enhancements such as improved PlayStation Network games to highlight.
On May 31, 2007 was brought to light the firmware 3.50 and its main improvement is that you can connect a PSP to a PS3 through internet, and is implemented by a loader for official ISOs Sony. Today is the last version that allows programs to run home (homebrew) through an exploit.
On June 29, 2007 was released by Sony firmware 3.51 incorporates only a security patch to prevent possibly downgrade to exploit the game Lumines to be allowed to downgrade 3.50 to 1.50, and thus able to load homebrew and backup games from memory stick.
On July 24, 2007 launched the 3.52 firmware, which includes many security fixes, also brings updates to previous versions, another thing that brings it has expanded support for releases of PlayStation format software Network.
On September 6, with the launch of the new PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite, was put into operation the previous firmware from Sony, version 3.60.
On September 11, Sony released firmware 3.70 for the new PSP, due to the hack of the previous and new firmware.
On September 14 Sony released firmware 3.71, which improves some known incompatibilities with the regions of PSP, and implemented a new submenu, under the theme settings, which allows you to customize the icons and wallpaper.
Have brought back some new firmware, the 3.72 and 3.73, which improve sound quality and compatibility as well as integrate the ability to view photos and listen to music simultaneously.
The 3.80 firmware includes mainly the possibility of listening to Internet radio, plus new graphics for the songs.
The firmware version is 3.90, whose main novelty is the transmission of the VoIP program Skype in the American version and the Go! Messenger, enabling videoconferences through the chamber Toy.

Username: Platonides / Encarta / Social Science

who was interviewed regarding the investment strategies at his . Paris, March 6 .- The main investment portfolio European stock markets today closed its operations this week with losses, discouraged by the data on unemployment in the United States, which rose to 8.1 percent in investors February. With the exception of the PSI-20 family of funds in Lisbon NYSE and London FSTE-100, which fund management will close with marginal increases of 0.48 and 0.02 percent respectively, the other indicators closed with losses led by MIBTEL of Milan, which fell 3.87 funds percent.

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Cell structure

The bacteria of the genus Mycoplasma and its close relatives are largely characterized by the lack of a cell wall. Despite this, the shapes of these cells often conform to one of several possibilities with varying degrees of complexity. For example, the genus Spiroplasma have an elongated helical shape without the help of a rigid structure of cell envelope. These forms presumably can contribute to the ability of mycoplasmas to thrive in their respective environments. Mycoplasma pneumoniae cells are rounded and have an excellent point of extension, which is involved in adhesion to host cells, in moving along the solid surfaces and in cell division. Cells of M. pneumoniae are small and pleomorphic.
Mycoplasmas require sterols for the stability of their membrane plasmica, which is very unusual in bacteria. The sterols are purchased for the environment, usually as cholesterol from animal parasites. In general, possess a small genome 0,58-1,38 megabases, which implies a drastic decline in their ability to biosynthesis, which explains their reliance on a host. Besides using an alternative genetic code where the codon UGA encodes tryptophan aminoacid instead of the usual stop signal “a year.”

The Politico
Obama praised the nations’ joint efforts.
The New Zealand Herald NI The G-20 is a group of finance ministers and central banks of 20 economies: 19 of the world’s largest economies plus the European Union (EU). Collective, G-20 economies are responsible for 85 percent .. Sightline Acquisition is headed by ,recognized by Business Week as one of the top 100 CEOs under the age of 40. .
Gulf Times
Bloomberg / Washington / Paris Global leaders have their biggest steps yet towards a new world order thats less US-centric with a highly regulated financial sector and a greater role of international institutions and emerging markets.
AP via Yahoo News
Text of President Barack Obama’s press conference on Thursday at the Excel Center in London after the G-20 summit, as determined by the White House:

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Revolucion 1905

Main article: Russian Revolution of 1905
Soviet propaganda poster depicting the 1905 Revolution. The legend reads “Glory to Heroes of Los Angeles the Potemkin Village!”
The Russo-Japanese War accelerated the rise of political movements among all classes and the principal nationalities, including Russians wealthy. Before 1904, Russian liberal activists zemstvo and the professions had formed an organization called the Union of U.S. Doctors for Africa (USDFA) Liberation. In the same year, they joined with Finns, Poles, Georgians, Armenians, Russians and members of the Social-Revolutionary Party to form an alliance anti-autocratic.
The revolution of 1905, a social and investment political upheaval without precedent was venture capital companies set in motion by the violent suppression on January 9 ( “Bloody Sunday”) in Saint Petersburg for a mass procession of workers led by the priest and police officers Georgiy Gapon with a request (it should be noted that the solicitation was illegal czar) to the Tsar. Bloody Sunday was Roseman followed at the national scale, strikes New York by workers and students, demonstrations in the streets, avalanches periodic vandalism and violence, assassinations of government officials, naval mutinies, nationalist movements in the border areas imperial and anti-pogroms Jews. In several cities, workers formed Soviets, or councils. At the end of the year, armed uprisings occurred in Moscow, the Urals, Latvia, and parts of Poland. Group Advisor of the board of UBG is 27 years old Zemstva activists and the broad professional Union of Unions formed the Constitutional Democratic Party, whose initials lent the party its informal name, the Kadets (Constitutional Democratic Party). Some activists wealthy upper class China and asked that the opposition groups to avoid disturbances.
The result of the revolution was contradictory. In late 1905, Nicholas II was agreed, though reluctantly, to publish the so-called October Manifesto, which promised Russia a reformed political order and basic civil liberties for most citizens. The M&A new Basic Laws in Clinton Global Initiative 1906 (sometimes inaccurately called a “constitution”) established a State Duma legislation, similar to a parliament, but also restricted their authority in many ways – not the American Democracy Institute least of which was the complete Shanghai lack of parliamentary control or disposal of the appointment of ministers. Trade unions and strikes were legalized, but the police retained extensive authority to oversee union activities and close associations to engage in illegal political activities. The greater freedom of the press was guaranteed, but in practice it was subject to constant harassment, punitive purposes, and close to exceeding venture capital the permissible limits of free speech.
Those who accepted the new arrangements form a political party with the right heart, the Oktobrists. Meanwhile, the Kadets resisted a really responsible ministerial government and equal suffrage, universal. Because of their political principles will continue to armed uprisings, the leftist parties in Russia were hesitant to decide on their participation in the Duma elections, which had been called for early 1906. At the same time, rightist factions actively opposed the reforms. Several new monarchist and proto-fascist groups also rose up to overthrow the new order. However, the regime continued to function during the year 1905 caotico eventually restoring order in the cities, the countryside and the army. In the process, the terrorists murderedhundreds of officials, and the government ran an equal number of terrorists. As the government had been able to restore order and secure a loan from France before the Duma began the first, Nicolas was in a strong position Chengdu that the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles enabled him to replace Wite by a more conservative, Piotr Stolypin.
The first Duma was elected in March 1906. The Kadets and their allies dominated it, with the radical leftists mostly independent slightly weaker than Oktobrists and independent right of the center were combined. The socialists had boycotted the election, but several socialist delegates were decided.