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PsyStar Try Approximating “Antitrust” on Demand by Clones

Apple recently sued the maker of Clones PsyStar for distributing computers with a modified version of Mac OS X running on computers not made by Apple. The company hired a law firm that had already been successful in a previous case of patent claim against Apple ( and now, in an interview informal, this cabinet has revealed some clues to his judicial strategy that will lead a tough fight melee between the two legal departments.

Launches Logitech Keyboard for Wii That Facilitates Communication Over the Internet Through the Console

To facilitate communication with friends and family across the Wii console launches Logitech Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii? under the license from Nintendo? an accessory must for the games, for the online community and for the Wii? Internet Channel. It is a compact keyboard, with a thin design and 2.4 GHz wireless technology that gives a natural to write better and easier communication. With this keyboard is easier to find and manage content in the network from your favorite armchair.

Campus Party Valencia 08: a Unique Experience

I invited people from COP Labs to participate in this year’s edition of the Campus Party in Valencia, to discuss how creative Territory has incorporated technology and talk to their daily lives as an agency. And incidentally I devoted the day to give me a complete revolution in the compound, at the hands of Daniel and David Rodrigo Alayón and see first hand what there is coca. An unforgettable experience had never been and I must admit that I am impressed to see so many people united by a passion for technology. In addition, this was the first year we organized an area of blogs, bringing an influx of bloggers has been much higher. To sample the button Beers and Blogs which was organized at night. And do not forget to visit the photos of Pixel and Dixel on Flickr: a story first graph.

has party!

25 years is a long time for most, but for these years have passed in the blink of an eye, and

New IPod Touch on Track?

Reference is made to touch a new iPod in the firmware iPhone 2.1. Although the endorsement is short, the text in the firmware 2.1 beta iPhone could have a significant impact on iPod touch, according to a discovery made by iPhone Atlas.

Queen’s place

I recently went to the Las Vegas Strip, where I was looking at some of the Las Vegas Property market as I was considering some of the Luxury Las Vegas Condos and I really am interested about the One Queensridge Place Project.